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Sky Blue Credit Repair Reviews: How it Works | Legit or Scam

Individuals with a shaky credit history often seek credit repair to improve their credit score in order to have an easier time financially.

If you have a good credit score, you’ll almost always qualify for the best interest rates, and also pay lower finance charges on credit card balances and loans.

Sky Blue Credit Repair works to restore your credit history file and raise your score by making sure that there are no inaccuracies or incorrect information on your record.

In this article, The Wealth Circle will take you through the process of how Sky Blue Credit works by rendering an encompassing Sky Blue Credit Repair Review.

What is Sky Blue Credit Repair?

Sky Blue is an experienced credit repair agency that is located out of Boca Raton, Florida.

Sky Blue Credit Repair’s full-service credit rebuilding program is an amazing option for people who are struggling with every level of credit problem. 

The business environment is friendly and adopts a methodical approach that gives your credit, lasting health.

They operate in all 50 states in the U.S and focuses on helping customers to build, develop, and repair any negative items on their credit reports through credit monitoring and score assistance. Sky Blue has been offering credit repair and restoration since 1989.

How Does Sky Blue Credit Repair Work?

Sky Blue Credit Repair helps rebuild your credit history file and raise your score by ensuring that there are no mistakes and loopholes.

If you happen to have any negative marks, it will be very difficult for you to improve your rating even as a model consumer.

After signing up, Sky Blue will obtain copies of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus; Experian, Equifax, and Transunion — with this, they can commence the dispute process.

The duty of Sk Blue is to ensure work through your file and ensure that all the details and documents in there are verified.

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If such elements are available, they can work with you to send dispute letters and re-dispute letters to credit agencies on your behalf. They will inform the agency that the incorrect items need to be removed from your report.

Summarily, what Sky Blue does is to help you find and dispute errors on your credit reports and to make the most of your credit scores. There are no upgrades needed. There is no better value.

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How Can I Get Started On Sky Blue Credit?

Signing up on Sky Blue is seamless and hitch-free, all you need to do is click on the right button and follow the instructions.

You can sign up immediately. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access your free credit reports. Once they have your reports, they will complete our analysis and start the dispute process.

Here’s a step by step outline of how to get started on Sky Blue:

1. Enrollment

This is where you complete the simple sign-up form and follow the instructions on getting your free credit reports.

2. Review and Setup

Once your credit report is received, Sky Blue conducts a line-by-line review, takes note of your issues, and tender a list of items identified as conflicting features for your review. With the list, Sky Blue provides a list of practical score optimization and tips that will help improve your situation.

3. The Dispute Process

After the review and setup, the next step will be to challenge your inaccurate items with the credit bureaus for correction. If the items are not corrected, they’ll automatically send customized redisputes created to maximize the probability of getting the needed outcome.

4. Keep up with the account

At this point, all you need to do is get more familiar with the customer interface, track your progress, update personal and billing information, upload documents, communicate with us, and navigate rightly through the platform.

How Much is Sky Blue Repair?

According to the Sky Blue Credit Repair website, you can start repairing your credit for an initial setup fee of $79 and then $79/month, promising no extra services charges.

Your first monthly fee of $79 is not charged until a month later. That is to say, charges are made as the work is completed and not in advance.

They also offer a free consultation and a condition-free, 90-day-money-back guarantee during the first 90 days of membership.

Sky Blue also awards second members a 50% discount on the initial fee and monthly fees as well as a couples discount of $39/month.

Lastly, you can terminate anytime with no further obligation. Sign up as a couple and enjoy our special couples pricing of $119 review/setup and $119 per month.

How Do I Cancel Sky Blue Credit?

You can cancel your credit repair service with Sky Blue Credit at any time and pay no extra fees. All you need to do is, send a request to the message center in your account, or by email or phone. When you cancel, there are no more charges, no daily allowance, no surprises.

What Are The Pros and Cons of using Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair helps rebuild credit file history. Consumer-friendly service, 90-day guarantee, and refund policies provide peace of mind for new customers who aren’t sold on credit repair. Nonetheless, the company is missing a few services, let’s get to know the pros and cons of Sky Blue Credit Repair…

Great customer service
Limited monthly disputes
90 day guaranteeLack of credit monitoring
They take care of the disputes in your file
No free consultation
The system is fast

How Long Does the Company Take to Repair Your Credit?

The time Sky Blue takes to repair your credit really can vary on your credit report and how long it takes for each credit bureau to respond to your disputes.

The company is able to dispute 15 inquiries (five per bureau) every 35 days. That’s very quick.

Additionally, it’s important to remember the responsibility of ensuring the process goes quickly and falls somewhat on your shoulders, too. Reviewing documents and answering correspondence from the firm in a timely manner is critical.

Types Of Services Offered By Sky Blue Credit Repair

Although Sky Blue Credit offers just one service, which is credit repair, the single plan is more flexible than most, covering a broad scope of services that can be personalized to suit individual needs.

Here’s a list of services offered by Sky Blue Credit:

Professional Credit Analysis

At Sky Blue, experts study your credit report and single out irregularities that enable them to provide a detailed analysis of each credit report upon sign up

Credit Disputes

After going through your credit report, Sky Blue sends disputes to the credit bureaus on your behalf. Up to 15 disputes or 5 per bureau are included with each month’s membership fee.

Score Rebuilding

Sky Blue Credit will also offer expert suggestions that will help you improve your credit score. This may include paying off certain balances or opening a secured credit card. This service is a long-term service.

Does Sky Blue Credit Offer Additional Services?

While some other credit repair companies offer additional services like credit monitoring, Sky Blue Credit focuses on credit repair. Therefore, if you want add-on services like budgeting tools, monthly credit monitoring, and others, you may want to consider other credit repair companies.

Nevertheless, Sky Blue will provide free guidance regarding how to build a positive credit history and increase your credit score – this value-added service is a grandstand for Sky Blue.

Is Sky Blue Credit Repair A Legit or Scam?

Sky Blue Credit Repair is a full-service credit restoration program that provides an excellent option to people who are struggling with every level of credit problem.

It offers one credit repair plan at an industry-average cost of $79 a month, with an initial one-time fee of the same amount. 

The company does not offer various tiers of service, which makes it a strong candidate for people who aren’t sure what services they need. If you require credit repair services, visit Sky Blue Credit’s website to see if its services are right for you.

Sky Blue User Reviews

While going through user reviews from online platforms, we were able to distinguish the varying customer reviews into the positives and the negatives.

From our standpoint, the comments were more positive though the notable negative points are one to note.

The Positive

Many customers of Sky Blue have logged on various reviews on different platforms to share their experience working with the company and overall.

Thank you to you all for the great support and communication thank you for make everything simple and easy. I am very happy with your services and help” Jesus C.

Another customer reported Sky Blue actually refunded her money because their dispute process wasn’t likely to pan out in her favor. She notes that if circumstances change in the future, she will “definitely go back to them.”

Great, thanks very much. You guys have great customer service. Also, I am sure your work helped me get my home loan and recent credit card, which was the whole purpose”. Guy L.

“I work as a mortgage lender so I have clients that I send to credit repair. The signup and completion ratio is not always good. With that being said I will be sending my clients to Sky Blue from now on. You guys were awesome. Removed all the barriers and made it easy and convenient to sign up. Used technology the way it is meant to be used, to make life easier. And of course, you delivered on repair my credit. The best part is I got a call to tell me it is best to take a break from repair once I reach optimal results. Most places would have tried to keep the charge of a client and get more money. You guys rock!” Jason of Mansfield, TX

The Negative

A few Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews complain that the business took ages to refund their money under the guarantee. The company’s BBB profile displays two complaints, which deal with a lack of communication from the company and what appears to be false advertising.

Final Thoughts

Sky Blue Credit is a functional credit repairer system that helps consumers improve their credit scores in return for a fee.

They help correct mistaken information with the credit agencies. Identity theft, and the damage incurred, may require extensive credit repair work.


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