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Best Small Personal Loans of 2022

Getting a personal loan to cover an emergency fund a large purchase, or even avoid a late bill might be a lifesaver. Lenders, on the other hand, set minimum loan amounts, which can be in the high four digits. 

If you simply require $1,000 or less, you may be pushed to borrow far more than you require. And taking on more debt, especially when you’re paying interest on it, is never a good decision.

Instead of taking out more debt than you require, look for a lender who is more flexible. To help you get started, we’ve done some research and in this article, we have listed the best small personal loans of 2022.

#1. PenFed: 

Prospective PenFed borrowers can utilize the credit union’s rate checker to figure out what annual percentage rate they’ll be eligible for. 

This procedure necessitates simply a mild credit check and has no bearing on the applicant’s credit score. 

To help them qualify for a reduced interest rate, applicants might include a co-borrower on their application. 

Borrowers can also manage their personal loans using a mobile banking app in addition to PenFed’s online account capabilities. 

Borrowers can use the credit union’s app to make loan payments, update their profiles, and manage their loans, credit cards, and accounts.

PenFed requires borrowers to join a credit union but does not have any extra criteria. 

Despite the fact that applicants can pre-qualify without a hard credit check, the lack of transparency makes it impossible for borrowers to predict their chances of being approved. 

Many traditional and online lenders provide loan sums of $100,000 or more. PenFed limits personal loans to $50,000, making them less desirable to borrowers who need to cover large bills.

For consumers with fair credit who simply require a small loan, PenFed Credit Union is a suitable choice. 

Personal loan amounts are also flexible and start at just $600, so you don’t have to borrow more than you need. 

Even yet, loan repayment terms can be as long as five years, and APRs are lower than those offered by certain internet lenders.

#2. Upgrade: 

Upgrade is second on our list of best small personal loans of 2022, Upgrade’s personal loans could be a good option if you need money immediately. 

It provides loans in as little as one day, which might be helpful for meeting unexpected expenses. 

Upgrade accepts joint applications and offers personal loans backed by your car for borrowers with less-than-stellar credit. 

Adding a co-applicant or opting for a secured loan may improve your chances of getting approved. 

Customer feedback is usually positive, praising Upgrade’s simplicity and simple application process. 

Its rates and fees, on the other hand, can be rather expensive, and applicants with strong credit may be able to discover lower rates by shopping around and comparing offers from other top personal loan providers.

#3. UpStart: 

Personal loan rates are likely to be higher for those with fair credit or no credit history than for those with good credit. 

As a result, before taking out a loan, you might want to look into other options. Upstart, on the other hand, could be a good option if you need to borrow money quickly. 

Because of the different data utilized to analyze your creditworthiness, you may be eligible for a cheaper rate than you would with other lenders. Additionally, existing Upstart customers have praised the company’s customer service.

#4. Lending Club: 

With LendingClub, more than one personal loan is permitted. Unlike most of its competitors, LendingClub allows customers to apply for and potentially get multiple personal loans in $1,000 increments. 

So, even if you’re still paying off your current loan, you might be able to get authorized for another loan with the company if you need additional money in the future. 

If you’re not sure if you’ll be approved for a personal loan based on your creditworthiness, you can apply with a co-borrower through LendingClub. Many personal loan providers do not provide this service.

LendingClub has a positive reputation among its customers, and it was ranked among the top three lenders in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Consumer Lending Satisfaction Study. 

If you’re authorized for a personal loan through LendingClub, you’ll have to pay an origination charge that ranges from 3% to 6%. (average fee is 5 percent ). Many of its rivals do not levy an origination fee.

LendingClub is a good option if you need to take out multiple personal loans or a small personal loan. 

Not only are its rates and terms reasonable, but J.D. Power has given it the highest customer satisfaction rating. 

Overall, the organization provides a good personal loan alternative to customers in all 50 states of the United States.

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#5. Universal: 

If you use a Universal Credit loan to consolidate other high-interest obligations, the lender will pay off those debts directly, leaving you with just one monthly loan payment. You may also be eligible for a rate reduction of 1 to 2 percentage points as a result of your actions. 

Although many lenders allow direct payment to other creditors, few give a discount. 

Universal Credit records loan payments to all three main score agencies, which implies that timely payments can boost your credit while late or missed payments can damage it. Building credit may enable you to borrow at a lower rate in the future.

Universal Credit consumers receive free access to their credit score, credit monitoring, and a credit score simulator tool through Upgrade. 

Lenders frequently provide access to your credit score, but the simulator tool and suggestions are uncommon. 

Keeping a careful check on your credit score might help you figure out which habits benefit or hinder your score.

Customers with active Upgrade rewards checking accounts may be eligible for a discount on a Universal Credit loan — up to 20% off the annual percentage rate of their authorized loan — because Universal Credit is owned by Upgrade. As a result, a loan with a 30% APR could reduce to as low as 24%.

#6. SeedFi: 

SeedFi is sixth on our list of best small personal loans of 2022 for cheap rates for borrowers with bad or no credit. 

SeedFi’s rates are low when compared to lenders who serve customers with no credit or bad credit. 

For minor loans, installment lenders targeting comparable clients might charge triple-digit APRs. 

SeedFi claims that if an applicant submits the required papers, a loan decision can be issued in minutes. 

Typically, loans are funded in one to two business days, but SeedFi claims that next-day funding is normal.

A co-signer or co-borrower cannot be added to a SeedFi loan so there’s no option where someone with superior credit or a greater salary on an application can help you qualify for a loan or get a cheap rate. 

SeedFi’s loans are only good for up to $4,000 in expenses and aren’t designed to help you restructure debt or pay for a major home upgrade. The typical personal loan size ranges from $1,000 to $50,000.

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#7. One Main: 

Some states have specific loan minimums that are higher than the national average of $1,500. These minimums apply. 

If you have bad credit, adding a co-applicant may increase your chances of getting a loan or a higher loan amount. 

Co-applicants are not allowed by all personal loan lenders, however, OneMain Financial does. OneMain Financial will usually disburse your funds in as little as one business day after your loan application has been approved. 

If you take out a loan from OneMain Financial and later decide you don’t want it, you can use the lender’s seven-day cancellation policy to return the funds without incurring interest costs.

However, OneMain Financial does not lend to citizens of all 50 states in the United States. Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont do not have access to their loans. 

It also OneMain Financial charges high origination costs, despite the fact that many personal loan lenders do not. 

In fact, its origination fees can be fairly substantial; fees can be as high as 10% depending on where you live.

OneMain Financial may be a viable option for you if you have low to fair credit—or no credit history at all—and require cash immediately. 

It accepts clients with subprime credit scores and disburses loans as soon as the next working day after approval. It also accepts co-applicants and offers secured loans. 


When seeking a loan, keep in mind that you may not need a large sum of money to cover a large price. 

Instead, you may just require a little sum of money to keep (or get) current on your bills or to cover a new bill, in order to avoid a decline in your credit score. 

Various lenders cater to such tiny needs, but their terms differ, so browse around and think about which features will work best for you—or against you.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as it’s for a lawful reason, you can spend your personal loan however you like. Debt consolidation, home renovations, and emergency needs are the most popular purposes for a personal loan.

Personal loans, on the other hand, cannot be used to pay for college expenses, and certain lenders may impose additional restrictions. The payoff, for example, only offers personal loans to consolidate credit card debt.

The quantity of money you can borrow is often determined by your credit score. The good news is that if you have excellent credit, you’ll almost certainly be able to get any loan amount a lender offers.

Most lenders offer loans with minimums ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 and maximums ranging from $50,000 to $100,000.

Personal loans function by giving money to borrowers who meet certain criteria stipulated by the lender.

The money is repaid with interest over time. To repay the loan, the borrower normally makes monthly principal and interest installments.

Because the interest rate on a personal loan is usually lower than that on a credit card, it is often a more affordable option.

Origination costs, prepayment penalties, late fees, and administration fees are all fees related to personal loans.

Not all lenders, however, charge the same costs. Before taking out a personal loan, make sure to check with the lender.

Regardless of the fees charged by the lender, the most significant expense will be the interest you pay. A personal loan’s average interest rate is 9.09 percent.

A personal loan is a sum of money lent to an individual by a bank or private lender for a specific purpose. It’s usually unsecured and has a fixed rate of interest.

The borrower must agree to the loan rate and terms and make timely monthly payments until the loan is completely paid off.

A personal loan can be used to pay off or consolidate debt, cover medical expenditures, or make a significant purchase, among other things