Steady App Review: Find a Side Job And Earn Money | Legit or Scam

If your monthly earnings can’t sort your monthly bills, there is a need for a side job. Getting a side job could entail making money online, creating a source of passive income, or simply finding a side hustle.

Steady App promises to aid you in finding work and earning money. Irrespective of what you can do as a freelance, Steady attempt to garner all the “gig economy” to suit flexible work opportunities.

In the US, time constraints seem to be the significant constraints with having two regular jobs.

While this is feasibly true, the bills don’t hear – they keep piling. Well, Steady App Review states clearly Steady is trying to capitalize on this growing freelance and flexible work shift.

It clearly seeks to help and empower gig workers as its mission. If the Steady app fulfills, this promise is what you need to find out before clicking the sign-up page.

The table of contents below reveals a series of questions duly answered in this article in the course of its review.

What is Steady App?

Adam Roseman who is one of the founders, began Steady in 2017 when he realized his father did not have enough retirement saving to support himself.

Steady is the result of Roseman’s search for works that meet his needs, availability, and interests. The process of sourcing and vetting work opportunities differently was incredibly tedious. So, Roseman sought a technology that could help.

By 2018 which is its first full year in business, Steady had generated over 100 000 installs and $9 million in Series A Financing.

Shaquille O’Neal, later on, joined steadily as an advocate and advisor. By May 2019, the company has attracted over 1 million users.

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What Does the Steady App Do?

The steady app is on a mission to aid people in finding jobs without much ado. It seeks to create a technological solution that helps people increase their income and enjoy a stable financial future.

The company’s app slogan is “Building a better future for America’s workforce.” In a nutshell, Steady connects the American workforce with the flexible job and gig opportunities. In addition, sign-ups get invaluable financial advice and great money-saving offers.

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How Does Steady App Work? | Steady App Reviews

The steady app user interface is friendly and easy to use. To get started on Steady App, take the following steps below:

Step 1 – Create a Steady App Account

To get Steady work, you must sign up on the system. Creating a steady account is completely free; however, you may need to submit the following details:

  • name
  • email
  • phone number
  • password

To cut the sign-up process short, simply log in with Facebook to avoid creating a separate profile with another password.

For information purposes, you tick the checkbox to receive text message alerts for new gigs. Basically, this will aid you to stay on top of your game and attend to as many Steady jobs as you can earn more.

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Step 2 – Find Steady Gigs

Once your sign-up process is complete, the next sure thing to do is find Steady gigs for you to complete and earn money.

To begin, simply log in to your account. Enter your location in the prompt that appears on your screen. Afterward, you will receive pop-ups of various gigs available to you.

Generally, you will find Steady jobs categories like:

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#1. Work From Home

Steady Work From Home category suggests work options that can be done from home. A click on each Steady gig in this category will reveal the requirements, time commitment, and pay. You may get steady gigs that pay as high as $20 per hour.

Unfortunately, you may have to carefully sort through invitations to join other marketplaces like DoorDash and Postmates where employers post job offers.

Options that may appear to you in Steady Work from home category include

#2. Anytime work

The steady app anytime work category is where you can find flexible gigs that you can do whenever you’re available.

Steady job opportunities in this category usually include delivery apps, childcare, and other handyperson options. You could find jobs on apps like:

  • Postmates
  • DoorDash
  • Uber Eats
  • Thumbtack
  • Task Rabbit

#3. Part-time and Full-time Work

This Steady work category houses the most enormous Steady gigs available on the app. Steady gigs in this category pay from$10 to $26 an hour.

And you’re bound to find many local options like caregiving, hospitality, and retail.

This category of job search is best for those currently out of regular jobs and seeking long-term deals.

#4. Recently Added Work

Steady app enthusiasts seeking the latest and more tasking opportunities usually visit this category to satisfy their thirst.

Newly updated work opportunities and new gigs appear on this page.

How Do I Apply for Steady Gigs?

During your sign-up, you will identify gig opportunities for you. To apply, follow the link in the app to complete your application. Usually, applications take place on the 3rd-party site of whatever gig you’re using.

For instance, if you need to deliver for DoorDash, you will have to visit DoorDash to register. Afterward, you can choose to seize communication with the Steady app. Click the button below to get started.


Who Should Be on Steady App?

The steady app is for the American workforce – both employers of labor and employees. To find employers for your company, you can easily post vacancies on this website.

Also, individuals who have full-time jobs but seek another source of income can make the most of Steady App. Let’s say you have a job but could spare some time doing what you enjoy rather than your regular work, Steady app offers you that opportunity.

The steady app is also for freelancers and contractors who want to find their own clients. Full-time job seekers can explore the Full-time category on the Steady app for better opportunities.

You can find customer service, personal assistance, retail sales, caregiving, etc., and job offers on the Steady app as a new grad looking forward to building a reputable resume.

How Much Can I Make From Steady App?

Depending on Steady gigs available to you, you can get as much as $20 an hour. On average, Steady users can earn an average of $4 000 a year if they work for a significant number of hours a day.

That’s a lot of money, right? You are probably wondering how Steady App makes its own profit – let’s see.

How Does Steady App Make Money?

It is not amiss to ponder on how Steady App makes money since it is obviously free for Steady workers.

Steady app features a lot of apps that are in great demand for new people to help meet growing demand. So, they pay big brands like Steady to refer new users, drivers, hosts, customer service agents, caregivers, home tutors and so much more.

In a nutshell, Steady app thrives on an affiliate or lead-generation model to generate profit as a company.

Is Steady App Legit or Scam? | Steady App Review

Steady App is a legit company that claims to track your employment income history and to match you with job opportunities that help you meet your income goals.

The big question remains is it safe to use? Do they fulfill their claims, or is Steady app another scam site?

On the Steady app, your bank accounts are linked which grants the company access to your personal information. Although the company protects and encrypts sensitive data using SSL – as an internet-based app, it is still prone to some risks.

Many Steady app users tell an unpleasant story about the app, which suggests that the app doesn’t live up to its expectations. The company has been pummeled for its inability to connect job seekers to local jobs.

In fact, most of what happens within the Steady app links users to other generic national job opportunities – acting as a middleman between job seekers and the real gig economy employers.

Steady App Customers Review

The review below on App grooves suggests that the Steady app will have to buckle its belts and gird its loins to remain in business.

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When I saw the commercial for the app they advertise odd jobs you can do in your extra time that they put up. When I created the account the odd jobs they offer are not even theirs. It’s Postmates, Uber, the earning app. All stuff I already know about. I was lead to believe it’s odd jobs, subcontracted from other companies like with media or photography.

I already downloaded a different app that will notify you of actual live events they want you to go to and photograph if you have extra time and pays you for your time and photos. This app is misleading and kinda a waste of app space. If they have more writing, creative, photography odd jobs that companies need to improve their work while I building my portfolio then I can see this app working. Craigslist gigs section has better options than this app.

Steady App Reviews – ProsSteady App Reviews – Cons
It’s fast, simple, and easy to sign up
Application for each gig is made separately
The app is free to use There is no approximate earning for every gig
You may find flexible Steady jobs on the appIt doesn’t suit people seeking for high-level jobs
There are a variety of gigs to choose fromLacks budgeting features
Users can compare gigs before choosing the best option available It keeps making popular gigs more popular.
It offers to sign up bonuses
Tracks user’s financial history



The steady app seeks to proffer a technological solution to the American workforce’s challenges.

Have they Succeeded? Steady App Review answers this question and more. Discover multiple ways you can earn money online through Steady jobs and how to bargain for Steady gigs.

Also, find answers to the big question – Is Steady App legit or a scam in this piece? You should read through it before signing up on this marketplace.



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