20 Best Summertime Newsletter Ideas in 2022

This article discusses the 20 best summertime newsletter ideas.

Public perception of every brand will determine how users subscribe to such brands. Do not assume your newsletters do not reflect on your reputation, you’ll be severally shocked.

Thus, I have sourced over 20+ summertime newsletter ideas that we can all feed into designing more professional and beautifully attractive brand newsletters that can keep our users glued for more.

This post is loaded with ideas from trusted and tested sources. Trust me, you’ll be grateful you meticulously read through.

Be sure to reach out to us via the comment section so we can share your thoughts with you. Enjoy the fabulous read Fam!

Best Summertime Newsletter Ideas in 2022 inlcude;

1. Brighton – Summertime Newsletter Ideas

Subject: Jerry Kohl Invites You

Today, when we all miss meeting old friends in parks, cafes, what can be better than meeting old pals online?

For those customers of Brighton — the world-famous jewelry brand — who were used to meet the Brighton team and its loyal customers in offline stores in California, an opportunity to meet all those people online must be a great pleasure.

We put this email on the “greatest email marketing newsletter examples” list as it keeps up with the times and reflects today’s reality. 

2. Ecwid – Summertime Newsletter Ideas

Subject: Welcome to Ecwid!

“The fewer steps the better,” we think when it comes to registering with some websites, when it comes to buying products online, or even leaving feedback.

Just imagine, Ecwid allows its users to complete a registration/confirm email address and see if the registration has been completed/email has been confirmed in one single email.

No need to wait for a registration confirmation email, no more extra moves — see the result in one email.

This type of confirmation requires using the AMP for Email technology. 

Its unique feature

The ability to verify your email address and see that registration has been successfully finished in one single email.

3. Stripo – Summertime Newsletter Ideas

Subject: What is the danger of triskaidekaphobia?

This email was sent on Friday 13th. It was not scary at all. But it was widely discussed on numerous platforms, which made us happy.

Its unique feature

I believe this is a good example that your email design does not have to be complicated to look effective. 

4. Adidas – Summertime Newsletter Ideas

Subject line: Don’t just talk about saving the oceans. Run For The Oceans

Like Elvis Presley sang “A little less conversation, a little more action please”. He was so right. Many people just talk, only a few act.

This email newsletter example stands out and inspires us with the subject line! Everyone who is really concerned with ecology and our future will certainly open this email. 

Adidas encourages us to participate in its event, as it is going to donate $1 for each km run to Parley School. This money will be used to “teach youth on the threat of marine plastic pollution”

Not only is this email a caring gesture of love to Earth, but also part of a perfect product launch campaign. With this email, Adidas once again promoted its new shoe model that was made from upcycled marine plastic waste.

Great news: Adidas promises to use only recycled plastic by 2024.

Its unique feature

Its subject line, and, of course, call to care about ecology.

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5. M&M’s – Summertime Newsletter Ideas

Subject: Halloween is Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

Oh wow! Red is the cutest Dracula ever. Pardon, the sweetest! Dracula ever.

And this was one of the best email newsletters in 2022.

Its unique feature

M&M’s proved that you don’t need to add spiders, and ghosts in emails for Halloween if you don’t like doing it. Dressing up your key personages will do.

6. Stripo

Subject: Create and engage ?: Surprise your subscribers with new AMP technology.

A little fun never hurts! It is actually proscribed to those people who always work much, or even are stressed out. A little fun lets us relax, and catch our breath. Especially, when we do not need to go anywhere and have an opportunity to relax right in emails?

Its unique feature

It’s an easy game. Recipients just need to put pictures in the right orientation. And they can see the result right away.

In the short run, we will show on our blog how to build a similar email in like 1 hour. A little spoiler: This maze was built just with AMP carousel blocks.

7. Tesla

Subject: Get Ready — Livestream Cybertruck Unveil

It’s hard to find a person who has not heard about Elon Musk and his great inventions. Which is why the presentation of a new one becomes extremely awaited.

In his public announcements, Elon Musk had never hinted at what his Cybertruck would look like. And in this email, they managed to keep the intrigue.

8. Tom Raffield

Subject line: Guess where we’re going.

This is an example of the best newsletters design. Indeed, it is. For at least three reasons:

  • its sophisticated design and elegant colors;
  • embedded interactive elements;
  • new ways of engaging with recipients.

Not only did they puzzle their subscribers with the question “Guess where we’re going”, but managed to “hide” the keys to the answer behind the images. 
Only in the following email, they revealed their secret.

This is a good email newsletter example that shows that any event can be announced in a non-trivial yet pretty simple way.

Its unique feature

A new way of using interactive emails, and an interesting way to announce events.

Tip: To build an image rollover effect with Stripo, when designing your newsletter email, just toggle the ” ” button.

The editor will ask you to upload the second image for your rollover. That’s it.

9. WB Games

Subject: DC FanDome Days of Deals: Only hours left to save up to 75% off!

This email is a true email design inspiration for 2022.

Its width goes far beyond the traditional 600-640 pixels. The email looks more like a webpage than just an email.

10. Gap

Subject line: $6.99 tees. $9.99 polos. $12.99 shorts.

This one is a true design inspiration. It highlights the price of the product category that is displayed on GIF at that moment.

It is a brilliant idea and could be used as a fallback to image AMP-carousel in emails for those recipients whose email clients do not support AMP yet.

Its unique feature

The GIF with prices — the price of a clothes item that is being shown at the moment gets dep blue, while others remain light blue. So you have an idea of what apparel this price refers to. 

11. Educate your audience about the industry

You likely have knowledge about your industry, but do your audience?

Give hints, tips, and benefits of the product you offer. Remember, for every question you ask a customer, you have to provide readers with a solution. These content ideas will help your audience engage with your brand and stay informed.

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Here is a great example of an email newsletter from Charitywater.org showing behind-the-scenes of their non-profit organization.

12. Send how-to guides

Offering readers step-by-by-step instructions will help you start building a relationship with readers. Show steps in your email newsletter on how to use your product or something that may help them, a how-to video, or a series of photos.

13. Release product updates

Your audience would love to hear what’s going on with your business.

Whether it’s a new product announcement or a new business partner. Keep your audience engaged with good news by highlighting it in your newsletters.

Share or invite them to an event organized by your company. Talk about company milestones or share the discovery of your products/services. Share newsworthy information with your audience to retain them with your products.

14. Share blog posts

Want to get more attention on your blog posts?

Before your audience takes the time to visit your recent blog post, send them a newsletter informing them about your new blog post. Send the links to the most popular blogs they might be interested in, ask them to share their favorite blog post with their friends, or share the top 10 blogs list and why they are the best.

15. A good listicle

No one can take their eyes off a newsletter displaying a top 10 list. Believe us, your audience would love to hear about the Top 10 products of your brand.

Sharing a list with them will increase the chances of your readers visiting you. A list can be of anything – blogs, products, or services.

16. Social connect

95% of your audience might be addicted to social media. Take full advantage of it!

Share user-generated content in your email newsletter by reposting the content generated by others. Share your top tweets and posts with your audience. To make it easier, you could embed your social media profile links in every email newsletter. 

17. Referral program

Ask your audience to join a refer-a-friend program and ask them to recommend your products to family and friends.

You can also create an incentive, or collaborate with other businesses in your industry. This is one of the best newsletter content ideas to increase your mailing list.

18. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions

Everyone loves great offers and huge discounts. Don’t forget to send discount coupons and promotions of products to your audience. This is still the most effective way to boost sales and conversions.

To bring in new customers, create urgency in your email content or limited-time offers.

19. Reviews and testimonials

If reviews and testimonials can help you build trust with your customers then go for it. Make sure that it doesn’t look like an advertisement. Share a video testimonial or a simple text-based one. This will show how you’re better than your competitors. The more testimonials you showcase, the more your audience is likely to buy your product/service.

Optin Monster’s social proof statistics show that 92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.

Here’s how Le Tote does it:

20. Online surveys

People love to share their feedback. Asking them to fill in a survey can increase engagement.

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It’s a great way to keep your audience engaged. You can also embed surveys in your emails.

Ask them to share their feedback and share it in your newsletter like Kate Spade Saturday did.

21. A letter from the CEO

Your subscribers play a very important role in your sales and marketing strategy. After all, your every step must end up on focusing to convert them into a lead.

A thank you letter from the CEO works well. A lot of companies are using this super attractive newsletter content idea. A letter from the CEO to shows how much you care for your subscribers. These types of newsletters help to maintain a trusted relationship.

22. Encourage to follow you

Craft “Follow Us” email newsletters that include all your social links. Ask your subscribers to follow you on socials and use your hashtag whenever they purchase something from you.

Encourage them to follow by telling them that by hitting a certain follower count you’re gonna announce a big giveaway or huge discount offer.

23. Share YouTube videos

Does your business own a YouTube channel? If yes, share it with your subscribers and invite them to subscribe to your channel.

Statistics say if you link to a video within your email it can lead to an increase in open rates by 6%. You can also use the word “video” in your email subject line.

24. Frequently Asked Questions

You probably get many questions from your customers. We know that’s the job of your support team. Well, creating frequently asked questions by email will help your audience learn more about your business.

Ask your customer support the top questions they receive. Based on that, you can craft your FAQs email newsletter.

25. Quiz competition

Quizzes are super fun and loved by customers. Create a fun-loving and attractive type of quiz relevant to your audience. For best results, create a quiz email newsletter so your audience will enjoy engaging and participate.

26. Roundup

Create a post that offers a roundup of your company’s best blog topics or most popular social posts. It’s a great way to repackage content that already exists.

27. Remind subscribers about a poll or survey

Surveys can help businesses collect valuable information, but response rates can often be lackluster. Remind customers about your survey and its importance in your newsletter and provide a link to it.

28. Customer reviews

Collect a few customer reviews on a specific product and share them in your newsletter. Start out by explaining the product, offer a picture of it and show subscribers what others are saying about it.

29. Events

Use your newsletter to invite or remind subscribers about upcoming events.

30. Invitations

Tell customers about events, charity drives and exclusive sales. Create an event on Facebook so guests can RSVP and include the link in your newsletter.

Final Thoughts…

The best ideas are sometimes ones gotten freely. It is out hope that these ideas give your newsletter a new lift that will keep your readers drooling for more.

Cheers to being your best brand!


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