What are Sweatcoin Rewards & Prices in 2022?

Right before I started using Sweatcoin app, I was so skeptical about it. I thought it was all a scam because it sounded too good to be true. Was really wondering how they will stay profitable paying people to walk.

I mean, come on, who will believe you can get paid just by walking? My senses were ringing out loud that this must be a scam!

Then I thought, even if it was legit, it will not be sustainable for a long time.

But now, the Sweatcoin app I have is still running strong. I have been it using for 3 years now and it is gaining more acceptance than rejection.

There are several so-good-to-be-true reviews about Sweatcoin rewards out there. And this reminds me of what I wrote when I had zero experience with them.

So I figured out that it is the right time to write about my own experience of the Sweatcoin app rewards and their prices.

Whether or not this app is worth using for you, I will answer all your questions.

Let’s start with the major question “What is SweatCoin”?

What Is SweatCoin?

Sweatcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that you can earn by walking or running.

SweatCoin is an app that counts every step you take and rewards you with points that you can redeem into coins.

You can also earn gift cards rewards for referring others to the app.

Click to download the Sweatcoin App.

What Rewards Does Sweatcoin Give?

As earlier mentioned, Sweatcoin rewards anyone who uses the app while walking or running.

Here is how Sweatcoin rewards work. Or read more about it HERE.

Sweatcoin tracks your outdoor steps throughout the day and rewards you with about 0.95 Sweatcoin (approximately 1 SWC) per 1000 steps you make.

Then, you can redeem these coins for gifts such as magazines, healthy energy drinks, music downloads, digital watches, running shoes, electronics, and more.

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But why not money? Keep reading and you will get a clearer picture.

SweatCoin Prices And Rewards: In Details

As explained in the previous sections of my review, you will earn 0.95 SweatCoin for every 1000 steps you take outdoors.

I mentioned that you can redeem the points for rewards that are primarily fitness-related items, but the rewards will also include gift cards.

You will need to save your SweatCoins to get more expensive rewards.

The items in the rewards selection area of ​​the app will change frequently and you will sometimes see watches, Amazon gift cards, shoes, and even smartphones.

Some time ago I saw a travel reward, but for something like 200,000 SweatCoins … That’s amazing!

Most of the rewards with a decent amount range from 75 to 300 SweatCoins.

The higher the cost of the retail reward, it will always be determined by how much those items will cost you in terms of the SweatCoins you will need to pay. (in my experience)

Apparently, you can only get Amazon Gift Card rewards by referring other people.

The last time I checked it was 5 referrals to win a $5 gift card.

Not bad I guess, I mean it’s something to tell people.

Not sure how to use Amazon to redeem a gift card? See below

All you have to do is enter the code you get, then simply enter that code in the “coupon” section during your Amazon checkout.

Once you enter the code, click Apply, then the Amazon system will credit your account with the amount of the gift card that will be used for your current or next purchase.

As simple as that.

How Can I Earn Rewards from SweatCoin?

There are different ways you can earn from Sweatcoin.

You earn points that are converted to coins, which you can redeem through fitness materials or Amazon gift cards.

But if you don’t want to just gift cards, you can convert it to physical cash.

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Here is a simple hack to earn rewards from Sweatcoin.

As you accumulate coins, you can go to the store and sell some for deals from any of the Sweatcoin partners. Sweatcoin offers a different set of products every day, so you will find something that interests you.

Most rewards will give you a free month of subscription service. For example, at the time of this writing, some offers a free month of Care/Of supplements, 60% off Super Chewer Box, and 35 free days of movies from Shudder and others.

Most subscriptions will automatically renew after the first month, so you will have to cancel or continue the service if you wish.

While some higher rewards include $1,000 in cash and a new iPhone XS, both come with a prize of 20,000 coins. Even if you earn 20 coins a day, it will practically take you three years to save for any of them.

This is not in a bid to discourage you. You can always give it a try.

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How Many Coins Does SweatCoin Reward?

I believe you now understand how Sweatcoin works. Even you don’t, check this article for a clearer view.

Sweatcoin generally records every step you take. And for every 1000 steps, you earn 0.95 coins (approximately 1 SWC).

So, determining the number of coins you can get per day totally depends on how many steps you are able to take.

Here’s a great resource for determining the rewards or value of an offer on the SweatCoin app store, which you can check out HERE.

Is Sweatcoin Rewards a Scam?

Many people have asked if SweatCoin Rewards and prices scam. I mean, if something seems too good to be true, it’s enough to raise anyone’s eyebrows.

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But I hope I can help you understand how Sweatcoin Rewards and Prices are more secure and legitimate than some businesses. See how legit Sweatcoin is.

Basically, SweatCoin is similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. Because they have a value that people themselves attribute to them.

Though cryptocurrencies themselves don’t really have physical value on their own, yet people trade with them on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, having experienced all of this, the question now is whether cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a scam.

That’s definitely not true!

When you take the fact that companies like Amazon are now using them, and big banks are paying thousands of dollars for just 1 Bitcoin, you have to understand that cryptocurrencies are very real.

Right now, if you only withdraw one Bitcoin, you can sell it and withdraw thousands of USD!

So here is why SweatCoin app is not a scam.

The app is free, and they get the rewards or the products they offer for free as part of the ad, which makes the most sense.

A lot of companies offer free products for free advertising all the time.

Looking around you, it’s obvious that the concept is not new and, in fact, it is very effective.

Another reason is that Sweatcoin is considering getting a valuation in US dollars and British pounds.

There are many positives that I can see for advertisers as long as the app is growing and performing well. And all current data indicates that the app is performing very well and is trending well.


Sweatcoin is one app that you can download and win rewards at great prices. With every step you take, it rewards you with a digital currency called Sweatcoin. And from the best of my knowledge, this app is legit and not a scam.

Download the Sweatcoin app now to get amazing rewards!

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