Does Target Offer Student Discount

Different companies and organizations offer student discounts in order to help them save up on their budgets, and make schooling easier, at least where finances are involved. Target is such a company.  

Target provides outstanding student discounts to help students afford more stuff that otherwise was out of budget for them. While providing student discounts is excellent and helpful to the students, it is also good for the company or organization providing such services. It improves brand integrity.  

Target already has a long history of providing custom discounts to its diverse customer base. It only makes sense that target offers student discounts as well. If this is the first time you are hearing of this, then you have come to the right place because, in this article, we shall
discuss what the Target discount is all about and what it offers.

About Target Student Discount

Target offers a student discount in 2022. The year is just starting, so why not start on the right foot? This news will excite all the students resuming for the semesters and, of course, the

Target offers a 15% student discount on all regular price items in-store and online, as well as for 2022. It is also quite easy to get the target student discount. All you have to do is confirm your student status on the website. 

Simply provide basic personal information and documentation of your current student status. Do remember the student discount does not apply for most items on sale or on promo. 

Keep reading to find out about the items that are eligible for the target student discount, Target student discount eligibility.

How to Get the Target Student Discounts in Stores 

You can avail of the target student discount simply by creating an account online. On the signup page, you will need to enter your email address, first name, surname, mobile number, and a private password.
Always make sure the email you enter and the phone number you provide are in use and you have full access to them. Be sure to use a password that you can easily remember, but that isn’t easy to guess.  

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From your account, click on “Get Verified”, and upload the supporting documents proving you are a current student at a university, college or some other higher learning institution. Once you are done with this procedure, you will receive a 15% student discount. 

You can show the cashier at the counter your student discount coupon before paying for the purchased products.  

Pro-tip: Be sure to check receipts to confirm if the student discount was applied. 

How to Get the Target Student Discounts Online at

Once your student account has been verified, the 15% student discount will be automatically applied at checkout when you shop online at 

Additionally, has partnered up with UniDAYS to provide more discounts to students over the age of 16, who can sign up for UniDAYS online or via the app. 

For those that are not familiar with uniDAYS, uniDAYS is a discount website founded back in 2011. It is free-for-all students worldwide. Students that are currently enrolled in any higher education program can sign up and use that to avail themselves of several student discounts. 

When a deal is live, you can copy the promotion code from UniDAYS onto the discount code bar at the checkout, getting up to 20% off on Target’s optical products. 

What Products Does The Target Student Discount Apply to?

What makes the Target student discount awesome is that it applies to a lot of products or items ranging from clothes, shoes, groceries, furniture, electronics and so much more. 

There are Apple mini-stores inside Target malls, when shopping in the mini-stores, students may be subject to Apple’s 10% discount and not Target’s 15%. 

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Remember earlier in this article you read that the Target student discount does not apply to sales, and this includes clearance, liquidation, Black Friday sales,
or promos such as “buy one get one free.” 

For student life, check out The Room Essentials. Here, you will find student supplies, student room décor, kitchen utensils, and beddings at very subsidized prices. 

Are There Other Ways To Save Money At Target?

The answer is yes, there are other great ways to save money at target besides the student discounts. One such way is signing up for the college registry.

How this works is that the student curates a list of all the items they need before heading to college. Once this is done, the student gets an extra 15% discount on anything left in the registry once the school session starts.  

Another great way of saving money is by using search engines to look for valid coupons and promotional codes.  

Pro-tip: Use google chrome and install a voucher catcher to make sure you stay ahead of the curve where discounts are involved.

Target Deals 2022: Save Up to 50% with Coupons  

Coupon Conditions:
Products on sale include: 

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Fashion accessories,  
  • Home appliances, and more. 

Minimum cart value : Not applicable. 

Target Promo Code is not required at checkout. 

Coupon can be redeemed by all users. 

Promo is accessible via Target in-stores and online platforms. 

This deal can be availed across all taking part U.S locations. 


It is a bonus for every student to save up when resuming school, or just starting out. One sure-fire way of doing that is by making use of student discount deals. 

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They offer students an opportunity to lighten up the financial load a bit. 10% here, 15% there adds up to a pretty hefty amount when you do a little book-keeping at the end of the month. Be sure to choose Target to stock up on your school supplies! 

Target Student Discount FAQs 2022

Q. Does Target offer student discounts?: Yes, Target offers a
student discount once you verify your student status. 

Q. How Much Can I Save With Target‘s Student Discount?

A: As a student, you can avail a discount of 15% from Target. 

Q. Who is eligible for Target student discount?

A: A US student attending a college or a university. 

Q. What happens to your student discount if you are graduated?

A: Every company has different policy. However, you can enjoy availing student
discounts until they ask you to re-verify your student profile. 

Q. What is the Maximum Saving at Target?

The Maximum Saving at Target is up to 60% OFF on clearance sale items. You can
use the coupon from to save money on your shopping. 

Q. Where can one look for Target’s latest Coupons
and deals? 

A.You can easily find all relevant and
genuine Target coupons at Redeem Target Coupon Codes today to get maximum



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