TaxHawk Reviews In 2022: Best Tax Filing Software| Legit Or Scam

Some of us have complex tax conditions, while others have it direct. But in all this, we share a common goal: to get our taxes done appropriately and at a convenient cost. Here is a solution to it: use Taxhawk.

TaxHawk is one of the few best online tax filing software that’s used by a majority of tax filers, including those with complex tax conditions – which makes it legit.

TaxHawk is owned by the same parent company as FreeTaxUSA, and their software has a similar user interface. If you’re familiar with FreeTaxUSA, you’ll definitely find TaxHawk easy.

As a tax filer that’s convenient with tax preparation, TaxHawk is a software that helps you get your taxes filed properly and on time.

Regardless of this, some persons are yet to believe if its legit or a scam.

In order to clear your doubts, we have carried out a review of tax hawk software. What it is, plans and pricing, its security, and lots more.

This is a table of what to expect:

What Is TaxHawk?

Taxhawk is an online tax preparation and tax filing system owned by Tax Hawk, Inc. Founded in 2001, tax hawk has grown over the years with an employee strength of over 150. It is an original member of the IRS and offers a free file alliance to the general public.

The Taxhawk software accepts a large variety of IRS forms. Its credibility over the years has lead it to become one of the best tax filing software in the US and an authorized IRS e-file provider.

It provides a platform where different types of employees can comfortably do all their tax filing even those with complex tax situations.

The Taxhawk software renders three products;

  • The Free version
  • Deluxe Support, and
  • Deluxe Pro Support

Each version gives a more detailed feature while still on a budget

In spite of this, you have to prepare your tax forms before filing on Taxhawk . Though it allows a lot of IRS documents, it is not ideal for those seeking a step-by-step guide.

TaxHawk Ranking

According to BBB, Taxhawk has an A+ rating and ranks 4.8 out of 5 stars. This shows that the taxhawk filing system is legit.

Is TaxHawk Free? | Products and Pricing

Taxhawk offers three plans with features unique to each plan. Unlike other tax software programs, Taxhawks plans are distinct from each other by their properties and not by the level of tax circumstances it can carry. The three plans offered by taxhawk are;

  • Free Edition:
  • Deluxe Support and
  • Deluxe Pro Support
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Free Edition

The Taxhawk free edition covers both easy and complex tax conditions for Federal taxes. Situations as common as going to school, childbirth, buying/selling a home are all fully covered under the tax hawk free edition.

Generally, Taxhawk supports all of the majorly used tax forms and the less-used tax forms. Other features included in the free edition are;

  • You can import your other tax forms from TurboTax or TaxAct.
  • Over 350 credits/reductions
  • Deduction for Health and Savings contributions
  • Online vault backup of tax returns for over 5 years.
  • Information rollover from year to year
  • Tax extensions in case you are unable to complete the filing process by the end of the day.
  • Preparation of previous federal tax returns over the years
  • Reporting income from stocks, bonds, and dividends
  • Claiming your rental income and expenses
  • Diversity of filing for small business income. That is you can file either as self-employed or contractor income.

These bonuses are given free which shows that taxhawk is legit. However, federal filings are free but state filings cost $14.99.

Deluxe Support

The Deluxe support plan is an upgraded plan after the free plan. It includes all of the features in the free edition and lots more. Some additions to this plan include;

  • An immediate response from the support team on any questions arising from the filing process. (this is majorly through email)
  • Unlimited access to the sites Audit’s center. This also comes with Professional assistance and step by step guide on handling IRS audits and notices
  • Access to re-correct your files even after submission.

The deluxe support plan costs $6.99.

Deluxe Pro Support

The highest of all the plans is the Deluxe Pro support plan. It is a combination of the features in both the free and deluxe support edition and more. Other additions to this plan are;

  • Personal tax advice from tax experts concerning your tax conditions
  • Phone support for more clarity
  • Live screen share for step-by-step guidance on the filing process irrespective of tax filing condition

The deluxe pro support costs $24.99.

Another pricing is the state tax return. It costs $14.99 per state.

How To Sign Up On TaxHawk

Signing up on Taxhawk isn’t as complicated as it sounds. As a matter of fact, it’s as easy as signing up on any other tax software because Taxhawk allows you to bring in information from other tax sites like TurboTax.

All you need to do is enter the information just as you are asked.

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To signup to Taxhawk as a beginner, click the link below

Or you can sign in here if you have an existing account

Getting Started On TaxHawk

After sign up (creating your account), the next thing is to fill in the right information for your tax filing. Not to worry, TaxHawk does not ask very detailed questions about your income.
If you don’t have the required information at the moment of signup, you can pause and return to it later right from where you stopped.

Also, while signing up there are small bubbles littered everywhere tagged “help bubbles”. They help explain the several tax terms used., and what is allowed and what isn’t.

There are also help pages tagged “Top issues” and “Help with this Page” where you can see frequently asked questions that relate to whatever issue you might have and their answers. You can go further to type in your questions directly and a corresponding answer will be shown from their resource base.

Taxhawk has a summary section that shows you all the information you have entered. This enables you to crosscheck and make corrections where necessary before submitting

Is TaxHawk Secure?

Yes, TaxHawk is secure and legit. TaxHawk uses a variety of safety measures to ensure that the data you enter is secure and is been transmitted to the IRS is an encrypted format.

They also use two-factor authentication methods to be sure that all the information entered is coming from you. You would be required to choose a method of verification, either by text message, phone call, or email. This helps you receive an alert in case of any change made to your information.

TaxHawk also exceeds the security standards of IRS which makes them more legit.

Customer Care

The Deluxe support and Pro support package give its users instant access to the live chat line and phone support.

Also, Taxhawk provides responses to its users through emails and even quicker through their account message center. With experienced support, TaxHawks support agents are ready to offer help where and when necessary.
(Sounds cool right?!)

Pros and Cons of TaxHawk

If you are thinking about using TaxHawk for all your tax filing operations, we made some appealing discoveries while carrying out the review.

Most importantly, TaxHawk is legit and not a scam. It is on the list of the best tax filing software. However, TaxHawk has its flopping areas. To know the areas where TaxHawk is lacking, go through the Pros and Cons below.

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Here are the Pros of using TaxHawk

  • Friendly user Interface
  • Budget-friendly
  • Efficient Bookmarking Progress-tracking system

#1. Friendly User Interface

Taxhawk’s interface is user-friendly compared to other tax filing software. The user can easily navigate through the site with little or no difficulty. In cases where you encounter difficulty, there are help bubbles around to guide you

#2. Budget-Friendly

Taxhawk software offers a cost-effective solution to all your tax filing problems. regardless of your tax preparation condition, you can complete your federal and state filings for as low as $15.

#3. Efficient Bookmarking Progress-tracking system

Taxhawk’s efficient bookmarking and progress-tracking systems allow you to return to places you stopped after a while. Once you need to leave a particular section on hold, you just need to bookmark and it’s tagged for reference.


These are the cons of using TaxHawk

  • Limited assistance
  • Unfriendly for New Filers
  • Limited Customer support

#1. Limited Assistance

Being on the free package gives you limited support when navigating through the tax platform. To get a better experience, you need to upgrade to the deluxe support or deluxe pro package.

#2. Unfriendly For New Filers

Although TaxHawk strives to give its users a friendly experience, it is not suitable for new filers. The rule is that you prepare your tax form yourself and then file. Unlike other tax filing software, taxhawk assumes its users have a basic filing experience.

#3. Limited Customer Support

Taxhawk’s customer support is limited as they do not work overnight. They work using Eastern Standard time and are not available from 9 pm. This puts users who are busy during work hours at a disadvantage as they would have to either wait it out or forcefully create time to file their taxes.

TaxHawk Website

To know more about TaxHawk and its new features,Visit TaxHawk official website.


Taxhawk is a legit software for tax filing operation. With an ever-increasing tax filing software cost, taxhawk has maintained the line for being really budget-friendly. Although it doesn’t accommodate everyone, it satisfies users with basic filing experience.

Have you used TaxHawk before? Let us know your own opinion!

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