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20 Easy Things To Make and Sell in 2023

Are you thinking of what to do to make extra income? Perhaps a list of things to make and sell to people. There are a surprising number of things we can make and sell relatively easily. 

Many people want to start side hustles but feel disconnected and disoriented and have absolutely no clue about what to do, hence the need for this article that spells it out to you as it is easy to read up a long list of things to make and sell and no one will work for you.  

In the absence of a better option such as knowing someone who has a number of these jobs and is successful, this article serves to introduce you to 20 easy things to make and sell that are certain to bring you the most stability and money. 


A question that you may have been asking yourself is if there is a market for handmade goods and if people would buy the things you want to make and sell. The answer is yes.  

The lengthier explanation is that it’s popular, so there’s a lot of competition, which means you have to work hard to stand apart. It’s not just a question of handcrafted vs mass-produced. 

You must think commercially and begin at a local level. As a result, don’t become too connected to your initial product. Consider all of your expenses, as well as the clients you’re selling to and why they’d desire your goods. 

Handmade items are frequently not a need, as they are with traditional products, but rather a want, therefore you must consider how you will provide the most value. If it wants to sell, handmade means healthier, better, or distinctive. 

A few questions to ponder: Why would someone purchase this product? Who is my potential buyer? Is there anything special about the product? Find out what the solutions are.  

If you receive more favorable responses, you’ll have a far better chance of selling your product and having people buy it. When selling locally or abroad, first research market trends. 

Things That You Can Sell But Not Make  

1. Affiliate Marketing 

To ensure that you can build a large enough user base, you’ll need a website, YouTube channel, and other social media sites. Still, once you have an audience that likes and trusts you, it’s fairly easy to recommend high-quality products and get paid large commissions for the sales you generate. 

Affiliate marketing may be a hugely successful side venture that generates passive revenue for years if you’re prepared to be patient. 

To get started, create incredible content in a certain area and collaborate with related affiliates who will pay you a tiny commission to market their items. 

It will take around 6 months of constant content production to see any substantial returns, but once you get started, you can easily earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year without ever having to create a product. 

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2. Real Estate Wholesaling 

When you don’t have the capital or a line of credit to invest in a home, real estate wholesaling is one of the best ways to make money in the industry

You identify people who need to sell their houses (divorcees, people who have inherited property, or those who are having financial difficulties), put the house under contract, and then sell the contract to a cash bidder who can close in 30 days. 

For instance, suppose you find a $400,000 home with a motivated seller willing to sell it for $360,000. You can put the house under contract for $360,000, then sell it for $400,000 to your investor, keeping the $40,000 assignment fee. 

You don’t need a license to get started, but I strongly advise you to invest in a training program from Clever Investor because if you aren’t careful with how you set up the contracts, you can quickly get into legal trouble. 

20 Easy Things To Make and Sell

Here is a list of things that you can make and sell to make money; 

1. Handmade clothing 

Ready-to-wear clothing is clothing that has been mass-produced in large quantities. Huge machines construct them to a predetermined size and pattern template.  

On the other hand, handmade clothing is created entirely by hand. Each costume is one-of-a-kind since a person designed it. Handmade garments are more accurate in their dimensions, thus they fit better. 

Second, ready-made clothing is created from pre-determined templates, but our sizes are not standard because we are all unique individuals. Each individual is unique, necessitating the use of a unique template.  

However, the majority of the current design is still based on ready-to-wear garments, making life tough for women who do not fit into the conventional size ranges. 

Handmade clothing is the answer. You can now devote your products to making size an all-encompassing characteristic. Make according to the requirements of your customers repeatedly and you could be on to something big. 

2. Handmade handbags 

Handmade handbags made by you can be such a wonderful thing if you learn how to make them in beautiful designs by yourself and can replicate that multiple times.  

These handmade handbags can provide exceptional quality and attention to detail, but they can also provide clients with some unexpected advantages and benefits. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

Work done by hand consumes less energy than work done on a large manufacturing line, making it more ecologically friendly. This is especially true if the marketing item is manufactured elsewhere and must be sent a considerable distance to reach the customer. 

3. Logo T-shirts 

Designer shirts of the same quality that you will have to offer are far too expensive for some people to buy and this is for reasons ranging from the fact that they sometimes use exotic materials such as alligator leather to just about anything. 

The point is that you can serve the market by providing Logo T-shirts of their choosing. You just get your customers to choose their logos and then you go about producing them in whatever quality and quantity they’d like.  

Another way to go is to have your custom design put up and have people buy them because they look really good or because they don’t mind a logo that isn’t popular. 

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4. Gift baskets 

There is a lot to gift basket making and that is as true as it is, but you will need to know a couple of things such as deciding where you want to run your gift basket business, learning how to make the gift baskets, obtaining a license for things and places where you need that while also deciding on the type you want to be making and who your suppliers will be. 

On supplies, you will need the basics, such as Baskets, cellophane or shrink wrap, ribbons, bows, colored shredded paper or raffia, and decorative objects are all good to have on hand.  

You’ll also need a supply of candies, cookies, drinks, coffee, crackers, and jam to put in the baskets.  

If you want to make baby baskets, you may include items like newborn toys, blankets, and underwear, as well as baby lotion, powder, and soap.

Bubble baths, bath salts, bath sponges or towels, body lotion, and candles are all possible additions to bath baskets. 

5. Pillows 

Start with a small batch/sample of pillows and sell them to friends and acquaintances to obtain a sense of how much your product is worth (price/segment/general demand, etc.). 

If the first reaction is positive, obtain a catchy domain name and set up a great website (quite simple nowadays, pick one of endless themes and design it pretty much by yourself). 

Open a few social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and begin spreading the word about your product to as many people as possible. 

Make sure you’re always looking for ways to expand your business network and impact sales, no matter where you are or who you’re with. 

6. Artwork 

First, produce artwork and publish work-in-progress images of it on social media – this is where you don’t need to be bashful or concerned about annoying people since you won’t. 

People enjoy viewing art in progress and, of course, sharing the end product. Begin by establishing a strong following/fan base, creating an art page on Facebook, and creating a website for your own artwork. 

Get an excellent web builder…. and start accumulating your artworks to create a strong body of work, to begin with, and then allow yourself to grow.  

If people like your work on Facebook, for example, you could make a sale, and then it’s a never-ending cycle of marketing via social media and joining art organizations in your nation. 

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7. Beaded jewelry 

You can make samples of various designs and test market them to see what’s popular – you can even start with friends and family to get their feedback – ask them what they like best and least, and why.  

What colors would they want to see, and what variants would they like to see? You may also start selling on Etsy or other similar forums and observe which things get the most orders. 

You’ll need to figure out who your target market is. You might want to look into current fashion and see what the current trends are so that you can produce your own versions of goods that are in line with the recent trends. 

8. Keychains 

There is a market for keychains if you manage to connect to them. You can make keychains of various designs with different materials that you can get from the local market and put it up for sale on popular websites where you are likely to get people to buy them. 

Another advantage of keychains is that they make excellent presents and are ideal for selling at craft fairs. They’re easy to make, so if you’re looking to start selling your crafts, these ideas are a wonderful place to start. 

9. Hats 

Precision cutting and expert sewing abilities aren’t necessarily required for a DIY hat. In fact, some of the most memorable hat tutorials include personalizing existing hats or creating a hat out of an unexpected material. 

10. Pies 

Selling your products to people, restaurants, bakeries, and retail outlets are just a few of the options available to self-starters in the pie industry.  

A good selection of pie varieties and flavors based on popularity and market trends, together with effective promotion and marketing, may help you transform your love into a profitable and satisfying company. 

11. Sculptures 

A sculpture is a three-dimensional work of art made of either hard or soft materials.

They can also take the shape of reliefs on surfaces or be placed into a range of locations, such as tableaux and contexts, to fully immerse spectators in the experience. 

Filler materials include paper, aluminum foil, masking or painter’s tape, and cardboard. With these materials, tape or connect only the fundamental forms of your sculpture. 

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12. Curtains 

If you’ve ever had to make do without window curtains for a few days (or weeks—we’re not judging), you know how important they are.  

Curtains, drapes, and blinds are a crucial aspect of every room’s décor, as they are both useful and aesthetic. What’s even better? They’re simple to create!

You may sell them for anything you want after manufacturing them yourself. 

13. Cakes 

Making cakes right now is among about the simples things to learn in this modern day. The principles of making the basics are straight forward and require you to do what is needed. 

Develop and practice your intuition. That’s not as tough or as esoteric as it seems; you don’t have to be able to create new recipes from scratch. Simply follow instructions, and don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work out perfectly the first time. 

14. Online courses 

The popularity of online learning is growing. This is a fantastic opportunity to put your knowledge to work for you. You’ll need to design a best-selling online course to set yourself apart from your competition and improve your profits.  

There are several things that can assist you in achieving your goals, but the following are the most important recommendations that can help you get there faster. 

15. Photographs 

If you practice long enough, you’ll be able to snap some incredible images. People will want to buy them because they are so excellent.

So, what’s stopping you from starting to sell prints? There are several methods to profit from selling prints. 

The essay and photographs must tell a story in order to sell these. As a result, it’s critical to take images that don’t only look excellent. They must tell a narrative. 

16. Blogs 

Starting a blog now is by far one of the simplest ways to earn money online and get the kind of independence that few employment can provide. 

To create a blog, you don’t need to be an expert or a professional writer. Your readers are seeking for advise that is relatable. You can be a successful blogger if you can assist them and relate to them. 

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17. Bars of soap 

If you prefer creating or making your own cosmetics, such as body scrubs, you might be tempted to make hand, bath, or decorative soap, especially if your favorite bars are now sold out or difficult to find.  

The soap you manufacture won’t kill germs, but it will wash them away just as effectively as any other bar soap. 

18. Graphic designs 

While a formal degree is not required to become a graphic designer, you must have a thorough grasp of the essentials.

This includes brushing up on design concepts and understanding how to employ aspects like color, contrast, hierarchy, balance, and proportion effectively in your work. 

Graphic designs can be a way to make yourself some money if you learn the way things are done from the basics. You can do it from home and work remotely. 

19. Homemade cookies 

If your cookies have received a lot of positive feedback, you might want to explore selling them for a profit.  

While there is more to selling handmade cookies than creating cookies for your church bake sale, if you have a passion for baking and an incomparable family recipe, it may be the appropriate career decision for you. 

20. Apps 

Many app developers, particularly novice developers like you, don’t think of their app as an asset, yet applications, like any other revenue-generating company, may be valuable and are routinely acquired and sold. 

You must first ensure that you are able to sell your software before beginning the process of trying to sell it. 

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There are a million and one easy things you can make and sell from anywhere you are and make money. These things can range from this to that and can be made from a very wide variety of materials.

These materials can be bought from most local markets around you and online. 




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