Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

You must have considered investing in cryptocurrency at some point. Primarily, the best crypto to invest in is determined by your technical knowledge and the level at which you can tolerate risk.

Cryptocurrencies are nowadays becoming increasingly popular around the globe and hence a new trend in the crypto industry is causing the crypto market value to rise both locally and internationally.

Cryptocurrency is no longer considered an unsafe investment. These digital assets are being taken seriously by several investors. With so much buzz surrounding the digital currency, investors are seeing it as a viable option for both short-term profit and long-term investment.

But the question now is, which Is the best crypto to go in for? To make things easier for you, we will go over some cryptocurrencies that have topped the market. These could be good long-term investment options due to their relative stability.

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What is Cryptocurrency and Should I Invest in it?

In simple terms, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to make transactions online. It secures online transactions using an online ledger called cryptography.

The word “cryptocurrency” comes from the encryption algorithms used to keep the network safe. This digital asset is based on a robust network that spans a huge number of computers.

They can exist outside the control of government and authorities because of their decentralized system.

Will it be profitable if I invest in it? You may be pondering on questions like this before you consider getting into crypto. There are several benefits you will enjoy just by investing in cryptocurrency and this article will be exposing you to some. 

Every day, the cryptocurrency market grows in value, demonstrating how valuable it remains. Every day, the number of cryptocurrencies available expands and so do your possibilities.

Every day, a large number of young people are drawn to the market and decide to buy into it. You can make so much money in a short time if you invest appropriately.

Although crypto involves risks, there are ways to combat these risks. Moreover, if you should follow the market trends, cryptocurrency is very profitable.

Highlighted below are some benefits you enjoy when you decide on the best crypto to invest in 2021.

  • Over the last several years, crypto has been continuously increasing. Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most popular best crypto to invest in today have constantly shown positive returns, demonstrating their relevance. The profits made by Bitcoin have been incredible. Is that not promising enough?
  • If you invest in crypto, you can buy, sell or exchange your currency for digital currency without worrying about bank fees. Currently, no nation in the world can regulate cryptocurrency transactions. It’s an investment platform that solely allows users to take full control over their transactions (there are no outside influences on your trade or investments).
  • The main reason to invest in crypto is that they have a promising future. Every day, new strides are made in the field of crypto and it is updated on a regular basis.
  • There are currently over 7000 cryptocurrencies in use around the world and you have the flexibility of options to invest in any of these. Every day the crypto market crowd and when a new coin is generated it Is added to the market.
  • Many businesses and organizations are beginning to invest in cryptocurrency and use it to make payments as well. As a result, it is giving the crypto market a boost and assisting it in growing. When the market takes a huge leap, you don’t want to be left out.
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The benefits of investing in crypto are not limited to the ones highlighted above. There are several other benefits, too numerous to mention. The world is advancing in technology and you must move with the pace and crypto trend.

What is the Best Time to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

When should you buy cryptocurrency if you’re interested in doing so? You may be asking. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter so long as you go about it strategically.

Buying solid investments and holding them for the long-term is the key to making money in the stock market. If truly they’re good investments, they should appreciate in value over time and their prices should rise alongside.

It does not matter whether you buy when Bitcoin is $60,000 or $30,000 for each token so long as you believe that cryptocurrencies have a bright future and will build a better world. You will still make loads of money even if it hits, let’s say, $500,000 per token.

Of course, no one can confidently guarantee that bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will be successful. However, if you will invest, you should do so because you believe in its future and are willing to hang onto your money for years. If you are solely investing to make a fast profit, you are playing a risky game and will lose more money than you make.

When prices are high, you may be tempted to buy but you will invest when prices are cheaper. Cryptocurrencyhighs and lows should average out over time. This helps to minimize the effect of market volatility on your assets and you won’t have to worry about timing your purchases.

Keep a long-term perspective in mind regardless of when you choose to invest. Nobody has an idea if cryptocurrencies will succeed or not, but if it does, you will increase your profits by investing for the long run.

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Is Ether the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Today?

There are so many reasons to be optimistic about the cryptocurrency uprising and there are several other reasons to be optimistic about Ether. Times over the past few months, cryptocurrency has seen a lot of innovation, and the Ethereum blockchain is bustling as ever. 

Furthermore, because the network has just been strengthened, investors are beginning to watch Ether surge once more. Therefore, there is no reason for it to slow down.

What’s most important for investors is that most of this innovation appears to be just getting started.

As the industry’s popularity grows, you can expect a massive effect of popularity which is one of the main reasons I believe Ether is the best crypto to invest in today, especially If you want to invest for the future.

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How to Become an Animator

An animator creates digital animations or artworks, displays them in a digital gallery, and sells them in exchange for cryptocurrency. Below is how to become an animator.

  • Create a digital animation or artwork.
  • Open a digital wallet using crypto.
  • Display your work in a digital gallery.
  • If your artwork gets displayed, check frequently if you have any offers to purchase for your work. Sell the work if you are satisfied with the offer.
  • Become part of a community. It will boost your growth and help you keep in touch with fellow animators as well.
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Top 10 Cryptocurrency to Invest in September 2022

We have approached the last quarter of the year and investors are already looking out for the best crypto to invest in from January 2022. Due to the substantial recovery in the crypto market in August, there is a glimmer of hope that the price will rise even more in September.

We will take a look at some of the fascinating coins in the industry this month that you should keep an eye on in the sections below.

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1. Cardano

​​​​​​Kicking off our list of best crypto to invest in 2021 is Cardano. Cardano is known for its proof-of-stake transaction validation, which speeds up transactions and saves energy.

Cardano fulfills the need for ecologically sustainable coinage, which has recently been a major subject. It also offers a wide range of possibilities because it allows for smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Cardano has fewer price fluctuations than other cryptocurrencies of its type. You can consider Cardano if you are looking to invest for the long term.

2. Binance

The next entry on our list of best crypto to invest in 2021 is the Binance coin. It Is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

It was first released in 2017 and is now used for a number of things including booking vacation tours and plans.

If you’re planning to invest in crypto for the first time, you should start with Binance and then trade it for other coins. 

3. DogeCoin

Despite the lack of hype surrounding Dogecoin at the moment, this digital coin continues to attract a large number of investors.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a relatively fixed number of coins, whereas Dogecoin has no such restriction. What began as a joke in 2013 now has a slew of investors including billionaires.

4. XRP

Ripple, a digital technology and payments processing firm invented the XRP token. XRP can also be traded for traditional currencies in order to facilitate the exchange of other currencies on the network.

XRP has had rapid growth in recent years, and some banks are already utilizing this blockchain network for modern banking activities.

5. Tether 

Tether, one of the best crypto to buy now is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency since it is a stable currency.

Fiat currencies such as the US dollar, the Euro back up stable coins, ensuring that anyone purchasing 1 Tether coin would receive value equivalent to one fiat currency.

This shows that Tether’s value will be more stable than other cryptocurrencies in the face of market instability.

6. Polkadot

Various blockchain networks are used by over 7000 cryptocurrencies in the market.

Polkadot’s goal is to bring them all together by building a cryptocurrency network that connects all the blockchain and allows them to work in unison.

Polkadot’s growth has been accelerated because its ambitious aim has a slew of seasoned investors.

7. USD Coin

This is a stable coin whose value is linked to the US dollar. The investor will be guaranteed the value of US $1 for every USD coin purchased.

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Because this coin Is founded by Ethereum, it can perform transactions on a worldwide level.

8. Ethereum

Ethereum is the network that facilitates the Ether cryptocurrency. Also, Ethererum allows developers to design apps based on the network’s smart contracts which make it their favourite platform.

There is no doubt that it should be on the list of best crypto to invest in now. It is now gaining popularity after the network released Ethereum 2.0, which updates the blockchain network and makes the token more eco-friendly. It has experienced tremendous growth as well.

9. Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular coin is on track to give greater value to investors. It is nearly impossible to talk about crypto without involving Bitcoin.

Therefore, if you want to keep your money safe in the crypto market, bitcoin is still the best option.

Bitcoin continues to be in high demand with more nations and institutions embracing it on a daily basis.

Only this month, reports surfaced that prominent social media company – Twitter is working on integrating Bitcoin into its Tip Jar function, which allows users to do monetary transactions to one another.

The asset has been on a significant run this year and deserves a place in our list of best crypto to buy this month.

10. Solana

Solana’s native token is SOL. Users can stake it to pay for on-chain transactions and many consider it as one of the best cryptos to invest in this month.

SOL will become increasingly valuable as Solana becomes more well-known. SOL is currently trading at $117,76, up 4.36 percent and 63.35 percent in previous weeks.

With an RSI of 83.31 and a 20-day MA of $77.23, the asset’s technicals are strong. At $34.76, the asset’s 200-day MA is significantly lower. Everything is in place for SOL to succeed.


As a beginner, which cryptocurrency should I invest in?

As a beginner investor in crypto, experts recommend that you start with Ether and Bitcoin since they are highly speculative and unstable and involve less risk than other available coins. 

How many cryptocurrencies are there in 2021?

There are over 7000 cryptocurrencies in 2021.

Are cryptocurrencies legal in Nigeria?

Even though they are not recognized by the Nigerian currency regulations, it is debatable that they are not legal tender or genuine currencies in Nigeria because they were not issued by the CBN or any other central authority in the globe.

Are cryptocurrencies a good investment?

Although investing in crypto can be very lucrative, it involves risk. If you also want to obtain direct exposure to the demand for digital currency, then cryptocurrency is a good investment.

How do I buy cryptocurrency?

It can be frustrating at first if you are new to the world of crypto. Here’s how to buy cryptocurrency:

  • Choose a broker or cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Verify your account and find it.

  • Place your crypto order.

  • Select a storage method for your assets.
  • Conclusion

    There’s no doubt that cryptocurrency has come to stay. The question should be, what is the best crypto to invest in today.

    It is a question to ponder on before investing in crypto. However, you should keep in mind that crypto investment is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a long-term investment. 


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