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3 Easy Ways to Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account in Less Time

To transfer visa gift cards to banks has been somewhat difficult for individuals and even impossible for most people.

Having visa cards have saved individuals the stress of carrying cash around and going out of the budget with their expenses because they can load their cards with a set amount of funds that can carry their purchases for a long period of time. 

If a person has enough funds in the visa card and lacks cash at hand, the need to transfer the visa gift cards to a bank account becomes pertinent. This enables them to spend the cash when they need to.  

Basically, the common question on remains: “How do you transfer a visa gift card to a bank account?”

This content is going to help you understand the modules of transferring visa gift cards to a bank account. It also helps you understand what a visa gift card is. The table of contents below highlights the order in which all your queries on Gift cards are answered.

What is a Visa Gift Card?

A Visa gift card is a prepaid card loaded with a specific amount of money for the purpose of multiple purchases for as long as funds remain in the card, and for the benefit of controlling sending.

It is convenient to use and can be used all over the world. In fact, it can be used even without a bank account. Simply request a card, provide the money to be loaded onto it – and it is ready to use.

A Visa gift card can be used to:

  • Send money to family
  • Shopping spree
  • Purchase products and services both online and offline
  • Pay for trips 
  • Control reckless spending
  • Help spend money on a budget
  • A perfect gift for friends 

Can You Transfer a Visa Gift Card to a Bank Account?

Yes. You can transfer money from a visa gift card to your bank account. To transfer visa gift cards to bank accounts, it is important you understand what type of prepaid card you have.

Basically, visa gift cards are the same as Visa credit cards in usage. Although you can transfer a visa gift card to a bank account, you may not be able to do it directly.

Two types of Card

1. Prepaid Debit Card – This gift card is easy to use anywhere and anytime. It is not restricted to a location. And it is easily accessible to both Visa and Mastercard.

It can be connected to a bank account to make it easy to transfer visa gift cards to a bank account. You have to load money to carry on spending. You don’t have to pay any monthly charges or, withdrawal rates. None, at all. 

2. Prepaid Credit Card – This prepaid plastic card has a limit. The credit card has a credit limit to spend, and payments are made after the amount is spent. And this payment is made at a scheduled time.

Now that the two types of prepaid card have been explained clearly, you can easily identify which type allows you to transfer visa gift cards to a bank account.

Moving forward, you need to take note of the terms and conditions of every visa gift card in order to transfer the visa gift card to your bank account successfully.

Terms and Conditions of a Visa Gift Card for Successful Transfer to Bank account

Expiration date – It is important you make sure that your gift card is not expired. Check your card to know when it expires, or else transferring money will be impossible

Not Transferrable – It is true that some cards are nontransferrable. It isn’t possible for others to use them. So make sure yours isn’t one. 

Dormant Card – If your gift card hasn’t been used for a long period, then a fee may be attached to you for inactivity. Check this to avoid charges when you transfer gift cards to your bank account.

Adequate Funds – Most Individuals end up spending more on charges and fees transferring money from the gift card to the bank account than the balance in the gift card. So to avoid losses, it’s better to make sure that there is more than enough money in your gift cards before you go ahead to transfer. 

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How to Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account

There are numerous ways to convert gift cards to cash. Some of these ways allow you to get cash at the end, while others may allow you to spend with the cards as you can spend cash.

If your intent is to transfer your gift card to your bank account, try the following ways below:

Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account through MoneyGram.

MoneyGram is the second-largest money transfer company. They are fast, affordable, reliable, and, most importantly, safe.

Get ready to transfer money from a visa gift card to your Bank account by visiting the MoneyGram website and following the steps below;

#1. Sign up to create an account at MoneyGram

Once you open the MoneyGram website, click the ‘Sign up’ button, fill in your email address, provide a strong password and sign up. 

Go to your email and verify that you’ve successfully created an account.

#2. Click ‘Send Money’ on the MoneyGram website

At the top menu bar of the website, click the ‘Send money’ icon, and it would take you to a page where you are required to fill in the payment details. Which includes;

  • Amount to be sent
  • Select Debit or Credit card
  • Select the ‘Account Deposit’ or ‘Debit card deposit’ option.

Make sure that your visa gift card is linked to the bank account you are sending the money.

#3. Fill in Bank Details

You’d be taken to a page where you’d fill in your bank details after sending the payment information. Here you’d enter;

  • Receiver’s Name
  • Address
  • Card information

After entering this information, click ‘Next’, and your money transfer will be processed. Viola!

In a few minutes, you’d have transferred money from your visa gift card to your bank account. 

Note that MoneyGram charges a fee based on the amount you’re sending. And fortunately, their fee is ridiculously cheap. $1.99 for amounts less than $200. For amounts above $200, it charges $1.99 + 1% of the transferred amount.

There is also a limit when transferring money through MoneyGram. The limit for sending money online is $10,000 per transaction.

If there’s a need to send more funds, you’d have to do that in person by visiting any MoneyGram agent store close to your location.

Get started transferring a visa gift card to your bank account by visiting the MoneyGram website today.

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Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account through PayPal

This is easily done by adding your card to your PayPal account and transferring the balance to your own account because Paypal allows you to add prepaid cards, including Visa gift cards, to your Paypal wallet.

By doing this, you have the option of transferring the money to your own linked account. Just keep in mind the fee. 

Easy right?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve that:

  1. Create a PayPal account and log in to your Paypal account if you already have one. 
  2. Select the ‘wallet’ option at the top of the page.
  3. You’d see a ‘Link a Card or Bank’ option on the left side. Click it and continue.
  4. Add your Visa gift card details when you get to the point where PayPal asks you for the relevant information. Then click ‘Link Card’. 

If you get an error after doing this, then go back and make sure your visa gift card is registered so that an address is linked to the card. Once you’ve done this, PayPal will not have a problem accepting your card. 

Transfer Money from Visa Gift Card to Bank Account through Venmo.

You can transfer visa gift cards to a bank account using Venmo. Venmo is somewhat similar to PayPal; you can put your card balance in your Venmo account.

The best part about using Venmo to transfer money is that Venmo doesn’t charge any fee to transfer money from your Venmo account to your bank account. Cool right?

Except you opt-in for the ‘Instant transfer’ option. Otherwise, it should take three working days for the money to arrive in your account.

Get started by;

  1. Downloading the Venmo app
  2. Open a Venmo account for yourself 
  3. You’d see the ‘Add gift card’ option. Click on it.
  4. Put in your payment and bank details and send. And your transfer would be done. 

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Buy Other Merchant Visa Gift Cards with your Visa Gift Card

If you are still stuck on how to transfer visa gift cards to your bank account, try out this easy method.

Simply use your Visa gift card to buy other gift cards in stores that do not accept it. This way, you can spend your money on items in this shop.

This method is excellent for individuals who intend to convert Visa gift cards to cash to get a caffeine hit. Amazon, Walmart, and even Starbucks are popular places to exchange gift cards for cash.

Transfer A Visa Gift Card balance to your Bank Account with Square

Square is another option that allows you to transfer a Visa gift card balance to bank accounts. However, it demands you pay a percentage of the amount you intend to transfer.

To get started with this method, follow the step-by-step guide below:

#1. Activate your Visa Gift Card Online

On your Visa gift card, there is a website. You need to log into the site to activate your visa gift card. Most times, your Visa gift card may come pre-activated already. in This case, kindly jump to step two.

#2. Confirm your Visa Gift Card balance

You can do this on the website or by calling the card number. Those who issue Visa gift cards would likely ask for a fee to check the balance.

Memorize the balance to transfer your Visa Gift Card balance to your bank account.

#3. Spend the Money Quickly

If you wish to transfer your gift card balance to a bank account, you should do it as soon as possible.

This eliminates the monthly fees charged to your visa card once you have a balance.

#4. Sign up on Square

You need your name and email to sign up on the square. Basically, this can be done via the app or on its website.

You will be asked to input the following details – the type of business, how you plan to use square, and estimated annual revenue. Finally, you need to confirm your email address.

#5. Link your Bank Account to Square

Linking your bank account most time takes up to two days. Once it is successful, Square will deposit your Visa gift card balance into your bank account.

If you need an immediate transfer of your visa gift card balance to bank accounts, this option may not be the best. Read up and find the best method for you.


More businessmen and students, use Visa gift cards for different reasons because of how flexible and easily accessible it is. However, since the card can be loaded by anyone, most times, the funds in the gift cards often needed to be transferred to the bank for cold cash.

In that case, hopefully, the options on how to transfer a visa gift card to the bank account listed here can assist you greatly in transferring money from your visa gift card to your bank account.

Just go with an easier option with less fee charge, and all the money in your visa gift card can be yours. 




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