Verizon Smart Rewards Review 2022 (Now Verizon Up): Is It Worth It?

Almost everyone uses and pays for internet and wireless phone services. Verizon provides these services. Verizon Up rewards program, formerly, Verizon smart rewards, lets you earn 1 credit after paying your bill every month.

Verizon’s review aims to simplify the older version (Verizon smart rewards) to a newer one (Verizon Up) because some persons didn’t find the former dope and rewarding. With Verizon Up, you can get super-tickets to concerts and events that you may not have the chance to attend.

This article on Verizon Up reviews explains the features and benefits you stand to gain which Verizon smart rewards do not offer. You will get to know if Verizon Up is worth it after reading.

What is Verizon Up?

Verizon Up which is a new version of the Verizon smart is a rewards program that lets you receive 1 credit once you pay your bill monthly.

It is very simple to earn on Verizon Up. For instance, if you put $300 into a Verizon account, you’ll earn I credit. This covers wireless bill and other items that you pay on your Verizon Wireless monthly bill. It is just like a purchase that makes payment for itself monthly via a mobile phone.

To join, install the “My Verizon” app on your mobile phone and start earning points immediately. Only mobile users can access the Verizon Up.

Users of Verizon FiOS can take part in Verizon My Rewards+ which is a different rewards program.

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What are the benefits of the Verizon Up?

Verizon Up offers four categories of rewards. They include:

  • Earned Rewards: The Verizon Up program refreshes the 6 reward options monthly and it includes “device dollars” to new devices, discounts on an accessory, or a reward with a partner.
  • Bonus Rewards: These are rewards that do not require any credits. They are offered on special occasions.
  • Super Tickets: These are tickets to sporting events, shows, concerts, special dining, and movie premiers. Here, a countdown is involved and when it reaches zero, you can claim the ticket like a normal reward. It is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Local Offers: Rewards specific to your geographic area. A common offer is BOGO at local restaurants. 
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Verizon Up collects your data

The endpoint of anything in life is that nothing comes for free. Although you get these rewards, the platform will consume your data.

By enrolling in Verizon Up, you also enrol in Verizon Selects. Verizon Select collects data to serve your advertising very well.

Below are what Verizon Selects collects:

  • Information concerning your wireless device and how you use it which includes web addresses of sites you visit, similar information about apps and features you use, and device and advertising identifiers.
  • Information about your device location which includes network data and location information transmitted by apps you permit using your device location.
  • Your postal and email addresses.
  • Information concerning the quantity, type, destination, location, and amount of used Verizon telecommunications and interconnected voice over internet services and related billing information (Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI).
  • Information about your Verizon products and services and how you use them. This includes data use and calling features, Fios service options, equipment, and device types.
  • Pieces of information we get from other companies or ones that you provide including gender, age range, interests, shopping preferences, and ad responses.
  • Information advertisers share with us to better target their own advertising.

Verizon Selects may keep the information they collect for up to three years.

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Does Verizon Up secure my money and information?

Verizon Up does not involve any money. Nobody is sure concerning what happens to the information that users provide Verizon Up.

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Occasionally, users on the platform receive anonymous data about shopping behavior.

The good thing is that Verizon Up does not state that it will give out your information or that you may receive more emails because you’ve signed up on their platform.

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How do I join Verizon Up?

If you wish to join Verizon Up, visit the website and sign in to your Verizon account by clicking on the button below. At the top left corner, you will a link to “Account”.

Hover your finger or cursor over the link and a menu will appear. Inside the menu, you will see the Verizon Up rewards program as a link. Click on the link and complete the registration to join.

Alternatively, you can join the Verizon Up rewards program by signing up via their mobile app. To register, download the mobile app, tap the navigation at the upper left corner, and then click on “Verizon Up”.

Ensure that you are using the latest version of the mobile app because older versions may not have Verizon Up.

Is it possible to cancel Verizon Up?

Some users wonder if it is possible to cancel Verizon Up once they’ve registered. Luckily, we carried out research and discovered how they can cancel it.

To cancel Verizon Up, log in to your account and set your privacy choices. You can remove sharing for Customer Proprietary Network Info, Business and Marketing Insights, and Relevant Mobile Advertising.

Besides, you can remove your information from Verizon Selects.

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Is Verizon Up worth it?

As you can see, Verizon Up is very rewarding. Earning a reward after making some payments or getting a sudden bonus usually interests customers. This is exactly what Verizon Up can offer you.

An example is the $5 Starbucks gift card which you can redeem easily. You can also get rewards to have an enjoyable meal in your favorite local restaurant. That sounds very interesting, right?

So, if you like reward programs, Verizon Up has got you covered.

Although Verizon Up collects your data, you can now check if it is worth it.


Having gone through this review, you can now see the several benefits that come with Verizon Up. Download the Verizon Up app on your mobile, sign up, and start earning credits immediately.


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