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VIPKid Requirements: Who is Eligible to Apply to VIPKid?

Remote working is becoming a norm in recent times. Working remotely offers a work-life balance that many job opportunities do not.

The liberty of submitting one task in one city and the next from another city can only be experienced by remote workers. And, just a few organizations offer this privilege.

VIPKID requirements are all the necessities you need to teach English online. If you satisfy all eligibility criteria; then, you can experience the joy of working remotely and the liberty that accompanies it.

Becoming an online English teacher at VIPKid means you meet their eligibility criteria alongside possessing the 21st-century skills required to be a teacher.

So, if you are looking for a remote job or wondering how you could work for VIPKids, this article explains in detail the various VIPKid requirements. Take a quick glance at the table of contents below to see the requirements and highlights of how to apply.

What are VIPKid Teacher Requirements?

The eligibility criteria for VIPkid teacher aspirants revolve around teaching experience, bachelor’s degree, reliable technology, and possessing work authorization in Canada or the USA.

To become a VIPkid teacher, you must:

#1. Have a Bachelor’s Degree

To become a teacher with VIPkid, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. It is a strict requirement based on the laws of the Ministry of Education in China.

Interestingly, the bachelor’s degree can be in any subject- it must not be a teaching degree. So, with a degree in graphic design, chemistry, or political science, you will satisfy this VIPkid teaching requirement.

Though it may not be required during the screening process, you must upload a copy of your official university transcript as proof of a bachelor’s degree before you can sign a contract.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, VIPKID demands that aspiring teachers provide a TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA certificate.

This is as a result of the recent adjustments made by the Ministry of China for online teaching companies in early 2019. For candidates who do not have a TESOL certificate, the TESOL-VIPKID program is an easy and straightforward option for you.

#2. Be a Native English Speaker

North American accent is required to teach English with VIPKID. Most Chinese parents lookout for teachers with a North American accent.

So, being a native English speaker of English is a plus and a requirement for teachers. However, applicants with South American accents are still eligible to teach.

Though they are directed by their mentors to pronounce words with a North American accent during classes consciously.

3. Be Eligible to Work in USA or Canada

To get an opportunity to teach English Online at VIPKID, applicants must be eligible to work in the United States or Canada.

This is an important VIPKid requirement because only employees who input their USA or Canadian tax ID will receive their pay. By implication, teachers outside the US and Canada are not eligible to apply.

4. Have Two Years of Experience Working with Children

VIPKID teacher requirements demand teachers have two years of working experience with children. This experience must not be in a formal teaching environment.

In fact, VIPKID is quite lenient with this working with kids’ experience requirement. They just want to ascertain that you’re comfortable working with children. Hence, any of the following qualifies as working experience with kids:

  • Nannying
  • teaching
  • Homeschooling
  • Sunday School
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Babysitting
  • Camp counselor

5. Pass a Background Check

The VIPKID teaching requirements also entails passing a background check. VIPKID takes 7-10 days to assess all documents.

They use this period to run a background check on your proof of degree and other factors they consider important. This usually happens after you pass the mock class but before signing your contract.

6. Be available During Beijing Hours

Because your children are mostly Chinese students, you must be disposed to teach during Beijing work hours. Basically, the timezone difference may make you a night owl or an early riser.

Teaching hours run from 6 pm-9 pm Beijing Standard Time. Based on North American timezones, the prime teaching hours will be: Eastern time, 6 am-9 am and 8:30 pm-9 am for Saturdays, Summer holiday and Chinese holidays; Central Time, 5 am-8 am; Mountain Time, 4 am-7 am; and Pacific Time, 3 am-6 am.

How to Apply for VIPKID- Application Tips

To apply for VIPKID, you must first satisfy the VIPKID teaching requirements. Afterward, follow the steps below to apply.

Step 1: Login on VIPKID Application Portal

The first step to becoming a VIPKID teacher is to visit the application portal. Click on the button below to get started.

Step 2: Create a Teacher Account

On the application portal, click on the highlighted text “sign up” for a teacher account. To sign up, you may need to provide some basic information about yourself. It is important you confirm if you satisfy VIPKid requirements for teachers before creating a teacher account.

Step 3: Record a Demo Video

The next step after signing up is proving you can teach English online. To do this, you must record a short demo lesson. You should show your teaching skills and English speaking skills to stand a greater chance.

Step 4: Become a Certified VIPKID Teacher

After recording your demo, you would have to meet one-on-one with a teacher mentor. Your mentor will supervise you while you teach a mock class.

The feedback from your mentor may influence your chances of teaching on the VIPKID platform. So, you need to prepare and put up your best performance.

However, with proper guidance from a VIPKID teacher, you will become an online English teacher pro in no distant time.

Step 5: Sign a Contract with VIPKID

The last stage of the VIPKID application process demands you upload the required document-a bachelor’s degree and TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA certificates.

Most times, you will be required to complete some additional materials. This is to ascertain you are ready to teach. Also, this upload allows VIPKID to run a standard background check on your person before offering you the opportunity to teach new students across the world.

Generally, it takes 7-10 days from the time you submit your application for VIPKID to complete a standard background check.


Working remotely gives a work-life balance that everyone should experience. VIPKID is one amazing company to work for; it offers teachers an opportunity to work either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Basically, you can set a work time that fits into your schedule, and you can teach from the comfort of your living room or anywhere in the world.

However, you must satisfy the eligibility requirement to become a VIPKID teacher. This article throws more light on the VIPKid teacher requirements and proffers simple tips on how to apply.


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