Top 30 Virtual Assistant Companies With Great Prospects 2022

Outsourcing jobs whether you’re an executive, a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or a man of trade is a good one, that is why we’ve put down top virtual assistant companies with great prospects.

We all know that there are small jobs that need doing, too big to be ignored yet too small for you to devote your energy to when you could be focusing on the main task at hand.

Perhaps you need all the distracting jobs done without an extra body clogging up the workspace.

What you need is a virtual assistant or to put it broadly a Virtual Assistant Company. Of course, there are many Virtual Assistant Companies and in this article, I’m going to enlighten you on the pros of using only the best of the best of Virtual Assistant Companies.

What Is A Virtual Assistant Company? 

A Virtual Assistant Company is a company that other establishments outsource their time-wasting task to ensure maximum productivity.

As an entrepreneur, tasks like email and website management, salary and wage calculations, basic accounting are tasks better delegated to an assistant company. Or else you might reduce the productivity and efficiency of your business.

With a virtual assistant company, you can hire experts from any part of the world.

Why do you need a virtual assistant?

There a lot of reasons why you need a virtual assistant. You need a virtual assistant to:

  • Handle Administrative Work (emails scheduling of meetings events and appointments) 
  • Competitor Research: (know what your competitors are up to) enter web development and maintenance.
  • Virtual salesperson.
  • Project creation.
  • Content writing (email newsletters editing proofreading).
  • Customer service.

Top 30 virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects in 2022.

This list has been vetted for legitimacy, efficiency, and time management.

1. MyTasker 

MyTasker is one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects

Founded in India in 2012 by three veteran virtual assistants. MyTasker is the fastest-growing virtual assistant firm in the industry. Not surprising since the focus on affordability without loss of value.

The experts in carrying out mainly on online tasks like digital marketing content writing and web design.

 2. Woodbows

When a company offers a 200% guarantee you know that they mean business. Their main expertise lies in real estate management. Boasting of staff (most with 5 + years of experience) that are experts in their field.

They are based in the USA and Philippines and their rates range from $8.99 per hour to $25 per hour.

3. Premier Veba

This is one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects

An all-rounder virtual assistant company. From finance management to art and illustration talk less of audio technicalities, Premier Veba gives free consultation so you will know what to expect when you sign up.

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4. Virtual Latinos

As the name suggests virtual assistants are hand-picked from territories like Mexico South America and Latin America.

Do you need a bilingual virtual assistant? This is the place, you need a Latino virtual assistant? This is the place. It is possible to pay per month ($50) or per hour ($5 per hour).

5. European Virtual Assistant

2014 saw the creation of a virtual assistant company startup made to support other startups. Starting in Switzerland and expanding across all Europe, European virtual assistant company (EVA for short) has virtual assistants under their employ that are both multilingual and college-educated.

6. OkayRelax

The newest and fastest rising Modern Virtual Assistant Company. OkayRelax puts on a fresh and modern lens when it comes to the use of virtual assistants.

Based in Florida OkayRelax uses technology to schedule meetings create and manage traveling plans and recommend activities and courses of action based on your unique requirements.

7. Piralto

Top-notch virtual assistants employed by Piralto but that means you are ready to pay $1,200 every month. Yes, expensive but Piralto boasts of virtual assistance proficient with computer programming and software applications.

If you need to use an application/platform that their VAs don’t know about? Piralto will train them with no additional costs to you.

8. Time Etc.

This is also one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects.

Been around for 10 years. One of the oldest in the blooming virtual assistant industry. Focused on entrepreneurs Time Etc. It has been featured in Forbes, The Guardian, and many other reputable publications.

It is a US and UK-based company that has completed tasks for Giants like Nissan, Google, and Skype.

9. AVirtual

This list wouldn’t be credible if we didn’t add the top virtual assistant company in the UK. They recruit and train virtual assistants that are reliable efficient and productive.

Language is not a barrier as they boast of virtual assistants with different backgrounds and multilingual capabilities.

The going rate is about €12.5 per hour.

10. Hello Rache

Looking for a more specialized virtual assistant service. Hello Rache is the leading virtual assistant for healthcare and medical professionals. A definite plus is that they don’t charge much at all! Only $9 per hour.

11. Oasis

Oasis is one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects.

This company boasts of the ability to work on and complete (successful and might have those) large projects assigned to them by entrepreneurs and startups all over the world.

12. Outsource Workers

A virtual assistant company that specializes in real estate. It is based in Australia with a flat hourly rate of $6.11 per hour.

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Also, outsource Workers is one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects.

13. Arup Virtual Assistant

‘Office Work’ is the keyword when it comes to Arup. Their Virtual Assistants specialize in both basic and complex Administrative duties, marketing and sales research.

Their website is basically easy to navigate and they only charge a pay-as-you-go flat rate of $6/hour.

14. Virtual Assist USA

One of the longest-running virtual assistant groups in the USA. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for an accountant or an Instagram model in need of a social media manager.

Virtual Assist USA houses a catalog of experienced virtual assistants specialized in hundreds of AoE.

15. Magic

With Magic, there are no hourly rates if monthly payments, you only pay for a task done, simple-easy.

Magic although created in 2009 has reached every major social media platform where you can communicate with college-level certified VAs. They are securities and the confidentiality policy is airtight.

16. Priority VA

Priority VA is one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects.

Women power HD cold world driving about that founded priority VA for the assistance of startups and interpreter.

She has a relatively small number of the is under her employee but she more than makes up for it with hire professionals. Priority VA is a company that strives for more than just business do you want a relationship with you.

17. Elite Virtual Assistants

As their name suggests elite virtual assistance provides highly specialized v is for top-notch jobs. If a company is ready to listen to come outline and apply your vision for your business to their work programs.

18. Duext

Abused in the Philippines but how many employees around the world. There gold in the overseeing of daily operations of the workplace full stop the recently moved their headquarters to New York.

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19. Virtalent

Is a virtual assistant service designed for small and upcoming businesses, they have worked for huge labels like the BBC and sky network. That alone speaks for itself.

20. TaskBullet

One of the most name names for people conversant with the virtual assistant industry is the world tax bill. All that operated in the United States.

There is no need to hire a virtual assistant if their work is as slow as a snail with tasks that time management is key. If you’re not satisfied after 16 days they will give you your money back.

21. MYVA 360

Any job that is possible to do in a business setting. MYVA 360 has it covered.

Virtual assistants for Entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, Amazon sellers, real estate, non-profits, IT companies, and coaches.

22. Time Doctor

Time time time. You know you can do it yourself but it’ll be away from Earth is more important than the doctor will do it and they’ll do it… In time.

23. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects.

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Are open 24/7 365 days every national contact is not required just send requests on their website or e-mail.

24. Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual Executive Assistant is not just designed to help you. VEA helps your customers also, they constantly link you to your customers so you know just what they are up to.

25. Belay

This is one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects. Belay hosts college-educated Virtual Assistants numbering over 1000. Pricing starts at $34 per hour.

26. Wishup

Wishup is one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects.

It is known for its workforce abundant team professionals, which shop is the go-to for computer-based tasks.

27. Acelerar Technologies

Do I call you to say profession proficient in social media management internet-based research and administrative support email support?

It is relatively easy to Al acelerar technologies virtual assistant or you need to do is fill a form on their website.

28. Wervas 

Founded in Kolkata in 2016 when was short for we are we as is known for turning out talented virtual assistant one of us has a wide range of subscription packages.

29. Webcenture

The Indian virtual assistant company caters to SMEs and start-ups. Their services include SEO content, social media marketing, and administrative activities.

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30. Worldwide101

With Worldwide 101 it is relatively easy and stress-free to hire a virtual assistant.  Also, it’s one of the top virtual Assistant Companies with great prospects. Their price is $20/hour.


 in 2022 the new changes in the business environment bring up new frontiers for entrepreneurs and business owners that being said he struck she needs to know what to take care of Personally and wants to outsource to your virtual assistant company in order to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. 

An aspect of being a true entrepreneur is knowing that some tasks are necessary but should still be beneath the attention of the leader of the establishment.


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