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10 Paying Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners in 2022

As the world continues to expand, so do the possibilities inherent within it. The world continues to witness expansion on many fronts. Some we are witnesses to – such as the demand for virtual assistant jobs for beginners in this decade, the others, we just realize after a while.

For the bulk of the expansion going on, the majority of people are just observers. Observing while their cocoons are being stretched beyond the limits of their very imagination. Some others, the contributors, are the reason why innovation in some areas is taking place at all.

Anyone who has used the internet lately can testify to the fact that work has moved online and lots of employers who have a need for assistants just hire virtual assistants. The truth remains that the need for virtual assistant jobs for beginners will continue to rise.

This article explores the possibility of securing 10 paying virtual jobs for beginners. If this topic is something that interests you, then read on!

This table of content outlines the things you are to find within this article;

While it is true that the demand for virtual assistants continues to rise, it is also true that beginners find it really difficult securing many of such positions because of certain workplace impediments and outrageous employer demands.

The hurdle

The most common hurdle for beginners is the demand for previous experience. Experience from where? Yes, experience from where. That is usually the first question that surfaces in the minds of beginners when they’re hit with the experience boulder.

How does one go on to secure employment as a virtual assistant when you have the same things stopping you all the time? This article outlines 10 jobs that help you scale this ominous hurdle.

What does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant is a professional, or in the most basic form, anyone who offers services to clients remotely and with the use of an internet-enabled computer. This assistance can be legal, administrative, technical, or creative. There is no actual limit. If the work does not require anyone’s physical presence, then it is a paying virtual assistant job.

10 paying virtual assistant jobs for beginners

#1 Social media assistant

If you have ever spent time on social media, then you are fit for the job. The job just requires that you know your way around the social media platforms involved. Many companies that require social media handles do no know how to handle them. This is where you come in.

Companies hand over their social media handles to you, and provide you with the necessary things that are expected to go on these handles. There are new social media platforms springing up every week and you are expected to be in tune with them.

If Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are your thing, then this is the right job for you. It requires that you be able to create eye-catching headlines, nice write-ups to keep the page’s followers engaged, and stay in tune with the latest trends on all platforms.

#2. Administration

This is another opportunity to put some of your skills to use by helping out with administration. Some clients who may have noticed that they either do not have time for the administrative part of their jobs or cannot do it on their own, will turn to you for help.

As administrative work is very crucial, they will keep on coming back if you do a good job. These tasks involve;

  • File management
  • Setting up spreadsheet
  • Managing emails
  • Data entry
  • Booking appointments
  • Managing calendars and schedules.

#3. Content creation

This involves the creation, arrangement, and management of creative content. If this is something you would like to earn money from, you should make yourself available. Clients who need creative photos, videos, and documentaries can contact you and use what you have for what they want.

Since content creation and management is a very demanding task, many people will outsource it to virtual assistants to help them manage. You can help with the management of photos, blog posts, graphics and research content ideas.

#4. Customer service

Customer service paying jobs are also available for beginners. This involves getting educated on the company you’ll be representing. Once you understand what is expected of you, you are then put into a system where customers of your client can call in to help solve their problems.

A number of platforms have been created to help service this niche. This niche requires little to no prior knowledge of the sector. The most prominent areas you’ll be assisting with are social and technical assistance, as they’re the ones with the most issues. An example is ModSquad.

#5. Virtual receptionist

This is another job that you don’t need experience to fill. It just requires that you take calls as a virtual receptionist for a company. Experience as a receptionist is a bonus, as it helps with communication.

#6. Chat support

This is a virtual assistant job that does not require any prior experience or demand too much from you. It requires that you stay online for as long as the job demands and chat with customers while solving issues that may not easily be solved when you have customers shouting into your ears.

#7. Voiceover artist

This requires that you provide voice recordings for audiobooks, videos, films, and more. It is the art of reading out a script and bringing it to life with your voice. Quality voiceover artists are in demand and are paid for. This is a job that you do not need any experience for.

If you can read well and can pronounce without any difficulties, then that is majorly all that is required.

#8. Translation and interpretation

This is an opportunity for those who can speak and write more than one language. It provides an opportunity for those who speak more than one language such as English to put these extra languages to good use.

When translation or interpretation is done, it provides an avenue for those who do not understand the primary language to get information that they will otherwise have lost. Jobs like this are available and they require just patience and ability.

#9. Proofreading

You can work as an assistant that proofreads documents. This just requires your ability to spot errors and making the right corrections. This job can either be done full time or part-time. The job is a well-paid one and doesn’t require much from the beginner.

#10. Transcribing

Transcribing is another job that doesn’t require more than the ability to listen and type fast. In this job, audio books or audio recordings can be given to you to transcribe. The outcome sometimes can depend on the quality of the audio, but is for the most part dependent on the person listening an their ability pick up words and type them out fast. This is a well paid job, and is well suited to beginners.

#11. Internet researcher

This job requires a honed ability to search the internet and harvest information from it. If this is your forte, then you should go in for it. It is one in which the demand continues to grow. A job as a virtual assistant internet researcher is one that requires your keen eye on issues that are of interest to your client.

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There are many more top-paying virtual assistant job opportunities for beginners. This has only touched the surface. It is also an opportunity to grow that opportunity that has been an issue.


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Go in search of jobs like the ones listed here. You will most likely get the needed experience on the job.