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Top 25 Virtual Assistant Websites

Virtually everyone works online and does not see the need to own a physical office or have an internal group to assist their job.

If or when you choose to look at the very successful individuals around you, you discover that they all possess the singular attitude which is having an assistant or a means of help.

It is worthy to note that you can not overemphasize the importance of having an assistant as it helps take care of all your needs, which may include checking your emails, scheduling appointments, and et cetera.

In addition, an assistant equally lets you the opportunity and more time to focus on what other things you consider very vital.

There are different assistant models or designs that aid smooth work while offline. However, in a digital world such as ours, there is an alternative to it which is the Virtual Assistant.

To further convey more detailed facts on what Virtual Assistant Websites are all about, we should provide answers to the following pertinent questions:

  • 1. Who is a Virtual Assistant? 
  • 2. Are virtual assistants in demand? 
  • 3. Do I need a website for a virtual assistant? 
  • 4. What is the best virtual assistant site? 

Who Is A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant with the abbreviation as VA – is usually an individual who, through computer means, uses cyberspace without being physically present. In other words, they work remotely.

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Are Virtual Assistants In Demand?

The demand for Virtual Assistants is quite high, especially among online businesses and entrepreneurs who need assistance but choose not to put their finances into an office structure for staff members.

However, a good number of small and intermediate size businesses make use of virtual support, particularly for definite tasks, like social media management.

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Do I Need A Website For A Virtual Assistant?

One thing that you must consider before becoming a Virtual Assistant is the needs for a website.

Many different perspectives exist, with some individuals saying that you don’t need a website if, for instance, you have a successful business page on social media platforms like Facebook or an outstanding presence on LinkedIn. 

You should consider having a website for your Virtual Assistant business for many reasons. This is because it will assist you and make you outstanding, but also help you sustain a good relationship with your customer.

 Some of these reasons are:

  1. It’s an ideal space to display your talents, skill, and work done before.
  2. It lets prospective clients find you, check out your packages, and decide whether you are fit.
  3. The website is an ideal platform to list various packages and prices–which means there is no more time wasted on discovery calls with people beckoning you to work for about 2 pounds per hour!
  4. You could let your very self shine through. People love to work with individuals, not just an anonymous business.
  5. You will stand out among your competitors.

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What Is The Best Virtual Assistant Site?

Like they say “it’s different strokes for different folks.” Each Virtual Assistant Site has its own peculiar key features and functions differently. However, they designed all to give you the desired result.

This leads us to highlight and review the year’s top 25 Virtual Assistant Websites for Virtual Assistant Services.

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The top 25 Virtual Assistant Websites

1. WoodBows 

It is one of the top virtual assistant service websites in the United States. Entrepreneurs and business owners revert to using the WoodBows when they need a more efficient and reliable virtual assistant for their businesses.

The pricing structure for WoodBows starts at about a $49/week plan for about 4 hours of Virtual Assistant services weekly. When your business is on, you can use your phone; hours you didn’t use do not expire as you can transfer it. 

This VA website hires at least the best one percent of Virtual experts after they must have screened through a three-step hiring process. There is barely any set-up fee or clear pricing. You enjoy desired and committed support 24/7 using your phone and daily status updates.

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2. Magic

This VA website offers a ‘based on text’ virtual assistance for many business and peculiar activities — such as possessing a personal assistant for all one’s needs.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs use Magic to subcontract their customer support, marketing, and administrative tasks.

This VA website barely requires payment for early revocation; this VA website has plugins with some other interactive tools like telegram and Slack. They automated the backups for this VA website, especially when you find it difficult working with your present assistant. The pricing structure is about $10/hour per virtual assistant.

3. Virtalent

They based this Virtual Assistant Website in the United Kingdom. The website helps small business owners hire highly skilled virtual assistants for clerical jobs.

Client managers who are highly devoted help, new clients, to simplify hiring; they usually automatically reinvest unused Virtual Assistant plans in a new month. The pricing structure starting with its membership plans is about $361.50/month for ten hours of Virtual Assistant support.

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4. Fancy Hands 

They base this Virtual Assistant website or company in the United States. And it’s for businesses looking to subcontract tasks such as managing phone calls, booking reservations, and other personal tasks.

They rolled unused VA plans over to the next month; there’s a third-party plugin for project management software to simplify your project; a pricing structure starts with about $17.99/month for three Virtual Assistant service requests.

5. Virtual Staff Finder

 They base this Virtual Assistant Site in the Philippines. It’s an ideal VA site for any small business owner who looks to outsource, particularly administrative tasks.

This VA website has tremendous quality interactive skills and provides better quality Virtual Assistants.

There are quite undivided virtual assistance and free resources to assist you, to begin with, your Virtual Assistants right on time; the pricing structure starts with about $396, which is a one-time fee.

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6. Time Etc

 They base this Virtual Assistant in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is a virtual assistant website that provides Virtual Assistant services to business owners and entrepreneurs.

They provide professional Virtual Assistants with at least 2-3 years of experience in the world of Virtual Assistants. In addition, the pricing structure starts with about $270/month for 10 hours of limitless task requests.

7. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

This Virtual Assistant is a virtual assistant business offering virtual assistance for personal tasks, including booking tickets and food delivery.

It also supports administrative tasks, electronic mail marketing, services on search engine optimization, and homepage.

There are no penalty fees because they can revoke services at any point in time. The pricing structure for this Virtual Assistant must work away from the shore of an office, which begins at about $299.

Also, with a different pricing structure for Virtual Assistants in the United States at $399.

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8. MyOutDesk

This is one of the most trusted virtual assistant websites for services on real estate. It also provides online marketing services such as Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Google Ad. to help attract the right clients for businesses in real estate.

The Virtual Assistant Site’s pricing structure starts with about $1788/month through a 12-month plan.

9. Hello Rache 

Medical professionals are quite familiar with this Virtual Assistant service. It’s a United States-based VA website that provides Filipino work-from-home assistants for many healthcare and administrative tasks. There’s the pricing structure of a flat rate of $9 per hour.

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10. Upwork 

It’s quite a popular website for prospective clients looking to hire freelancers. It provides virtual assistance for data entry, graphic design, social media management, and WordPress site development. There’s a pricing structure for a membership plan which starts at $49.99 monthly.

11. Fiverr

It’s ideal for any small business that looks to hire virtual assistants for tasks such as web design, copywriting, and podcast editing.

It allows you to browse through tons of skilled Virtual Assistant profiles to help you find the ideal one. Every service purchase has a $2 processing fee, $40 service rates, and 5% on rates beyond $40.

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12. LinkedIn

It is one of the largest business employment social platforms–and it still does grow rapidly. It gives a platform to connect with experts and Virtual Assistants worldwide.

Every employer may post a job opening for free or set a budget to increase a job’s promotion.

13. VA Networking 

This is a one-stop space to find starters and skilled virtual assistants. It offers many free resources to study everything about virtual assistance, networking or connecting with employers and other Virtual Assistants, and finding work.

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14. Freelancer

It is a platform in Australia. This VA website provides a space where businesses and individuals can hire freelancers to work across job sets, such as software, telecommunication, and sales.

It uses a kinda Landmark Payment system that releases payments when your Virtual Assistants may have finished the assigned task and you’re 100% satisfied with it.

They designed the pricing structure in a way where it is free to post a project. But they make an additional payment of 3% fee while you pay your freelancers.

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15. PeoplePerHour

It is a common job site for freelancers and VAs. With this platform, you can name your services, set hourly rates, and then await candidates — or directly search for potential clients who need your services and submit a proposal. There are no charges for signing in or posting an offer for a job.

16. Zirtual 

It’s a Virtual Assistant website that helps expand your business reach and helps look out for prospective clients.

This VA site provides businesses with a virtual administrative assistant who can handle the entry of data, event planning, research, and other tasks. The pricing structure is about $449 monthly for 12 hours of task work.

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17. Indeed

It’s a free platform for virtual assistant talent, where VAs can upload their resume/CV, search for jobs, create job alert emails, save them and apply to them directly.

In addition, job listings from significant job boards, associations, newspapers, and establishment career pages are included. Employers can also post jobs directly to Indeed.

18. Vasumo 

This VA website offers plans for entrepreneurs that just started, for a growing company, and for people.

They make available assistants who are well trained in a wide variety of skills and have the very least of three years experience. The pricing structure for this VA site starts at $498 monthly for up to 25 hours per month of service.

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19. VaVa Virtual Assistants

This VA website is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to boost their businesses.

They provide skilled assistants in social media, bookkeeping, web design, branding, graphic design, and etcetera.

20. Belay

This is a great virtual assistant for staffing solutions if you’re looking to hire a VA, social media strategist, virtual bookkeeper, or even a web specialist.

This virtual assistant website provides VAs with at least five years of working experience and some distance work experience. 

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21. Prialto

It is a US-based virtual assistant company that is focused on aiding executives.

It provides a highly skilled team of committed or dedicated and well-managed virtual assistants who are able to easily adapt to business goals and preferences.

The pricing structure starts at $1200 monthly for about 55 hours of monthly service.

22. Boldly

They used to be known as Worldwide101. It’s one of the top virtual assistant companies or websites you can find now.

They provide highly-skilled, quality, and reliable virtual assistants who now provide excellent services. The pricing structure starts at $1470 monthly for about 30 hours of service.

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23. UAssist.Me

There’s provision for virtual assistants and services that outsource for startups, small scale /small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Here, you can find highly trained assistants of exceptional quality specializing in administrative and clerical work for various industries. The pricing structure starts at $1059 monthly for a divided assistant.

24. Premier VEBA

This virtual assistant website provides highly Creative, executive, and technical business services.

They also render a giving back program that aids charities and nonprofit groups to succeed. 

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25. Virtual Employee

It is another top-notch solution if you are looking for a Virtual Assistant business.

They provide virtual employee services throughout domains such as law, software programming, accounts, and other non-technical places. This pricing structure starts at $4.5 hourly.


How Do I Communicate With My Virtual Assistant? 

Commonly, you’ll communicate with your employee via electronic mail and Skype. 

Can we put our virtual assistant’s details on our website?

Yes, you can. It’s recommended.

Can we issue our virtual assistant an email address?

Yes, you can. You may want even to set up an electronic mail header with your office details and probably a photo. 

Do I have to be in the real estate industry?

You don’t have to. They can provide Virtual Assistants to many industries.

Can I really work anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can. You can regularly work while you travel and so do many other Virtual Assistants. 


They regard Virtual Assistant most times as a personal assistant or admin assistant who helps you remotely.

Note that your online assistant is right there to solve all the problems and minor tasks, causing you some huge worries. And because of this administrative support or virtual services, you can focus on vital tasks.

Making use of an online personal assistant can save you hours from working all week long. 




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