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Can You Use Visa Gift Cards on Amazon 2023?

Different strokes for different folks. It seems that’s the same game with gift cards, too, because while some are open-loop and can be used at every retail store that accepts them, some are closed-loop and can only be used at the store that issued them.

So if that’s what you’re looking for, if Visa can be used on Amazon, you have come to the right place.

What is a Visa Gift Card?

A Visa gift card is a prepaid debit card that cannot be reloaded. The card functions just like currency once it has been enabled. For as long as there is a balance on the card, the cardholder can use it to shop or make a one-time bill payment anywhere that accepts Visa. The gift cards can be obtained from banks and retail outlets.

They give the recipient enormous purchasing power, allowing them to buy whatever they want from any store that accepts Visa or other prepaid cards. Who wouldn’t want this kind of freedom? It’s the same as cash, except you don’t have to hand up any currency. 

The issuer sets the card’s minimum and maximum load values. The least sum is usually $25, with maximum amounts ranging from $500 to 750 dollars. The issuer also chooses whether the card activates automatically when the recipient makes a purchase or whether the recipient must first activate the card online or over the phone.

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Can You Use Visa Gift Cards on Amazon?

You can use a prepaid Visa gift card to make Amazon purchases, but you’ll have to get around the system. Everyone would use Amazon gift cards if Amazon had its way. While an Amazon gift card is nice, a Visa gift card is far better – in fact, a Visa gift card outperforms cash. Why? Because you can’t use an Amazon card in a pizza parlor, a gas station, or to buy movie tickets, and you can’t shop on Amazon or other online merchants with cash. 

There are two ways you can get around using a Visa Gift Card on Amazon.

First, you may use the amount on your card to purchase an Amazon gift card (or code) for yourself, which can be used for anything on the site and paired with any other payment method. 

Secondly, you can use a Visa gift card on Amazon; you must persuade the site that you are merely adding another credit or debit card to your account, rather than using a gift card. So, before you add the card’s balance to your account, double-check that the Visa is in good working order.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t divide purchases between a gift card and another payment method, so browse carefully and keep your balance in mind. Or, better yet, choose the first option.

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Ways to Use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon

1. On a computer, hover over the “Account & List” tab at the top right to access the “Your Account” page from the dropdown menu from the three parallel lines at the top left of the page on the mobile app, or from the dropdown menu from the three parallel lines at the top left of the page on the mobile app.

2. Select “Manage payment options” from the drop-down menu.

3. Click or tap “Reload your balance” under “Amazon Gift Card.”

4. In the “$ Enter an amount…” box, enter the card’s balance and select “Add a card” below.

5. Fill in the information exactly as it appears on the card, including the card number and “name,” which could be “A Gift for You” or another brief statement, as well as the expiration date.

6. When prompted, enter your own address (though the card is not technically tied to any location).

7. When you next shop on Amazon, make sure to use the gift card you just loaded as your payment method — the last four digits of the card’s number on the front will help you identify it.

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How Visa Gift Cards Work

The buyer would give the recipient the card’s terms and conditions paperwork, which includes activation and usage instructions.. Most gift cards do not have a personal identification number; all you do is choose the credit card option and sign a purchase receipt for in-person purchase.

To use the card as the recipient, use the debit option and enter the PIN you chose or that comes with the card if the card has one. As with a credit card, enter the card number and three-digit security code for online transactions. On the other hand, Visa deducts the amount from the available balance immediately, regardless of where or how you use the card.

Gift cards cannot be used to withdraw cash from an ATM or to receive cash back at a cash register. Furthermore, issuers prohibit cardholders from using their cards to gamble on the internet or to set up automatic bill payments. 

Although you can use one at a gas station, paying at the pump rather than inside will result in a $100 authorization hold that can take up to seven days to clear.

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Do Visa Gift Cards Expire?

Even though most cards have a five- to seven-year expiration date, the money never runs out. However, it has been seen that even if you tell the cashier ahead of time that you want to use two forms of payment, a card with a very low balance may be denied at check-out. Visa recommends contacting the issuer for more guidance if this occurs. 

If the card’s expiration date on the front passes, you can request a replacement from the original issuer. If a card is inactive for a specific time, the issuer can charge a monthly fee. For example, after 12 months of inactivity, TD bank levies a $2.50 monthly fee.

How Much Do Visa Gift Cards Cost?

Visa gift cards make excellent presents. You can use them in restaurants, petrol stations, department stores, and other places that take Visa. It’s crucial to note that acquiring a Visa gift card comes with a cost. The cost is calculated based on the value of the gift card.

  • $2.95 fee applies to gift cards with values ranging from $10.00 to $74.99.
  • $3.95 fee applies to gift cards with a value of $75.00 to $149.99.
  • $4.95 fee applies to gift cards worth $150 to $249.99.
  • $5.95 fee applies to gift cards with a value of $250.00 to $349.99.
  • $6.95 fee applies to gift cards with a value of $350.00 to $5000.00.

While the usual costs are shown above, store-specific Visa gift cards will cost you more. For example, a $5 activation fee is charged on a $50 Target Visa gift card. A $3.88 activation fee applies to a $50 Walmart Visa gift card.

The Monthly Fee is a recurring fee that you must pay each month to keep your card active. It usually deducts the cost from your card’s balance, so if you’re not paying attention to your balance, you can miss it. This is not a cost that all cards incur, so search for information about it when choosing a card. 

Some cards impose a dormancy fee instead of a monthly cost if your account isn’t used for a certain period of time. For example, suppose you buy something on January 1st as a New Year’s treat. The card isn’t used again until 4/1. The card has been inactive for 90 days, and you will be charged a minor cost, such as $3.95, if dormancy fees apply. It goes unused every 90 days.

Visa gift cards come in various amounts and can be purchased from convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and drug stores. They’re also available for purchase online and through a few institutions. Are you looking for a no-fee gift card? You can choose from various popular brands, including restaurants, grocery, petrol, and more.

Where Can You Buy A Visa Gift Card?

It would almost be easier for me to describe where you can’t buy Visa® gift cards now that gift cards are readily available online, in third-party retailers, at banks, and in a variety of other places. However, there are variances in the cards themselves, particularly in their purchase prices.

For example, if you want a personalized Visa gift card, you’ll have to order one online. You’ll have to buy a Visa gift card at a grocery shop or send an electronic gift card if you need one soon. If you’re looking for a gift card with a low activation charge, has some of the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of merchants or the frequency of transactions?

There are no restrictions on how often or how many retailers you can shop with your gift card. You may not conduct transactions that exceed the amount of money on your gift card.

What is the purpose of my Visa Gift Card?

If you’re making a purchase, inform the cashier that you’ll need to sign the receipt, or pick the “credit” option if you’re making a purchase at a merchant point of sale. Because the card does not have a PIN, the “debit” option will not operate.

Can I use the card even though my name isn’t stamped on it?

Yes, as long as you sign the card on the back. Merchants will compare your signature on the back of your card to the signature you sign on the receipt.

What is the number on your Visa Gift Card?

Your Visa® Gift Card is a prepaid card that may be used to make purchases at Visa Debit Card-accepting businesses worldwide. The card’s value is loaded at the moment of purchase, and your spending is restricted to the amount loaded on the card by the buyer.

Is there anything else I need to do before I use the card?

Before using the card, make a note of the card number and keep it somewhere safe in case it is lost or stolen. On the back signature panel, sign the card. It’s also a good idea to register the card, especially if you’re going to buy something online or by mail.


The most popular consumer and corporate gift is Visa gift cards. According to Mercator, closed-loop gift cards such as Starbucks cards account for the majority of sales, although prepaid gift cards, such as Visa cards seen at grocery shops, account for about 20% of the entire market. These cards offer a lot of flexibility to the recipient, but they do have certain disadvantages when it comes to gifting.