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Top 15 Ways Poor People Try to Look Rich

You might be wrong if you only think of poor people as those who wear shattered clothing or live in slums.

People with average income living a pretentious lifestyle and spending above their earnings are poor, too. These kinds of people dress flamboyantly and make radical decisions about their income.

Whereas wealthy people consciously spend their money without the need to impress anyone. The goal is to be rich and not look rich.

This article lists 15 unique ways poor people try to look rich in clear terms.

What Separates the Rich from the Poor?

First off, what separates the rich from the poor?

A clear-cut line exists between the poor and the rich. For the rich, it all boils down to steady diligence to stay rich always. While a poor person thinks of ways to spend Money and make an impression, a rich person looks for ways to make money work for them.

The rich invest their capital into growing assets, so they don’t work for money for the rest of their lives.

How Does the Rich think differently from the Poor?

The rich thinks growth. They are always ready to invest capital into a profitable niche. That itself reduces the odds of them being poor. Think about real estate, venture capital, consultancy, and online marketing. You will find them there.

The rich think about what returns they will get in a business venture. Besides, they prioritize relationships and networks way above personal gains. When it comes to taking risks, rich people don’t hesitate. To the rich, it is always about the long-term goal.

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What do Rich People Look Like?

There is no stipulated way for rich people to look. How they look depends on the lifestyle they choose, their fashion sense, and their profession.

Rich people in the fashion line dress exquisitely to reflect what they do. However, most notable rich people hardly dress flamboyantly. Although their looks may speak wealth, they do not reflect extravagance. 15 ways Poor people try to look, Rich

However, most poor do the following to look rich:

#1. Wear designer brands:

Let’s face it: there are lots of exclusive clothing brands out there.

Many of these brands embody their logo and unique branding on their wear. The crazy part is they are not cheap to buy.

Unfortunately, most poor people see the purchase of these designer brands as a top-notch style in a rich world. 

Often investing a major part of their income in getting classy designer wears and sacrificing their comfort.

The richest designer wears don’t have logos or any brand on them and is well-fitting. 

#2. Eats lots of fast food:

The poor spend money at fast-food restaurants that charge top premium prices. 

The rich people don’t spend most of their time going to such fast food joints. Understand this and save yourself the unnecessary expense that comes with fast food.       

#3. Drives a car more expensive than a Home: 

A car isn’t an investment because it depreciates with time. Having a home asset does come as a worthy investment.

So there’s no point in buying an expensive-looking car while still paying rent. Think about it, really rich people buy cars not because of design but majorly due to some safety features.

#4. Brags about Money:

That’s a show-off, but that’s what poor people do.

In the real wealth cycle, Money often rarely comes into the conversation unless it is a business deal. Bragging about the Money you spent on an item shows how it was a fortune to you.

#5. Rent Cars to go on a date:

Poor people rent cars to make an impression on their dates. That involves taking short-term loans and signing off damage agreements. This approach to dating needs to be corrected and will eventually catch up with you.

It’s the best deal to focus on making money rather than going on dates that increase your debt.

#6. Overdressing:

The rich know the appropriate wear for every occasion. However, most poor people pretend and dress flamboyantly. They are likely the type who wear overflowing gowns to a casual get-together party.

Real wealth doesn’t show off; it reflects with little to no effort.

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#7. Flexes their network:

This is an act common to people who deliberately drop the names of their rich and famous friends in conversations. The sole purpose is to gain credibility.

If you are rich and famous, you don’t need to make an introduction or associate yourself with someone famous.

#8. Poor People pretend they know it all:

You only learn more and grow your wealth when you question things curiously. And that’s what many rich people do to improve their knowledge capacity than their net worth.

Poor people assume they know it all and don’t question objectively.

#9. Question authorities:

You know poor people when you see them question decisions made by the government. To them, it’s a way to sound cool and establish a stance in their society.

#10. Likes to boss people:

Poor people who like to look rich are incredibly bossy. They think exercising power over people increases their perception of being rich.

#11. Spends cash around:

The availability of credit cards provides a platform for people to make payments and transfers without holding a wand of cash. You don’t expect anyone to carry stacks of dollars around.

Unfortunately, people with a poor mindset like carrying money around to flex. The crazy thing is that some withdraw their rent or mortgage to impress people.

#12. Bad Plastic Surgeries and implants: 

Taking plastic surgery does sound cool, especially if you are rich. What is not cool is when you go for cheap, bad plastic surgery to look like a rich model.

In the end, these surgeries disfigure the face. The same goes for breast implants.

This is one of the ways poor people try to look rich.

#13. Buying fake jewelry:

Suppose you have seen people wearing massive jewelry pieces and chains like Nas X or Migos. Be sure that most are fake; much poor use this to play pretend.

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#14. Well-designed home outdoor with a poor interior:

You can know poor people who pretend to be rich just from their homes’ exterior and interior design. For such people, the exterior look appears better than their home interior.

#15. Buys expensive bags:

Some Poor people buy bags way above their net worth to pretend. So, except you are worth $10,000, you have no business buying a luxury bag.

How do you go from Poor to rich?

I hate to break this news to you; being rich isn’t a walk in the park. You must be ready to put perseverance and commitment into a venture to move from poor to rich.

Stop trying to look rich as a poor person, and there are easier ways to join the cue of rich people.

Depending on your effort and expert niche, that could take months to years.

Above all, be ready to do the following:

  1. Take financial education: Financial education is the first fundamental step to being rich. You don’t need a college degree to learn financial education. There are lots of resources online, like books and podcasts. I recommend you start with Robert Kiyosaki’s book-Rich Dad, Poor Dad, to study how the financial world evolves.
  2.  Don’t overspend: Here’s one statement: “if you can live without it, then don’t buy.” That’s enough to keep you in check. Take track of your daily expenditure and do all you can to reduce unnecessary expenses.
  3.  Focus on clearing your debts: I know you are ready to start your journey to being rich. However, the truth is: you can’t get anywhere to being a rich person when you have debts over your head. That boils down to your student loans or mortgage. In short, it’s bad if your debt doesn’t have future value, and you should focus on settling it first.
  4.  Invest: There are a couple of options you can start investing that range from cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, shares, and stocks. However, I am no financial advisor and advise you to research before investing in any option. One Bad investment can cost you a lot. 


That’s all to the ways poor people try to look rich.

I hope you avoid falling prey to any of this 15 above.

So, what will you do differently to make yourself rich?



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