21 Best Ways to Earn Free Google Play Credits | Full Guide

It is almost impossible to not know what the Google Play store is if you have an Android phone. So, talking about the Google Play credit makes using your gadget more interesting by allowing you access to energizing applications, premium games, film rentals, TV shows, music downloads, and then some.

Google Play credits and codes are the money that assists you with augmenting the utilization of your portable cell phone and they may never degenerate.

If all you’ve ever wanted is to know how to earn these free codes, read this article.

What Are Google Play Credits?

Google Play credits are basically stored currencies that when accumulated gives you access to premium apps with exciting features in the Google play store.

These credits are not redeemable to gifts neither can you use them for the purchase of hardware. Again, while some gift cards have an expiry date, Google Play credits do not know expiration.

This is just so you can continue saving them up till you can get the apps you want with the credits.

How Do Google Play Credits Work?

These Google credits work as modes of payment and can be used to pay for pre-orders, bundles, or even, product promotions.

If your available credit covers your order or purchase, you’ll have it deducted from your balance.

Ways To Earn Free Google Play Credits

When you have to spend your cash on the Google Play Store for an updated version of app or game, it becomes uninteresting right?

But, there are several apps you can use to get the free google play credits and they are:

#1 Survey Junkie

As one of the best survey sites globally, this site has lot of users who have received money for carrying out quick surveys.

So, to earn free Google Play Credits, you sign up, take surveys, and get paid.

Upon signing up, you can start earning and this app isn’t limited to any geographical location or device.

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#2 Grabpoints

Here, advertisers pay Grabpoints users for engaging in some of their online activities such as completing offers, downloading apps, taking reviews and watching videos.

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For every 1,000 points you make, you redeem it for $10 and once you’re done making points, you can redeem it for either gift cards or PayPal money.

#3 Toluna

Another great app that allows you earn free google play credits is the Toluna app. As a user, it allows you give your thoughts to renowned brands about their most recent product or services.

Anytime you get that done, you win points that can get you gift cards or cash. Some viable characteristics on the app are: redeemable rewards, quick surveys, polls, and open communication with other users.

#4 InboxDollars

This is a US-based retail analysis group that pays you for executing surveys, taking part in online games, viewing emails, and seeing video ads.

This cash can be easily be withdrawn once you get to the $30 limit. So, you can redeem the cash and invest it in buying Google play codes. A review of how the InboxDollars works can help you.

#5 Mistplay

If you are an ardent game player, this is one of the best apps to download. Note that you won’t start earning if you have not signed up yet.

On Mistplay, you can redeem your points for free Google play credits or codes, iTunes credits, etc.

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#6 PrizeRebel

Becoming a member of PrizeRebel is one quick way to earn free Google play credits. They can redeem the points you earn from taking surveys for gift cards or Google Play gift cards.

#7 Swagbucks

This app pays you for answering surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. You can redeem the Swagbucks points you earn for Free Google Play credits.

For every 2,500 points, you earn $25.

#8 FeaturePoints

Apparently, this is one site that pays you for doing so many other things apart from just taking surveys.

You stand a chance of getting an enormous bonus if you refer users who will all join in the quest to get free credits for the same game as the one you’re playing.

#9 MobileXpression

For someone who is always on the phone, this app is a good fit and it pays you for allowing it to monitor your internet usage.

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You earn points that you can redeem for whatever choice you make.

#10 Bananatic

Another best way of earning free Google Play credits is by using the bananatic app where you get paid for playing online games and even writing game reviews.

Other things you can do to earn more points are: seeing ads, testing mobile apps, shopping online, and sharing on social media.

#11 Ipsos i-Say

Having gained a popular engagement in over 80 countries, you earn points for completing surveys.

You can also redeem those points for gifts including Google Play credits.

#12 InstaGC

Just as every other site that pays you for taking surveys and earning free Google Play credits, InstaGC does same and has so far given its members over 1.3 million gift cards.

#13 Jobs2Shop

With Jobs2Shop, you earn points for performing some tasks and redeem them to PayPal after which you then use that to buy Google Play credits.

Although earning free Google Play credits with Jobs2Shop requires an extra effort.

#14 LifePoints

This is by far one of the biggest survey platforms. Where you complete surveys worth 1,080 points, you earn $10 Google play gift codes.

Also, LifePoints welcomes you with 10 bonus. It has a 4.6 star rating over 5 stars.

#15 Harris Poll Online

This is one great way to earn google Play credits especially if you want to lend your voice on a big stage.

You could also be a part of some money giveaways while earning points for a gift card too!

#16 Viggle

Viggle lets you earn points from watching shows and movies from either your streaming app or TV.

The payout options for Viggle include:

  • Google Play credits
  • Online gift cards
  • PayPal
  • Prizes
  • Cash via the Perk Plastik debit card

#17 Costco

As a member, you can frequently get a discount on Google Play credit. Also, you can check the website for their in-store selection.

There are lots of items you can get for less besides the Google Play savings.

#18 S’more

How often you unlock your smartphone can be converted to earning points for placing ads on your screen unlock.

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Get paid for unlocking your phone by using S’more.

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#19 Branded Surveys

Did you know you can earn free Google Play credit for just sharing your thoughts?

On Branded Surveys, answer some questions about yourself and you get a truckload of surveys that are ideal.

#20 Gift Card Granny

This is one of the best places to buy and sell all kinds of gift cards at a discount. There are several ways to earn cashback which you can redeem in exchange for Google Play Credits.

#21 FreeMyApps

This is another great site that pays you for playing new games. Once you earn these points, you exchange them for Google Play codes.

It would be a plus if you own a YouTube channel or a blog to become an affiliate. Click on the link below for more information.

How do I Redeem My Google Play Credits?

It is not an arduous task trying to redeem your google credits. Follow the steps below.

  • To begin, log in to your Google Play account.
  • Tap “Redeem” and enter the Google Play code from your gift card.
  • It updates your credit balance to show your new account balance.

Final Thoughts

When thoroughly looked at, it is not difficult to get free Google Play credits. Simply commit a tad of time to finish brief assignments and you’ll have the points you have to purchase what application or game you need from the store.

Recall, be intelligent, and don’t put your own data at risk for a couple of dollars. It’s smarter to sink some time into an opinion website than to get defrauded by someone on the web.



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