17 Ways To Get Paid To Exercise Or Workout From Your Home

How best do you express the joy of knowing you get paid for working out? Imagine it that while you are doing some exercise to keep fit, you already have a passive source of income.

If all you’ve ever wanted was to create a side hustle that would strike a balance in your schedules, I wonder what could deter you from making the most of this while still being healthy?

Read this article to see how you can get paid doing some EXERCISE!

17 Ways to Get Paid to Exercise

#1 Sweatcoin

One of the interesting ways to get paid while working out is by using Sweatcoin. The prerequisite is that you have the application installed on your phone.

Sweatcoin is on the list of cryptocurrencies and so, the app is crypto-based. There are a plethora of things you can buy with sweatcoin. This is if you fear for not being able to spend your rewards.

For every 1,000 outdoor steps you make, you earn about 0.95 sweatcoins. This is according to the Sweatcoin website and for 20,000 sweatcoins, you can redeem it for $1,000 via PayPal.

#2 HealthyWage

There is no better way to be on your toes on a simple task when your money is at stake.

With the HealthyWage fitness app, you stake your money to complete a weight loss challenge within a stipulated time.

If you win, you have more money than you have put as a bet. If you fail, you will lose all your money. To use this app, note some things like:

  • The calculation is adjustable by both duration and bet
  • Your goal time should range between 6-18 months
  • Depending on your goal time, you need to bet your money, to sum up to over $100.

#3 Achievement

This user-friendly app serves you to make an extra income on a monthly basis for keeping fit. Workouts you can do to keep fit are: running, walking, skipping, etc.

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Achievement tracks your activities by harmonizing with fitness apps in the likes of Google Fit, Fitbit, Apple Health and rewards you with some points.

You earn $10 for every 10,000 points you make and have it transferred to you through Direct Deposit or PayPal. Also, it is available for both Android and iOS users.

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#4 DietBet

This is another way of earning money for losing weight. It works just like the HealthyWage app where you need to bet your money to win a more enormous amount.

There are two weight loss goals namely:

  • Kickstarter: This is where you have to lose just about 4% of your total body weight in about 4 weeks and the least you can bet for this weight loss goal is $35.
  • Transformer: Here, you lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months and the average bet amount is $35 monthly or an initial payment of $175.

To be sure of what you weigh, submit an image proof of you standing on a weight scale and the second showing the number on the weighing scale with a timestamp.

Upon confirmation that it is legit, you can go ahead on weight-loss program.

#5 Pact

This is a health app that allows you to achieve your weekly goals and staying fit. Upon installation of the app, choose between three pacts which are: gym pact, veggie pact, and food logging pact.

Regardless of which pact you chose, you need to stick with the goal you have set. However, for an unachieved goal, you will pay a fine of $5.

#6 Walgreens

On Walgreens, you join their 4-week health challenge and each time you complete a weekly challenge; you earn 100 points which is equal $1.

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So, the more you take part and complete the 4-week challenge, you win 400 points. Also, you stand a chance to win up to 2,000 coins with the wheel spin.

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#7 FitCoin

While working out, FitCoin rewards you with Bitcoins for working out. To use this app, set up an account and use an exercise tracker to measure your workouts.

#8 Fitstudio

This is workout app is surreal that you’d never want to try out any other app. Fitstudio pays you $5 for every 15 miles you cover burning 500 calories weekly.

#9 GOODcoins

This is a distinct app that pays you for meeting your exercise goals. If you walk, cycle, or run for 30 minutes each day, you get rewarded with GOODcoins which you can use for positives reasons.

#10 LifeCoin

This app is a duplicate of Sweatcoin. You earn coins for strolling outside and recover your coins for prizes.

The prizes constantly change on LifeCoin, and keeping in mind that it may require a significant stretch of time to accumulate your coins, it is nice to redeeming your persistent effort for lower-level prizes like gift cards.

#11 EarthMiles

Earth Miles is basically the same as Achievement in that you can bring in cash by strolling, running, or cycling.

Be that as it may, Earth Miles really remunerates clients with ‘Earthmiles,’ the in-application point framework, considering movement trouble.

Here’s how the Earthmile system works:

  • Walking 1KM = 1 Earthmile.
  • Cycling 1KM = 3 Earthmiles.
  • Running 5KM = 5 Earthmiles.

The payments are just discounts to health supplements.

#13 Vitality

Vitality works in partnership with worker wellness programs.

By taking an interest in Vitality’s program, you can get a free wellness tracker gadget Apple Watch or Fitbit with the expectation of complimentary when you practice consistently.

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If your manager doesn’t cooperate with Vitality, send a solicitation to HR so you can get paid for your workout.

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#14 Virgin Pulse

With Virgin Pulse, you can take an interest in individual and mass challenges to win monetary compensations and product prizes.

You can follow your activity progress with a pedometer, Fitbit, or your cell phone.

#15 Skillshare

Using one Skillshare can be one way to gain repeating pay from constant working out because you’re making a video course for others to watch.

You can show others the most ideal approach to exercise to get more fit or even walk them through a CrossFit exercise just to give some examples of thoughts.

In this way, you can get paid to exercise and help other people.

#16 WellCoin

This fitness app lets your earn Wellcoins for a healthy choice of keeping fit. Simply enter the exercise you do and get paid.

You can redeem the points for discounts on products, and the flexibility is topnotch.

#17 Higi

Higi also partners with other apps to pay you for working out. It automatically updates the points you earn in taking part in challenges which could either be weekly or monthly.

Final Thoughts

If you are one of those people who feel lazy exercising, try one of these apps that pay for keeping fit.

The money alone is an extraordinary inspiration, and how many of these applications expect you to follow your workout routine implies that you’ll be substantially more prone to stay aware of your wellness objectives.


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