21 Ways To Get Paid To Take Photos [$100+] | 2022

Let’s say, you are addicted to taking random pictures, and when asked what your hobby is, taking pictures could easily pass as one of your hobbies. Did you ever know there are a lot of ways you can make money from that addiction of yours?

The emergence of smartphones with very high-quality cameras at their affordable rates has further made these things much easier.

Funny enough, the whole process isn’t as cumbersome as you might think it is. See the ways you can get paid by just taking photos and seizing every bit of this opportunity.

What Do I Need To Take Amazing Photos?

Well, there is not much need for equipment that is expensive to take photos you may tag as professional.

Basically, what you need is just a smartphone and some applications or better put, software that can allow you to put the finishing touches on those pictures you’ve taken.

The kind of phones we have today are rather not to be compared to what we used to have from way back. Great cameras, internal storage, and a host of applications to make photoshoot easier are all that we have packaged in our phones.

With much ado, that smartphone in your hands is the click button you need to start up.

Talking about software that can help you edit your pictures, we can’t dispute the fact that you can take really good pictures with your phone but, these softwares are on another level entirely.

Some of this software is actually free to help you fix the brightness, colors, resolutions maybe!

I really do hope that at the anniversary of this article, you may have one or more testimonies to share on how your photography adventure gave your life a new meaning.

How Do I Make Money From Taking Photos?

It may sound so bizarre if I tell you there are actually plenty of ways you can make money from taking photos because you may not have known already.

Just as the popular saying, ‘He who is not informed is deformed’, let’s see some of the ways you can create another source of income through photography.

  • Take photos through Apps and get paid (there are different versions for your phones)
  • Sell stock photos
  • Sell your photos as artefacts

So, let’s further look into the different websites Apps that pay you for taking photos.

#1 Foap

This is an app that lets you sell your pictures directly to renowned companies who may be on the lookout for the kind of photos you take and from your phone.

How this is done is that there is a feature that enables you to see what they demand and submit your photos for considerations.

If you are lucky, you can get paid even higher than the normal average which could be as much as $100 or even more.

Also, you have the option of uploading videos too. Interestingly, it is free for users and you can have access to it via the Google Play Store and iTunes if you are an iPhone user.

#2 Getty Images

Getty Images is a British-American visual media company with its headquarters located in Seattle, Washington.

It does the supply of stock images, videos, and music for business. Serving more than 1.5 million users, it has stood out to be one of the renowned companies in the world of photography.

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Before you can be eligible to sell your photos on Getty Images, all you need to do is to submit an application and wait for approval before you can start uploading.

So, if you get an approval, you go ahead to submit up to six of your photo samples and wait for Getty images to carry out a review on your work.

However, there may be cases where you do not get an approval immediately. When you finally do, you will make a wholesome living selling your photos on Getty Images.

#3 Snapwire

Here is the place you get paid in return for the very amazing pictures you take. Overtime, the authenticity of your pictures can bring you more demands.

Other ways you can make extra income for yourself using Snapwire includes participating in Snapwire challenges to earn award money, skilling up to sell more photos, build a beautiful portfolio and sell images directly from it.

#4 miPic

This is about one of the easiest ways to get paid for your photos. Just take pictures and upload them to your gallery from your phone.

The miPic team ensure they put up your good works for print. What you earn on this site may be relatively low when compared to others but, it is a good way to go for a second source of income.

However, it is only available on iPhones and desktop devices.

#5 Shutterstock

As a starter with little or no experience at all, Shutterstock is one of the places you can get started. There is no way you can get confused if you are selling your photos on this site.

By the time you finally get to download the app on your device, there are helpful tips you may come across telling you what kind of photos your customers want. That way, you make them available for the users and get paid.

Nonetheless, shutterstock operates two kinds of payouts. First, you get paid less if a customer who is on a monthly subscription should download your photo and more if a customer who pays directly downloads your image.

The longer you’re into this, you more your pay increases.

#6 DepositPhotos

To start earning on Depositphotos, you go first by creating a contributor’s account. Yes, it is free!

Then, pass a short test where you will be required to upload few of your best files. This is to ensure that your photography skills are an equal match to the platform you just got registered.

Once you are deemed successful, the pictures you upload on the site will be made available to all and sundry who would patronise you.

Here on this site, you grow as more sales are made on the website.

#7 Etsy

On Etsy, you can sell your prints, framed photos, digital image files, and canvases. It is all free.

While Etsy handles the transaction process, you do all the printing, packaging, and shipping.

That is to say that, even before you sell anything, you have to make a little payment upfront and at every sale you make, this site charges you a 5% fee.

#8 Snapped4U

While a host of other websites do not make restrictions on the kind of pictures you upload for sale, Sanpped4U actually does.

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The only pictures that make great sales are those shots taken of persons in weddings, events, concerts, etc.

Also on Snapped4U, you do not have a direct interaction with your customers. That does not mean that you won’t get paid for your photos when they are bought.

This is mostly convenient for those who stay in tourist areas.

#9 EyeEm

The EyeEm marketplace is where you can make real money from your hobby of taking photos.

Before embarking on this journey of how to get paid taking photos, download the app and go through your camera roll to select the photos that can fetch you some cash.

Just ensure that your pictures are of high quality for them to be in high demand.

#10 Fiverr

Lately, there has been an intermittent search for photos that matches with products for a better patronage.

Therefore, you can conduct a quick reasearch on this platform to see what is in demand and build your own strata.

The process here is a competitive one but you can give a little push. To also aid you, you can intensively go through the Fiverr Master Class to learn how to be successful on this platform.

Bear in mind that Fiverr take 20% of your sales.

#11 Mobeye

Becoming a reporter with Mobeye is likened to working as a freelance where you get to earn up to $15k per task.

In the task, you will have to revolve round taking a particular set of pictures either from a grocery store or a local store, and etc.

Maximize this opportunity of touring the city where you live in and get paid for taking photos.

#12 SmugMug Pro

Your creativity is what sells your photos off here. The advantage you have here is that you don’t need to get the $12 monthly subscription.

However, to start selling your photos, upload some of your photos and market them to your customers.

#13 Twenty20

What makes this site distinct from all others is that every photo you upload is for sale instantly.

There is a variety of topics you can sell from ranging from health to technology, family to travel, and even more.

More so, you can make more money from photo challenges and work on commission especially if a particular brand wants to work with you.

#14 Ibotta (receipts only)

Different from the other apps and sites, what Ibotta requires of you is that you upload pictures of your receipts after shopping.

Isn’t it funny how just an upload of your shopping receipt could earn you a reward?

#15 Job Spotter

Job spotter allows you to make money for taking pictures of help-wanted adverts. To get the kind of photos that Job spotter wants, you can have a few walk-ins to stores or organizations that are advertising for help.

Be sure to take such photos when you have your GPS location tracker on so people can get in touch with the employer later.

In helping people find jobs that wouldn’t be made available on a normal through mere photos, you make an income for yourself.

However, you may run out of luck if someone else gets to post same opportunity before you.

#16 Field Agent

There is more you can do here than just taking photos but because we are talking about how to get paid for taking photos, you may be asked to take a random picture of a specific product in a store.

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Upon completion of such task and a few answers, you get paid for a job well done.

Interestingly, you can get started in what seems like the snap of your fingers and it is absolutely free to join.

It is also great if you choose to work at your own pace.

#17 Adobe Stock

One of the best websites whereyou can sell your photos online is the Adobe Stock. All the photos you upload on this site get a lot of exposure.

You earn 33% of the price of your photos from Adobe Stock which in turn means that your income is greater when compared with Shutterstock.

Unfortunately, you may not experience a rapid growth like you would in other sites.

#18 Fotomoto

This platform is great if you intend to set up a website where you can sell photos.

It is not an online marketplace. Rather, it is a service that takes care of your orders and then, ships photos for you down to your customers.

The places where your customers can order for your photos are on canvas, postcards, etc.

With the Pro and Pro membership levels, you tend to earn more money in your pocket with each sale.

#19 Society6

This is a bit different from all other platforms because you do not sell your photos rather, you put those photos up on items like coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc.

Also, you can sell photos on canvas, prints, and more!

#20 Dreamstime

This platform is believed to be one of the leading communities where you can get paid for your stock photos.

You can upload your photos from either your phone, desktop, or a host of third-party apps which include Google Photos, Dropbox, etc.

You can earn as much as $12 per photo you upload. Also, the necessary information you may want to know about how this platform works is through the link below.


Differnt from the rest, AGORA works ona whole new level. So, here’s how it works…

You register for free and enter into different contests where you can win great prizes and cash too.

The higher levels you attain, the more you move up the ranks. Although you may not have to get paid for each picture you upload, it is something worth giving a try.

Final Thoughts

In all of these, you don’t need to pose as a professional before you can get started. If you feel you can create really good pictures, it would be nice you try out some of these platforms and create a side hustle for yourself as well.

Best wishes!


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