15 Ways to Get Paid to Upload Receipts | Ultimate Guide

There are virtually many things you can do to raise money these days. But, the easiest in the long list of how to get paid is that of uploading receipts. You can earn yourself good bucks for taking a shot of your receipts or even just scanning the barcode.

Retailers for renowned companies among them pay in form of cash or gift cards.

Most times, these companies do not give you a series of processes just to upload your receipt. A look at the table of contents above will serve as a guide.

Why Should I Upload my Receipts?

You should upload your shopping receipts because it facilitates market research about consumer behaviour.

There is no reason to be scared of making your identity known. If that will happen, it shouldn’t be without your consent.

Interestingly, you can upload the same receipt on each app and in return, make some easy money.

15 Ways to Get Paid to Upload Receipts in 2023

#1 MobiSave

Basically, you can upload your receipt from just anywhere so long as it is an itemized receipt.

This app and its method stands out from other ways you can get paid to upload receipts.

This upload app is available for both the iOS and Android users. So, follow the steps below to see how you can get paid uploading receipts with MobiSave.

  • Pick items from the application’s wide assortment of offers and afterwards, shop anyplace.
  • Keep the receipt and snap a picture of it using the application.
  • MobiSave will coordinate your buys with the offers you picked.
  • At that point, you bring in money. It moves your reserve funds to your PayPal account.

Mostly, MobiSave is easy to use and has your saving funds transferred into your account within the shortest time possible and, that is a plus!

#2 Checkout 51

This is another way you can make money form just uploading your receipts. The only difference between uploading your receipts here and other apps is that you must earn about $20 to make withdrawals.

It is also available for iOS and Android users.

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#3 Shopmium

Just like the former, this gives you cashback for excess items. To get paid, take a picture of your receipt using the Shopmium app.

Upon your receipt upload, you have your money sent via PayPal or directly to your bank account even.

#4 Ibotta

This works differently from similar apps. Here, before you go shopping; search for discounts you’re interested in and complete some not-so-hard tasks relating to the product you are interested in.

Go shopping at any participating outlet and take a photo of your receipt. Once the Ibotta app matches your purchases with the discount interest you showed, you get paid within 48 hours.

#5 Jingit

Apart from getting people paid from uploading their receipts, the Jingit App does it differently.

There are different ways you can make money using the Jingit App. they are:

  • Transferring your earnings to an eGift card
  • Watching an ad from a featured brand
  • Scanning barcodes. You know what? Jingit made barcode scanning easier.

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#6 bevRAGE

Specifically, bevRAGE gets you paid for buying wines, beer, and spirits from liquor stores.

All you need to do is; buy alcohol, take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the bevRAGE app.

Once that is done, you get the discount wired directly into your account within 48 hours.

#7 Receipt Pal

Rather than paying you for a specific item on a receipt, this App pays you for the entire receipts.

#8 Receipt Hog

From review, this is by far, one of the best apps that allows you earn money uploading receipts.

There are three classes for receipts which are: spin-receipts, coin-receipts, and sweeps-receipt.

Interestingly, Receipt Hog pays heavily and you can either redeem the receipts for cash or Amazon gift cards. You may also opt for the magazine subscription too.

#9 SavingStar

When you upload a photo of your receipt on qualified purchases, you get paid using the SavingStar app.

A limiting factor to accessing your rewards is that you have to earn $5 before being able to withdraw your savings.

#10 Yaarlo

Why the long wait if you know you can make money from your receipts with Yaarlo? Now, irrespective of where you make the purchase, you get rewarded in the form of gift cards or even cash.

Review shows that its offers are way magnanimous. So, you too can check it out!

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#11 CoinOut

Although similar to Receipt Hog and Ibotta, this is way simpler to use and consumes less time.

With CoinOut, you get quick cash without limitation to the number of products you buy or their specificity.

As an icing to the cake, frequent use on this platform qualifies you for bonuses as a trusted user.

#12 Paribus

Paribus introduced price matching as a way of monitoring and comparing prices of unique items across various retailers.

So when you upload your receipt and it shows a price drop, you get a refund.

#13 ZipZero

For every receipt upload, you get a reward worth 1% into your ZipZero balance.

Also, you can scan your receipts for any purchase and earn up to £50 monthly. Of your accord, you can direct the money you earn towards any utility bill you deem fit.

#14 Shoppix

To use this app, you just have to upload your receipt and answer the questions that follow.

Another way you can earn using this app is by carrying out surveys where you receive scratchcards at the completion of each survey.

To earn extra tokens for yourself, you can share your Shoppix referral code with your friends.

#15 Huyu

Huyu is another app that gets you paid for uploading pictures of your shopping receipts.

Final Thoughts

Apparently, there are many apps that pay you for uploading your receipt. Your consistency in using these apps further qualifies you for surprises, tokens, vouchers, and lots more.

If you are used to disposing of your receipts before seeing this article, it is high time you started keeping your receipts to earn extra bucks.

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