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7 Ways To Sell Old Computers For Big Money | Ultimate Guide

For every old gadget you have especially computers, you should find a way of getting rid of them for some good amount and not just throw them off like they are not worth anything!

Whether or not you need an upgrade and want to quickly replace them with new ones, don’t be too fast to discard those gadgets that could fetch you good cash.

We are here to help you know the many ways you can sell your old computers for big money in 2023.

What Should I do before Selling my old Computer?

If you feel your computer is too old and you need to sell it off, it is expedient that you carry out a thorough cleaning on the surface of the system.

Besides that, erase every trace of personal information on the computer so the future owner does not have access to your data. You can do these in the following ways:

  • Back up your files and restart your PC

    For the Mac
  • Back up your files
  • De-authorize your iTunes account
  • Disable iCloud
  • Restart your Mac in Recovery Mode and erase your drive
  • Re-install a Mac Operating System

7 Ways to Sell Old Computers for Big Money

Before delving into places where you can sell your old computers, note that some places in the list provided will offer to buy your computer at a relatively lower rate so they can make a lot of profit reselling it.

This does not mean that your computer is totally useless. All you need to do is check up on other sites and take the necessary steps.

So, let’s explore the several ways you can sell your old computers.

#1 eBay

On eBay, you can place your used computer on auction or even create a fixed price that you feel is reasonable.

Regardless of how much your computer goes for on eBay, you are in charge of it. Guess what! there are throngs of people on eBay looking for used computers to enhance, overhaul, and resell.

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#2 Best Buy Trade-In

Before you sell your old computers at Best Buy, it will guide you on how to erase your personal information from them.

Also, on Best Buy, you estimate how much you might receive before pushing the deal through.

It is interesting to say that you can also sell your used electronics here but you the most reasonable return from computer sales.

#3 Craigslist

Unlike others, you have to go through the website to find buyers who are interested in your computer.

Then, schedule a meeting place you know is safe for both parties and sell your old computer!

It is as easy as that and here; you have full control of how much you collect for your used computer.

#4 Gazelle

Gazelle is one of those who brought up the business idea of selling old computers for money. Basically, it engages in phone sales, but if your computer is worth more than $1, you have free shipping.

You can choose to get your cash via Paypal, check, or an Amazon gift code even.

#5 Nextworth

At the time you’re ready to sell your old computer, you can do so through Nextworth. Although it rotates accepted trades on current needs, you can sell your Apple brand computers here.

You can ship it for free and receive the cash for your item via PayPal or check.

#6 Check with Local Computer Stores

If your old computer is in good working condition, you can take it to local computer stores to check it up and pay for it on the spot if it is certified OK.

While most local computer dealers might offer credit, be sure to enquire about the form of payment before taking the computer over to their store.

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#7 VarageSale

This is another great way of selling your old computer. This app operates in all the US states and extends to some parts of Canada.

VarageSale helps you find local buyers where you do not have to worry about shipping or untimely payment.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways you can sell your old computer for big money. While you’re reading through to decide where to sell it, prepare to make clear some questions and improve on your haggling potential for buyers who will want to have your computer at rates they think is best for them.


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