Best Websites Where Men Give You Money

Looking for a place where you can cash out some bucks while having a delightful time with men, here are some of the best websites where men give your money.

In this article, we have listed out some websites where men give you money. Do really take your time to read through.

How Do You Get Into The Dating Industry?

There are a variety of dating agencies that recruit people, and they operate in a variety of ways, including:

#1. Auction — With this type of dating website, a customer places a bid on a date for hire, with the highest bidder receiving the date.

#2. Classified Ad Style – This is a fully detailed ad that lists time, location, and the advertiser’s budget for dates for hiring to apply.

#3. Dating App Format – Similar to popular apps like Tinder, where profiles are fully completed, but with additional dating restrictions, such as the date hirer’s ability to contact date for hire only if they are a paying member.

How Much Money Can You Make Dating?

You can make anywhere from $50 to $500 each hour, and some dating services take a part of the membership price to help keep their platform running.

So, if you have the time and enjoy socializing, being a good company could earn you $1000 or more a week. Of course, because this industry is so vain, it is focused primarily on appearances. You will receive more bookings if you are thought to be more appealing.

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So here are some of the websites where men give you money to date them. Have a swell time here.

1. Rent

Rent A Friend is a great place to meet new people and form platonic connections while attending intriguing events. A short application process is available for free, and payments begin at $50 per hour. Begin here!

2 – What’s your price

What’s Your Price is an auction site where the highest bidder wins the first date, as the name implies. I must acknowledge that this site is mostly concerned with appearances, and the day for hire is compensated or, as mentioned in their advertisement, “reimbursed for the labor required to prepare for a date.”

3. TourBar

TourBar is a dual-purpose app where you can find a travel companion. You can show your potential date the local landmarks if you know some of the top spots to visit in your area.

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4. RentaDate

One of the most popular sites is Rent-A-Date, which is a full membership site that accepts dates for rent. The hourly rate begins at $125.

5. RentaGent

How about one that hires gents for the women to keep things balanced? Rent-A-Gent is now hiring in the United States and Canada, with pay starting at $100 per hour.


I’m not sure how thorough these dating websites are. Just know there are precautions and standards to follow. You must take appropriate safety precautions on your own.

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