What Credit Score Do You Need To Lease A Car?

Purchasing a new car is a significant investment, and you should weigh your options carefully. But, if choosing the car is challenging enough, deciding whether to lease or buy might be even more complicated.

Begin by learning the minimal credit score required to lease a car and considering whether this is the best option for you.

Furthermore, before driving off the lot with a rented car, you must first complete an application and have your lease approved. They would most likely accept your lease application if you have an excellent credit history.

Here are a few points you’d need to pull such deal off: 

  1. What is a Car Lease?
  2. What Credit score do you need to lease a car?
  3. What do you do before you go shopping?
  4. What are the car lease requirements?
  5. What can you do if you have no credit history?
  6. Why is a good credit score often needed to lease a car?
  7. What to know before leasing a car.
  8. When does leasing a car make sense?

What Is a Car Lease?

Renting an apartment is like leasing a car. You agree to treat the vehicle as your own for a specific length of time after signing a contract. Unlike purchasing an automobile, leasing is a short-term commitment.

Yes, maintain your leased vehicle and prevent causing it too much wear and tear, but the vehicle isn’t yours. You won’t develop equity in the car with your payments, but you won’t be liable for its long-term future either. Of course, there is an exemption if you are the one who does the damage.

Leasing an automobile appears to be a good choice on the surface. When your lease is up, you get to drive around in someone else’s new car and hand it back with no strings attached.

But you then have to make payment for the privilege, as well as even make more payments if you don’t possess a good credit score.

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What Credit Score Do You Need to Lease a Car?

The actual credit score required to lease a car varies from dealership to dealership, according to NerdWallet.

Most dealerships require a minimum score of 620. Most automobile shops consider a score between 620 and 679 to be near excellent, and a score between 680 and 739 to be ideal.

You are more likely to receive attractive lease offers if your credit score is above 680. If your score is below 660, though, you still have a 22% chance of being accepted.

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What Do You Do Before You Go Shopping?

Do the following before you go shopping: 

  1. Build your score
  2. Reduce balances on credit cards
  3. Pay bills on time
  4. Keep credit accounts open
  5. Check credit reports for errors

1. Build Your Score

If you’re concerned that your credit score may prevent you from getting the lease you want, work on improving it.

2. Reduce Balances on Credit Cards

Lowering your credit card bills is one of the quickest strategies to improve your credit score. As much as possible, pay off your credit card bills.

A large credit card balance might have a negative impact on your credit score.

According to Nerd Wallet, a balance of less than 30% of your credit limit can help you get to a more enticing amount.

3. Pay Bills on Time

Student Loan Hero advises you pay all of your bills on time, no matter what.

Pay your credit card bills, energy bills, phone bills, and other bills on time to show that you are financially responsible.

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Payments made on time have a beneficial impact on your credit score.

4. Keep Credit Accounts Open

Unless you have an interesting reason to close them, keep all of your credit accounts open.

One reason you could shut a credit account is that you can’t afford the annual charge. Otherwise, keep these accounts active because the longer an account is open, the better it will affect your credit score.

5. Check Credit Reports for Errors

It’s possible that there are mistakes in your credit report.

Keep track of your credit history and compare your personal information to the information on your credit report to ensure that everything is correct.

What Are the Car Lease Requirements?

They may require a good credit score in order to get approved for a car lease. A score of 680 or more is likely to help you get a lease approval.

A score below this level may make the application process more challenging for you.

To gain a better understanding of your vehicle loan history, many lenders look at credit score statistics that are especially tied to automotive loans.

What Happens If You Have a Credit Score Below 680?

  1. Higher payments at signing
  2. Inability to lease
  3. Leasing a used car

1. Higher Payments at Signing

Even if your credit score is below 680, they may still approve you for a lease. They may, however, require you to pay more at the time of signing.

They may also require you to make increased monthly installments ranging from $10 to $125.

2. Inability to Lease

It’s also likely that if your credit score is below 680, they’ll turn you down for a lease. You should also have a backup plan if your credit score is low.

3. Leasing a Used Car

For individuals with poor credit, leasing a used automobile is an alternative. If you apply for a used automobile lease, you might have an easier time getting accepted.

What Can You Do If You Have No Credit History?

According to The Balance, lenders have no way of knowing if you are financially responsible for a credit score, which might put you in a lot of trouble.

  1. Consult a family member.
  2. Non-traditional methods
  3. Drive a bargain by carefully shopping.


1. Consult A Family Member

To help you build credit, a co-signer signs your lease. Your co-signer will suffer if you make no payments.

Remember this and find a friend or family member who can take a chance with you.

You should also look for a relative with a good credit score. Co-signers with lower credit scores may not assist you.

2. Non-traditional Methods

There are alternative options for obtaining a leasing agreement. Experian, for example, claims that a lease swap is possible. When they transfer a lease from one individual to you, they know this as a lease transfer.

3. Drive A Bargain By Carefully Shopping

When a dealership has a vehicle on its lot for an extended period, they may become desperate.

Desperation might lead to a leasing agreement. Because dealerships are preparing for the debut of their new year models, the end of the year is usually the greatest time to receive a lease bargain.

Check to see whether the dealership will bargain, even if you think you’ve discovered the greatest lease deal. You can try to negotiate a lower monthly payment or a lease period that better suits your needs.

Why Is A Good Credit Score Often Needed For A Lease?

When a leasing business examines your application, they search for signs that you’re a trustworthy borrower.

One of the first things they look at is your credit score. Because a high credit score represents timely payments, minimal credit utilization, and other criteria that suggest high creditworthiness, the better your credit, the lower the risk you pose.

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Not only will your credit determine whether they approve you for the lease, but it will also influence the interest rate you will pay. Your monthly payments will be cheaper if your credit score qualifies you for a lower interest rate.

The estimated depreciation of an automobile and your interest rate affect monthly lease payments.

Lenders subtract the vehicle’s projected residual value from the purchase price to calculate depreciation (also known as amortization). The residual value is the estimated value of the vehicle at the end of your lease term. The difference between the purchase price and the residual value is your lease principal.

So, if you lease an automobile for three years at a purchase price of $25,000 and the residual price is $18,000, your lease principal will be $7,000, paid over 36 months.

They will add your interest rate to the principal, and, as with a vehicle loan (or any other sort of financing), they will offer borrowers with better credit ratings, cheaper interest rates, and vice versa.

Although lease payments are typically lower than auto loan payments—by $100 or more sometimes, according to Experian data—the percentage of new vehicles leased has decreased in 2020. In Q2 2019, they leased over 32% of all new vehicles, but that figure dropped to 28% in Q2 2020.

Non-prime borrowers (with a credit score of 601-660) accounted for 8% of all leases in 2019, but prime borrowers accounted for nearly 8% of all leases in 2020. Except for subprime borrowers, lease payment levels have grown marginally across all borrowing classes (501-600 credit score).

What to Know Before Leasing a Car

By negotiating, you might negotiate a better leasing arrangement. Of course, not all expenses are up for debate, such as the residual value and purchase charge.

However, you might save money by doing the following steps:

  1. You should do some research on the vehicle you want to lease.

Knowing the car’s market worth will help you determine whether an offer is reasonable.

  1. You should compare prices at various dealerships.

Look for local dealerships online to see if any are giving promotional specials, rebates, or other discounts on specific vehicles. You might even look for dealers in nearby towns or counties to see if you can save money by driving a little further.

  1. Be flexible on vehicle type. 

Leasing certain vehicles is substantially more expensive than leasing others. The average monthly lease price for a Honda Civic is $291, while the Ford Explorer is $491, according to Experian. Because of the price differences, it’s a good idea to look at a variety of vehicle kinds to find the best offer.

  1. Negotiate fees

If you know what other dealerships are charging for leases on similar models to the one you’re looking at, ask the salesperson to match or at least get the pricing in the same ballpark. If you plan to buy the automobile at the end of the lease, you can also inquire about increasing your yearly mileage limit or lowering the buyout rate.

When Does Leasing a Car Make Sense?

If you don’t want to commit to a car loan, leasing can be an appealing short-term choice. However, you must return the car at the conclusion of the lease, whereas paying off a loan allows you to buy the vehicle outright.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons:


  1. Possibility of driving a modern vehicle
  2. They require a lower down payment than with a car loan.
  3. Payments are lower each month.
  4. Because the car will most likely be under warranty, there will be fewer pricey repairs.
  5. Short-term commitment (typically 24 to 36 months), after which you can lease or purchase a new vehicle.
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  1. The vehicle has no equity or ownership.
  2. Limitations on mileage (you’re usually limited to a specific number of miles each year)
  3. Fees for a lease
  4. If they total the car before the lease expires, they may require gap insurance.

Both buying and leasing can make sense in certain situations. If driving a new automobile is important to you, and you want the flexibility of switching to a new vehicle every few years, a lease may be the best option for you. Although you must account for maintenance and repairs that occur throughout the lease term, the reduced monthly payments may make it easier on your budget.

Taking out a car loan to buy a car puts you on the road to complete ownership, so once they pay off the loan, the vehicle is yours to do with as you want. You can either keep it and drive it for years or sell it for cash. A vehicle loan does not limit your annual miles, so if you commute long distances or take extended road vacations, buying may be a better option.


  1. Credit Score To Lease A Car 2021

They usually require a 620 credit score for a leasing arrangement with a respectable dealer. Most dealers regard scores between 620 and 679 to be near prime, while scores between 680 and 739 are prime.

  1. Easier Car Lease To Qualify For A Score

Most new vehicles are available for lease. No vehicle lease is, however, “easier” to secure than another.

  1. Income Lease Requirements For A Car Lease

Lenders require a minimum income before proceeding to this level. The amount required to qualify varies per lender, but you must normally earn at least $1,500 to $2,000 per month before taxes from a single source.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A Lease?

According to a source, a lease is effectively a long-term automobile rental. Leases differ from one dealership to the next, but mostly, dealerships lend you a vehicle for a set amount of time and need you to make monthly payments throughout that time.

Does Leasing A Car Build Credit?

Leasing a car helps you develop credit. Leasings and buying a car have the same effect on your credit score. Besides that, leasing or purchasing a car is beneficial because it diversifies your credit history. Credit mix might help you improve your credit score. When you have a credit mix, you have both loans and credit cards. Your credit score might rise if you show financial responsibility with several types of loans. Paying your rent on time each month will help you improve your credit score.

Do you need a certain credit score to lease a car?

Yes. Absolutely! Most lenders consider your credit score to be extremely good if it is 740 or higher.

Should you lease a car at all?

Certainly not! In fact, before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that a lease is a good fit for your budget.

Why do car lease rates vary?

Lease rates differ from one leasing firm to the next, as well as from one region to the next. Rates fluctuate daily and follow the same pattern as those for new car loans.


Know that improving your credit score is one of the most effective strategies to reduce the cost of leasing an automobile.

Several credit score providers offer free credit scores and report checks to see where you might need help.

If you aren’t in a rush to buy a new automobile, it may be worthwhile to improve your credit score.


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