Where To Sell Soda Can Tabs For Money In 2022 | 4 Legit Means

Who would have thought you could make money selling pop can tabs.

Don’t even assume this to be quick-rich scheme, but you’ll definitely pull in some extra bucks.

Therefore, go out and make friends with people who like to drink soda and beverages. This friendship will give you some cash and yes, that ain’t exploitation!

The bigger question is always where to sell the soda can tabs for money after collecting them. We’ve helped unravel that mystery by giving you places to sell the soda can tabs for money.

Meanwhile, we have also written the tips for selling soda can tabs and where to gather them from. Stay with us!

Why Should I Recycle Pop Tab?

Soda and beverage pop tabs are made of aluminum which is non-biodegradable. Some are not aluminum as well.

Aluminum is one of the most valuable recyclable items. Stat shows that more than 75% of all aluminum that has ever been produced in the U.S. is still being used today for aerosol products, soda cans, paint cans, and many other tools and products.

Therefore, selling your soda cans and their tabs will help reduce environmental degradation. The more you sell, the less aluminum manufacturers will need to produce.

Read about the ways to make money from recycling.

Tips for Selling Soda Can Tabs

If you wish to be successful in this business of selling soda can tabs, you need to know these.

1. Knowing where to sell the pop can Tabs is Necessary

Knowing the right place to sell those soda can tabs is as important as collecting them.

In fact, you need to figure out where to sell the soda can tabs before collecting them.

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This will determine how much you will make from this venture. It shouldn’t be a frugal effort, therefore figure this out.

2. Learn How To Store The Pop Tabs Properly

To make your pop tab more attractive and marketable, use a needle nose plier and remove the curly part in the middle.

They will account for the bulk of the space used in your storage container. Also, they are of no use to crafters and buyers. By removing them, you’d have saved them time.

Likewise, make sure your tabs are clean and unbent. Store the soda pop tab in boxes or bags. It makes it easy to ship undamaged.

Lastly, have a steady number of tabs in each bag. The goal is not to have too much or too little in a zipper bag.

These will help you when you want to sell soda can tabs for money.

3. Sort the Pop Tabs

It is important to sort the pop tabs in bags.

Therefore, Sort by Colors. Many buyers search for specific kinds of tabs. It could be the silver tab or colored tabs.

Sort by Size. Energy drinks have bigger tabs, so bag them according to size.

Sort by Material. Most tabs are made of Aluminum while some are not, differentiate them. Many buyers buy the Aluminium tabs.

Someone will ask how to test the aluminum tabs. They do not respond to magnets.

4. Know Selling Do’s and Dont’s

The buyer will pay for the shipping. Be sure to add a shipping price to your listing and offer free shipping. This is a marketing strategy.

Don’t forget to mark the bag ‘fragile’. This will impress buyers and make the shipping faster.

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Where Can I Get Pop Tabs?

Here are a few ideas on where to get the pop can tabs can be gotten.

1. Save your own Can Tabs

If you and your family love soda and canned beverages, it will be the easiest place to start.

Get a bag where you and your family members will be storing the tabs.

2. Ask friends, Neighbors, and extended family

I mentioned earlier to try making friends with those who love canned beverages. Get them to save the tabs for you.

3. Set up a Collection centre at Work

You may want to obtain permission at work to collect soda can tabs. Well, depending on your employer, you may want to tell the truth.

Where to Sell Soda Can Tabs for Money

After collecting the soda can tabs, what next?

That’s what this section is set out to answer.

These places are where you can sell soda can tabs for money.

#1. List on eBay

Go ahead and list your soda can tab on eBay. It is one of our favorite places to sell your soda can tab.

There are many sellers already on eBay. Get a great picture, offer a good price, and join other sellers to market your tabs.

You can even go a step further to sell the soda cans. That’s also a lucrative market.

#2. Ronald McDonald House of Charities

This is another place to sell soda can tabs for money. The only difference is that this is for charity.

The Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts sells the soda can tabs and use the money to support families staying with them while their children are undergoing treatment.

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Do you have kids 5 to 17 years old? Teach them how to make money.

Moving on, remove the pop tab and send them to the house. Aren’t you down for charity? Give this a shot!

#3. Amazon

This is another place to sell soda can tabs for money. Scroll through Amazon and see your competitors.

There are other online platforms to sell soda can tabs for money, use them to make extra cash.

#4. Cohen Recycling

At Cohen, you can sell your soda can tabs for money, including the soda cans.

However, the payout is quite low. Around 1,550 Aluminum Tabs = 1 Pound.

Technically, this works this way. Twist the soda pop tabs and place in a plastic bag. Crush the beverage can and place in a separate bag. Bring them to Cohen for proper recycling. Even if you don’t want to crush the cans, Cohen will take them.

So, bring them in and get paid for recycling this non biodegradable aluminum.


If you don’t want to sell your soda can tabs for money, be a creative, turn it into a jeweley and sell them.

I’ve seen many beautiful jewelry made with can tab. This is even more profitable than selling the tabs in its raw state.

Still want to sell the soda can tabs? These places are the best to make some extra money.

The Wealth Circle cares!


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