Who are the Highest Paid University Presidents? Top 10 Highest Paid College Presidents

Salaries of university presidents have seen an increase in the last decade​​​​​ and there is a suggestion it will continue that way based on data from “Chronicle of Higher Education”. This article explores the highest paid university presidents in 2023. Here is everything you need to know and how much they are paid.

Packages and compensation for University presidents now include more benefits that make them millionaires, University presidents now earn more than president, governors and other executives, but how come.   

 In the united State university student find it difficult to afford studies in university, because of high tuition fees why the university president salaries are growing every day, but all student and citizen are guarantee safety and protection since the U.S government see security and protection as the number one priorities. Read more:  Roles of Police in American the the first police department was found in the city Boston in 1883. It was immediately followed by city like New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Philadelphia.

By 1800s it extends to all other city in the United State. The country have change in today world when we talk about law enforcement agencies they are far more than 18,000 in local, state and federal, the law enforcement agencies have employed 420,000 officers for every 1,000 individuals that live in United State, the law enforcement agencies are well equipped educationally with high police training and careers in higher school institution for enforcement agent, but all the training receive cannot make them more richer than the university president since they also provide security and protection for the university president too.

Why do university president make so much salaries?

Public support has fallen recently for higher institution, with low enrollment and increasing tuition fees couple with credit downgrades as told by moody and Fitch, but still yet university president have seen increase in salaries rapidly. Private university president in 2008 make $1 million yearly in only nine private universities. In 2016, 61 are making that with much compensation in today’s world their pay is in robust.

Compensation in 2016 of the president of Harvard university and of Simmons university when compare, though Harvard had larger population and great resources, also considered one of the popular and best university in America  than Simmons, Harvard is still rank first while Simmons is 381 according to Forbes ranking of best college. Chronicle of Higher Education yearly survey of private university president salaries rank Simmons president salaries of $1,657,000 in 2016 to Harvard which is below 50% of Simmons…

But why, should the president of Simmons make more than popular Harvard? Trustees of university have argued that High pay is necessary, if not they would jump to higher-paying jobs, and the greater problem is presidential compensation is hard to measure.

How much money does the president of Harvard make?

Harvard tax report was delayed because of covid-19 pandemic recently.

According to data report formal president Drew Gilpin Faust who stepped down from office in July 2018, make total of  $3,612,2247 (from $1,707,070 in 2017) for compensation in 2018 in which the compensation include $1,000,000 long term service in bonus, $34,814 in retirement compensation, $110,646 in tax benefit which include the university provision of housing and health insurance. And $1,479,759 non-reported compensation. The members of Harvard who voted her in 2016 gave her compensation in honors of her service from $300,000 in 2016 to #400,000 2017 up to $500,000 in 2018. 

President Lawrence S. Bacow began his term on July 1, 2018 made $570,072, why HMC president and CEO N.P. Narvekar made $7,201,795 in total compensation and $6.25 million of regular pay for a year.

What is the average salary for a small college president?

In May 27, 2021 the average college salaries in the United State is $304,662. Pay is different on many factors like education, certificate, skills, and number of years in the institution in your career. Many are going on online studies which give wider population around the world. You can read more data compensation at salary website. Read more

Top Ten highest paid college presidents in the world

1. Arizona State University-Tempe

President: Michael M. Crow

Total Pay: $1,148,457

Base Pay: $686,538

U.S News Rank: 115 

Read more Arizona State University-Temp

2. Ohio State University-Columbus

President: Michael V, Drake

Total Pay: $1,206,751

Base Pay: $856,041

U, S News rank: 56

learn more about Ohio State University-Columbus

Georgia Institute of Technology

President G, P (Bud) Peterson

Total Pay: $1,204,232

Base Salary: $691,544

U.S News rank: 35

Learn more Georgia Institute of Technology

Texas Tech University System

President: Robert L. Duncan

Total Pay: $1,385,282

Base Pay: $387,900

Learn more Texas Tech University

Texas A&M University System

President: John Sharp

Total Pay: $900,000

Learn More Texas A& University System

University of Houston

President: Renu Khator

Total Pay: $1,399,581

Base Pay: $790,949

U.S News rank: 171

Learn more University of Houston

University of Kentucky

President: El Copilot

Total Pay: $1.534, 806

Base Pay: $821,896

U.S. News rank: 147

Learn more University of Kentucky

Pennsylvania State University-University Park

President: Eric J. Baron

Total Pay: $1,854,881

Base Pay: $834,364

U.S News rank: 59

Learn more Pennsylvania State University-University Park

Texas A&M University-College Station

President: Michael K. Young

Base Pay: $1,893,740

U.S News rank: 66

Learn more Texas A&M University-Collage Station

University of Texas System

President: William H. Craven

Total Pay: $2,578,609

Base Pay: $600,413

Learn more University of Texas

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