Wikibuy Reviews 2022: A Legit Or An Online Shopping Fraud? (Capital One)

Is Wikibuy a legitimate shopping platform or an online shopping fraud? If this is your question, then you do not ask amiss and you are not alone. That is what this Wikibuy review answers. We get down to the root and answer some of the troubling questions.

Uprooting those parts of the platform that are buried and uncovering those parts that have refused to come to light. While preparing to write this article, I read and heard many encouraging and slightly damaging things about the platform, both of which will be treated within this article.

The rise of internet-based trade platforms that encouraged trade – both buying and selling-enabled everyone, including legitimate and illegitimate, to participate democratically within many of such frameworks.

This article discusses Wikibuy, how Wikibuy operates, the latest happenings, and if Wikibuy is a legit platform or an online shopping fraud.


Recently, while reading an old article about the origins of man, I noticed that a couple of things haven’t changed. Walking backward to about 5-7 million years ago, man’s evolution is one that is about discovery. From the discovery of who we are, to the discovery of our needs, then to the discovery of fire, then on and on.

As time progresses, Anthropologists continue to discover new things that lead man’s story in previously unchartered directions. Man’s evolution is one that is filled with stories of great happenings of progress. Reading that article gave me insight into two things.

Like the chimpanzee, good deals are endangered. This is one thing that Wikibuy seeks to put in your hands anytime, and while this is a good thing, you still have to read the fine print. Understand what you are getting into.

This does not yet answer whether Wikibuy is a legit platform or an online shopping fraud, so hold on until you finish reading this Wikibuy review.

Secondly, while the first man was Homo habilis and was more hands-on, the modern man, the Homo Digitalis, seeks to improve himself by overcoming his limitedness. This struggle to overcome continues to be the driving force in science, technology, and all things in between.

What we know about Wikibuy and its acquisition by Capital One?

Wikibuy, now known as Capital One Shopping, is a unique savings app that automatically searches for better prices on items you add to online shopping carts.

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Right now, Capital One Shopping, or Wikibuy as we will be referring to it as most often throughout this article, is a free Google Chrome extension that helps you snag the best price when you’re shopping online, automatically.

In 2018, Capital One acquired the 4-year-old online-shopping start-up in its latest effort to offer tech services that engender loyalty to the bank’s credit cards.

It is not the first time this is happening, as big banks have been snapping up fintech firms all over to better serve customers who have quickly become accustomed to digital products.

The company also created tools like Second Look, which cuts down on accidental or fraudulent transactions. This helps to serve Wikibuy customers better.

For Capital One, the move fills out its strategy of helping customers save time and money while shopping online so the bank approached Wikibuy earlier in 2018 about a partnership.

Those talks eventually led to the acquisition in November 2018, a week before Cyber Monday, when retailers promote deals for online shoppers.

What is Wikibuy or Capital One Shopping ?

As the company website says on the front page, instantly search for coupons with Capital One Shopping. Shop smart, not hard – no Capital One card required.

As time continues to run along, there will opportunities that make things cheaper while leaving things as they are for others. Just by having an extension on your browser, things just become easier and cheaper for you.

Online shopping used to be interesting people discovered that with the use of some special coupons, things can get a whole lot better. People began to open more tabs than me on their browsers just to get their hands (on in this case) their eyes on coupon codes that offer discounts.

Since this process of scouring the internet in search of coupon codes is a nerve-wracking one, WIkibuy came up with the idea that presents you with what you want to buy with the best coupon codes and discounts available.

Wikibuy or Capital One Shopping searches for the cheapest places to get things among major online retailers while offering Capital One Shopping credits can be exchanged for gift cards.

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How does Wikibuy work?

Wikibuy saves you time, stress, and helps you things for cheaper. Imagine not having to worry about where to get coupon codes from or whether the one you have is old and doesn’t work anymore.

While you do your shopping, Wikibuy does its own shopping. This time around, it is shopping for working coupon codes that it would add to your cart and would help it process when you are ready to check out.

This takes care of two immediate things for you as a user; firstly, unlike you who may stumble into coupon codes that don’t do much for you, Wikibuy gets you the cheapest option there is out there. Secondly, you don’t worry about fake coupon codes as the community of wikibuy users certify codes that don’t work, so they can be taken off.

Wikibuy features

#1 – Automation

Automation in the sense that things are faster, and you do not need to make queries again after you have installed the extension on your browser.

#2 – Proximity marketing

Wikibuy tries to ensure that while registering, users indicate where they reside with ZIP codes to match so when making calculations, they take shipping times and delivery costs into account.

#3 – Wikibuy / Capital One credits

As you shop online with Wikibuy / Capital One Shopping, you’ll automatically build up reward points, known as Capital One Shopping Credits.

Whenever you go on a retailer’s website, the little Capital One Shopping icon next to the address bar will turn green and show you the amount of Capital One Shopping Credits you can earn. All you have to do is click “Activate,” or you can wait and activate at checkout.

When you’ve accumulated enough Capital One Shopping Credits, they can be redeemed as online gift cards for retailers like Walmart, Macy’s, Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble, and Petco.

Once you’ve decided which retailer you want to spend your Capital One Shopping Credits on, use them to purchase an eGift Card, which will be emailed to you within 24 hours. The Capital One Shopping website is very intuitive, which makes the process of redeeming Capital One Shopping Credits simple and straightforward.

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Wikibuy shows you trends and how to get the best bargains that are currently trending. Going with the trends provides special opportunities to earn Capital One Shopping credits.

#5 – Cost

Wikibuy/ Capital One does not require users to pay for anything on the platform. Everything is free. No monthly fees, no hidden fees.

Wikibuy reviews

While Wikibuy / Capital One Shopping can be a great resource, there are concerns. Concerns such as the lack of control – once you get the extension, the extension takes over. It decides how to search for the coupons that you use, not you;

Another concern is the time it takes to ship items which increases significantly since you are not buying directly from the shops. This extra time could also be a loss, depending on what you want to use the purchased item(s) for.

Ads can sometimes be too distracting that they become a cause of worry. Ads from the extension can sometimes summarily lead you to another website that is not your choice.

For some people, this concern may be the worst of them all. Many people worry that despite the fact that the extension saves them money, their data is at risk as private details of theirs could be collected and used to do some other thing without their concern.

Recent revelations have inspired fear in people who are skeptical about tools that are intelligent. This is non-specific to Wikibuy or Capital One Shopping.

Is Wikibuy Legit Or An Online Shopping Fraud?

Wikibuy is a legitimate platform. It has never been a shopping fraud. Its acquisition by Capital One bank is proof of that. This Wikibuy review hopes to have settled that for now.


So far as technology stays with us, questions about legitimacy will continue to arise. Platforms like Wikibuy are subject to these questions. It is our hope that people read this Wikibuy review and other reviews like it and get informed opinions on issues.


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