Wyze Home Security System Review in 2022

Installation, activating, deactivating, paying monthly fees, and managing with false alarms are all aspects of monitored security systems, and they may make you wonder if they’re worth the bother. This is an important question to ponder when you consider protecting your assets and loved ones.

There are various variables to consider regarding home security systems, including how the scenario may assist you and your family. We have reviewed the Wyze Home Security System for 2022 to see if it is still a go.

Wyze Home Security System Pricing

First, let’s consider the pricing. Wyze can offer low monitoring rates because it does not require a cellular connection like conventional security systems. There is no backup if both the internet and the power go out, but this is rare for most people.

You’ll have to pay upfront equipment costs (starting around $50) and $4.99 each month for monitoring. However, if you choose the annual plan, you will receive a free Core Starter Kit. In both cases, the cost of a year of monitoring is the same ($59.88).

Wyze’s low prices set it apart from DIY security systems like SimpliSafe and Ring Alarm, whose most economical starter kits are roughly four times as expensive.

Nonetheless, we believe the annual plan offers superior value because you may terminate your monitoring subscription after the first 30 days without having to return the equipment. In contrast, the monthly plan ends after 60 days.

This Wyze Home Security System offers you more time to consider whether expert monitoring is proper for you or whether you choose to monitor your equipment without paying a monthly fee.

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Wyze Home Security System Features

A hub with a built-in siren, two door/window sensors, a keypad, and a motion detector is part of the Wyze Home Monitoring Security System package.

It takes about twenty minutes to set everything up, and it runs almost like most DIY security systems these days. It isn’t quite as simple as setting up Abode Iota, for example, because Abode’s devices are intertwined, but it is manageable.

The door/window sensors work as expected, properly signaling when an entry point is closed or open. Even though the motion sensor is thirty feet away, it never misses signals and isn’t overly sensitive.

Although the keypad is tiny, it is well-made. According to Wyze, all devices are battery-powered and should last around 18 months before being replaced. Because the batteries are AA and AAA, they are relatively easy to change.

The Wyze app is also quite simple to use and navigate. However, there is one caveat: if you want to utilize the Wyze app for home monitoring and smart home integration, you must use only Wyze devices, such as linked lamps, cameras, plugs, and locks. Granted, you will enjoy a lot of these gadgets, but it’s a more limited experience than other competitors.

It has door/window sensors that may be pretty useful for automating your home; for example, you can use them to turn on your lights when you walk out onto the back porch or for a variety of other purposes.

You’ll need to utilize other connection platforms, such as IFTTT, to link Wyze’s security system to other smart home devices (an app specializing in connecting smart home devices from different developers). For other individuals, this won’t be an issue at all; after all, Wyze is a DIY home security system, so taking the effort to set up triggers between Wyze’s door/window sensors and, say, your Philips Hue light bulbs might not be a big deal.

In reality, IFTTT integrations can give you a lot of flexibility and freedom that you don’t get (or can’t get cheaply) with more expensive home security systems. IFTTT can activate connected gadgets such as lighting (which can work using only Wyze devices).

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Wyze also integrates well with Google Assistant and Alexa. You can view live video feeds on Nest and Echo intelligent displays and use a four-digit PIN to manage your Wyze smart locks. You can’t arm or disable your security system with a voice command and PIN with Wyze.

The absence of a battery backup is the major flaw of Wyze Home Monitoring. The system will still identify intrusions and sound the local alarm if your Wi-Fi is out, but it will not communicate with the monitoring service.

Most professional and DIY options have cell backup (for a modest fee); therefore, this appears to be Wyze’s most significant flaw compared to the competition. Wyze’s sensors can still connect with the base station and activate your alarm in the event of a power outage.

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Wyze Home Security System Installation

It was easy to set up the starter package. The three sensors, the hub, and the keypad take about 15 minutes to set up—it is that simple. The seat syncs to your home network through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet wire. (Wyze suggests using Ethernet if possible; wired connections are frequently more reliable.)

All of the keypad and sensor batteries are already inside, so all you have to do is remove a plastic tab to turn them on. They also have a peel-off adhesive backing, making it simple to stick them to any surface. 

The motion and enter sensors are powered by replaceable AAA batteries, while AA batteries power the keypad. It’s great that the batteries are readily available in stores instead of the specialty batteries offered by some other brands.

The motion and entry sensors are slightly larger than Wyze’s first-generation devices, but they include larger batteries that can last 18 months longer than the coin batteries used in the older sensors (up to 12 months).

Another feature to consider is the app. Not only does the Wyze app help you set up the system, but it also gives you access to other Wyze devices and settings.

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Wyze Home Monitoring is primarily used to check for notifications, arm and disarm your security system, and watch videos from your security cameras. We found it to be fun and simple to use during our testing.

The easy installation of the Wyze Cam is also another major strength it has in addition to its price. Typically it will take no more than five minutes in total. Below are the simple steps to install your Wyze security system

1. Connect your camera to your computer: Connect your Wyze Cam to the power adapter and connect it to an outlet.

2. Install the Wyze app: Create a Wyze account after downloading the app. Log in with your existing credentials if you already have one.

3. Select ‘New Device’ from the drop-down menu: To begin the setup procedure, go to the home screen and pick New Device, then Wyze Cam from the list of products.

4. Select the setup option: Press the setup button on the bottom of the camera. “Ready to connect,” you’ll hear it say.

5. Establish a connection to your Wi-Fi network: To connect, you’ll need to enter your Wi-Fi account name and password on the next screen.

6. Scan the QR code with your smartphone: Hold the QR code in front of the camera until the message “QR code scanned, please wait” appears. Go to the next step when you hear it.

7. Hold your breath and wait for the camera to connect: As the camera tries to connect, a timer will count down. This connection should work during the first 10-20 seconds, but you’ll have to start over with the setup process if it doesn’t.

8. Type in the device’s name: Give your camera a name. If you have other connected gadgets in your home, try to give them a unique name to avoid confusion. After that, the app will ask if you want to share camera access with a family member or friend; however, you can skip this step and share the entry later. You may now watch the live footage from your Wyze Cam.

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Wyze Home Security System Customer Service

There are various self-service customer assistance options on the main Wyze support website. It is simple to check up setup instructions, FAQ pages, and troubleshooting information if you have an issue (making your job much simpler).

You may also contact Wyze via the helpful live chat tool, though we couldn’t discover a phone number if you prefer that method.

Wyze’s enormous user community, which people can find on the Wyze forum, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube, among other places, is one of their flagship elements of its support.

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Social media accounts like these are among the best ways to learn about common problems, exciting new features, and compare experiences with other customers, even if they aren’t always as straightforward as a customer support page.

You can terminate either Wyze monitoring plan at any time because there are no obligations. If you are an annual member, the only exception is canceling within 30 days after getting your first package. With a 60-day trial period, SimpliSafe’s cancellation policy is identical to Ring Alarm.

Wyze’s warranty is one of the shortest among DIY security businesses, at only a year. Following that, the company will no longer repair any malfunctioning equipment.

Although Wyze’s warranty is faster than the typical DIY security system warranty, its sensors, cameras, and hubs are significantly less expensive to replace than those of other competitors. This reason helps to make up for the warranty’s limitations.

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The Wyze home security system, is still a great purchase. Whatever feature it lacks, its low price makes up for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Wyze Cam Plus subscription include?

Wyze’s Cam Plus package gives you access to AI capabilities like human and pet recognition, in addition to keeping your video history. When movement is detected, you can capture complete footage. It also allows you to upload photos and videos to the cloud and save recordings to your phone or tablet. Cam Plus is $1.25 per camera every month.

Is it possible to use Wyze Cams without a subscription?

Yes. Without signing up for a Cam Plus membership, Wyze Cams come with free cloud recording with up to 12-second video snippets, allowing you to live stream videos, receive alerts, and operate your cameras anywhere through the Wyze app. Alternatively, you can save snippets in the Playback area of the app and store your film locally on micro-SD cards.

Is it true that Wyze Cams are wireless?

Wyze Cam Outdoor is an excellent wireless alternative because it has rechargeable batteries. Other Wyze cameras don’t come with a battery, so you’ll have to use the accompanying power cord to connect them into a wall socket.

What happens if I increase my monthly subscription to a yearly one?

If you transition from a monthly to an annual Wyze plan, Wyze will reimburse the cost of your Core Starter Kit. The monthly and yearly plans cost $59.88 each year, so it’s mostly a matter of equipment savings if you want to spread the payments over time.

Is a base station or hub required for Wyze Cams to function?

No. All Wyze cameras, including the latest V3 models, are self-contained.



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