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10 Best Youtube Channels For Architects

Where do we obtain our ideas from? What drives us to want to do and be better? Social media is important for psychological development and for balancing our emotional and mental wellness.

The best sources of knowledge in the form of digital media may be found on a variety of platforms, each with its own set of features. Youtube is one of them. Every day, we watch over a billion hours of YouTube content, demonstrating how popular this social platform is.

Social networking has become quite popular in recent years, both for improving architectural education abilities and for keeping up with current events in the professional world.

On YouTube, numerous architecture-related channels will entertain and educate. These YouTube channels feature a variety of videos for students and professionals, ranging from sketching through architectural design to construction procedures.

With so many videos ranging from in-depth training to broad debates, you can always learn something new, but how can you choose the best of the best with so much stuff being released all the time?

In this post, we are going to be taking a look at the 10 Best Youtube Channels For Architects. Since there are several architectural YouTube Channels, we selected 10 that stand out.

Make sure you read this post to the end as it promises to be very insightful and helpful.

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10 Best Youtube Channels For Architects

1. 30X40 Design Workshop

Subscribers: 968K

Videos: 237 videos

30X40 Design Workshop is a residential-focused architecture firm based on Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine, in the United States, and runs one of the best youtube channels for architects.

Eric Reinholt, who is also the author of the Architect + Entrepreneur series of books, runs it (and the corresponding YouTube channel). Reinholt’s channel has a wide range of content, including tutorials on specific talents as well as more general advice videos.

Working efficiency and the necessity to meet a client’s expectations and needs are two issues that architecture graduates face. The 30X40 Design Workshop is ideal for both young architects and architecture students.

It’s been operating since April 2013, and new videos are added every month, so there are now over 200 videos with over 52 million views to choose from, ranging in length from two minutes to half an hour or more.

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2. Dezeen

Subscribers: 217K

Videos: 2,557 videos

The world-famous online design and architectural magazine Dezeen offers a YouTube channel with a wide selection of videos that run concurrently with the magazine’s content making it one of the best youtube channels for architects.

You may watch conversations with various designers on this channel, which features anything from large-scale projects to design. One of the fun ways to immerse oneself in the world of architecture is to watch the Dezeen channel.

This channel has been functional since 2012 with over 50 million views.

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3. How to Architect

Subscribers: 217K

Videos: 272 Videos

Another Youtube channel that we regard as one of the best youtube channels for architects and anyone with even a passing interest in architecture is How to Architect. The videos on the channel are all about facts, with each one addressing seven different topics such as construction elements, architectural history, and iconic structures.

Doug Patt founded this channel in 2008 and went on to write a book with the same title. You’ll find a variety of tutorials on this channel, including architectural terms, styles, calligraphy, model instructions, and, most importantly, you’ll learn about architects’ practical experience from him. 

There are other instructions on how to write like an architect, draw like an architect, and so on on the channel. This is essentially a one-stop shop for both student and seasoned architects. It has gained over 17 million views

Whether you’re new to architecture or want to brush up on your skills, the How to Architect channel on YouTube is a great way to spend your time.

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4. Archi Hacks

Subscribers: 67.3K

Videos: 75 videos

Bennett Oh, a Canadian who has previously worked for OMA and BIG, has a YouTube channel called Archi Hacks that we consider one of the best youtube channels for architects. One of the most popular videos on the channel is about the portfolio that he offers to each of these companies. Oh’s instructions and experiences on YouTube can help you enhance your Photoshop and Rhino skills. Archi Hacks is a great resource for anybody interested in architecture, design, and urban planning.

It’s a new channel that launched in January 2019 and currently includes roughly 50 videos and over 2 million views. Oh focuses on helping people improve their Photoshop and Rhino skills in particular.

Every couple of weeks, he adds new content (on average, 10-20 minute videos), and the channel incorporates architecture, design, and urban planning themes.

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5. TheModmin

Subscribers: 141K

Videos: 61 videos

The Modmin channel serves as a place for students to practice their sketching talents. The channel also has Revit training videos, as well as monthly sketch challenges that make sketching fun and educational. That is why we consider it one of the best youtube channels for architects. From drawing sections to texture drawings, there is a wide selection of sketching instruction videos available.

This channel contains a wealth of valuable lessons and guides on topics such as perspective, line weight, shadows, people, trees, and ink textures, among others. It started in 2009 and has over 3 million views.

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6. Architectural Digest

Subscribers: 5.3M

Videos: 515 Videos

For people who prefer to view content relevant to the world of architecture both professionally and entertainingly, we propose the Archi Digest channel. For people who prefer to view content relevant to the world of architecture both professionally and entertainingly, we propose the Archi Digest channel. In the contents of this channel, you will find foreign modern designs and many projects that will pique your curiosity.

They are the world’s leading design and architecture authority. The Architectural Digest channel gives viewers exclusive access to the world’s most beautiful homes and the intriguing people who live in them, as well as a wealth of knowledge about architecture and interior design, art and antiques, travel destinations, and unusual items. This is one of the best youtube channels for architects. It was founded in 2006 and has over 974 million views.

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7. Harvard GSD

Subscribers: 96.4K

Videos: 1,280 videos

Harvard GSD (Graduate School of Design) is the granddaddy of architectural YouTube channels, with well over a thousand videos to choose from. The channel has been active since 2010, and it shows some of the best architectural content available online. It has gained over 6 million views. Many of the uploads are of academic lectures and presentations, some of which are many hours lengthy, as one might expect from a world-leading university.

There are also short videos (a few minutes apiece) that provide viewers a glimpse into the lives and work of particular students. If you didn’t make it to Harvard, you can still be envious from the comfort of your couch. That is why we considered it one of the best youtube channels for architects.

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8. Show it Better

Subscribers: 269K

Videos: 165 Videos

Students will learn everything they need to know about architectural representation in Show it Better. The channel, one of the best youtube channels for architects, which launched in July 2016, already includes over 100 videos on themes like architectural digital collage and mastering presentation boards and over 12 million views. There are also more general videos available, such as book reviews or tips on how to win architecture contests. Show it Better publishes fresh information more frequently than once a week, therefore it’s worth bookmarking.

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9. Archimarathon

Subscribers: 19.6K

Videos: 89 videos

Kevin Hui and Andrew Maynard, two Australian architects, founded Archimarathon with the goal of “making architecture more accessible to everyone.” Archimarathon, unlike some of the other channels on this list, does not seek to teach or enhance the specific skills required of architects.

Hui and Maynard, on the other hand, make more general interest videos (for example, on anime architecture or why architects should avoid visiting famous structures!) and guidance videos for younger architects (e.g. on how to avoid exploitation in the workplace). Hence, we considered it one of the best youtube channels for architects.

One of the most appealing aspects of these videos is that they aren’t overproduced; we frequently see Hui and Maynard conversing. Since February 2020, the duo has been releasing new episodes every week and has over 585,000 views.

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10. Arqui9 Visualization

Subscribers: 133K

Videos: 43 videos

Arqui9 is a London-based architectural visualization firm that provides services such as visualization, animation (including augmented reality), storyboarding, concept art, and marketing. On their YouTube channel, employees share their talents and knowledge in each of these areas with viewers. This made it one of the best youtube channels for architects.

Their tutorials cover topics like how to integrate 2D backgrounds into images and how to make matte paints.

We can see exactly what’s on the presenter’s screen as they walk us through a process, which is quite helpful. Since July 2014, videos have been released every couple of months and have gained over 4 million views.

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11. ArchiPro

Subscribers: 108K

Videos: 56 videos

This is one of the best youtube channels for architects. ArchiPro is New Zealand’s most popular architectural YouTube channel. Although it has only generated about 30 videos since October 2017, they are of outstanding quality and provide a genuine insight into how buildings are conceived and erected in the twenty-first century. Each video focuses on a single contemporary building in New Zealand, and the architect discusses the decisions that were made and how the project turned out. It has over 8 million views.

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12. Successful Archi Student

Subscribers: 55.9K

Videos: 239 Videos

Since January 2012, Australian Kyle Sinko has created over 150 videos depicting his life as an architectural student and afterward in the workplace. This is one of the best youtube channels for architects because Sinko writes in a conversational tone and covers a wide range of topics. Some of his most popular videos include how to deal with crits, how to scale any architectural drawing, and what a regular day for an architectural drafter is like — there’s even a compendium of the top 20 architecture-related films.

You never know what he’ll talk about next, and he posts information regularly, sometimes even daily. This channel has over 2 million views.

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain high-quality online material for free these days, but we believe that the best youtube channels for architects listed above do. Seeing videos from a variety of producers may be a terrific source of motivation and inspiration — all of the presenters have been where you are, but everyone thinks and does things differently!

These YouTube channels provide all you need to brush up on your 3D modeling abilities or learn more about what a professional architect does daily.

We hope you found this post as helpful as promised. Please feel free to let us know what you think.

FAQs Youtube Channels For Architects

Who has the most YouTube subscribers?

India has the most active YouTube users. In India, at least 467 million individuals use YouTube regularly, accounting for almost 16% of the population. With over 240 million active YouTube users, the United States stands in second place as the country with the most YouTube subscribers.

Is it beneficial to use YouTube?

With minimum video equipment, you may quickly and effectively create effective videos of lectures, presentations, and more. With so many students owning smartphones, video is an excellent way to reach out to them. YouTube is well-suited to mobile devices, and the vast majority of students already use it.

Is there a future for architecture?

Architects will have a lot of opportunities in the future. In India, there are only about 1.2 lakh architects, but there will be a great demand for new architects and building designers soon. Architects may be approached by development organizations to fill in as fashion designers.

Who is the world’s wealthiest architect?

Norman Foster, a British architect With a net worth of $240 million, is the wealthiest architect in the world. Foster + Partners, his business, was founded in 1967 and is recognized for designing stunning modern buildings made of steel and glass.

Is getting a job in India difficult?

For a variety of reasons, finding work anyplace is challenging. This is also true in India. Due to the influx of highly qualified persons, the job market is becoming increasingly competitive. As more people gain degrees and other qualifications, the bar is being raised.



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