10 Best YouTube Channels for Developers

Software development is one of the hottest skills in the job market now. The good thing about this is that you don’t need a degree to become a software developer. You can learn the necessary skills from different YouTube channels for developers. Thanks to the internet and YouTube, you can learn almost anything for free.

There are a lot of YouTube channels for developers. In most cases, they are run by professional software developers with industry experience. Whether you are new to software development or not, YouTube is a gem.

The challenge is that sometimes it is difficult to pick channels with great content on what you want to learn. This is because you want to learn from the best teachers in the field. There are different areas of software development like frontend, backend, or cloud engineering. You may want to tailor your learning experience around your area of interest.

All the reasons mentioned above are why you need a list of the top YouTube channels for developers. These channels have helped many developers like you build solid careers for themselves.

These channels cover a lot of things about software development. From tutorials on specific programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, to even career advice. You can learn almost anything that will be useful in your career as a developer.

Stay with us as we reveal the 10 best youtube channels for developers.

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Best YouTube channels for developers

These are the top youtube channels for developers;

#1 Traversy Media:

Subscribers: 1.87 million

Total views: 174,887,326

Brad Traversy is the owner of this Channel. He is a computer graduate who has a passion for teaching software development. Apart from his YouTube channel, he is also an instructor on Udemy with over 300, 000 students. Traversy Media is a gem for a lot of developers.

On Brad’s channel, you will find tutorials on different technologies used for software development. Important technologies that he covers include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, etc.

Brad also makes videos on career growth and backend engineering. His tutorials on backend engineering cover popular frameworks like NodeJS, Laravel, and Django. These are among the hottest frameworks in the market right now.

Recently, Brad started featuring other seasoned developers on his channel. These professionals covered some other important topics from their fields of experience. Traversy Media is one of the best YouTube channels for developers no matter the level.

Visit Traversy Media YouTube Channel

#2 Programming with Mosh:

Subscribers: 2.54 million

Total views: 121,043,018

Mosh Hamedani, an expert software developer owns this channel. Mosh has a very unique approach to teaching complex programming topics. He makes complex programming topics simple to grasp.

His channel covers a lot of topics on Python, React, Node, TypeScript, and much more. Mosh Hamedani also trains his students on how to crack technical interviews. Sometimes Mosh talks about career growth as a developer, salary, trending languages, etc. This channel is currently among the best YouTube channels for developers.

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Visit Programming with Mosh YouTube channel

#3 FreeCodeCamp:

Subscribers: 5.72 million

Total views: 371,148,510

FreeCodeCamp is also known as FCC by many developers. This has been one of the best YouTube channels for developers for years.

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FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization. Over the years, it has helped thousands of developers start their careers. They have tons of valuable content for developers on their website, online chat forums, and more.

FreeCodeCamp produces courses that go in-depth about various programming languages and concepts. FreeCodeCamp organizes its courses in playlists tailored for beginners and experts alike.

This channel has courses on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Data Science, Math, and a lot more.

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Visit the FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel

#4 The Net Ninja:

Subscribers: 946,000

Total views: 116,873,952 

If you want to become a net ninja, then this is one of the YouTube channels for developers you should subscribe to.

Shaun Pelling who is a computer science graduate owns this channel. He started the channel in 2015 and since then has grown it to become a mini-university for developers.

Shaun has tons of courses on JavaScript, Laravel, React, Vue, Angular, and many more. One good thing he does is to update his old courses when there are new updates in the industry. Shaun makes short and simple video tutorials which he organizes into playlists. Videos in his playlists start from the introductory topics to the advanced ones.

Visit the Net Ninja YouTube channel

#5 Derek Banas:

Derek Banas is no doubt one of the best YouTube channels for developers. This is because of his unique and valuable approach to teaching programming topics.

Derek Banas creates interactive courses around complex topics. This way, it becomes easier to grasp these complex concepts in no time. He doesn’t avoid going into details to explain how things work under the hood.

Currently, there are over 700 videos on Derek’s channel. These videos include courses on JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and Java. You will also find videos on Data Science, Gaming, Machine learning, and much more.

Subscribers: 1.18 million

Total views: 113,389,962

Visit Derek Banas’s YouTube channel

#6 The Coding Train:

Subscribers: 1.44 million

Total views: 102,205,309

If you want to make your journey as a software developer a fun experience then this channel is perfect for you. The Coding Train YouTube channel is run by an expert programmer by name Daniel Shiffman.

Daniel creates video courses on creative coding. From Daniel’s courses, you will learn how to make simple games. These games often use some kind of simulation or machine learning model.

Daniel believes that building creative projects help to solidify one’s knowledge about something. He puts a lot of creative effort to make sure that his courses are fun to follow and easy to understand.

This is one of the ideal YouTube channels for developers that you need to subscribe to. Especially, if you are a new developer who loves creative coding stuff.

Dan also has tons of challenges for his students. These challenges help his students to practice advanced concepts and understand them better.

Visit the Coding Train channel on YouTube

#7 TheNewBoston:

Subscribers: 2.63 million

Total views: 490,511,124

This is one of the earliest YouTube channels that started in 2008. It is also one of the best YouTube channels for developers.

Bucky Roberts is the owner of this channel. He is an IT graduate with a drive for teaching programming. This channel has tons of courses that cover a range of topics from blockchain, SEO, Python, NodeJS, Docker, and web development. Bucky Roberts makes content that is easy to understand for new software developers.

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The TheNewBoston channel on YouTube is known for the tagline “never stop learning”. This ideology reflects in the way Bucky crafts his content. He makes videos that make learning a fun experience for beginners and push them to learn more advanced concepts.

Also, the video courses on the channel are broken down into smaller videos. This makes it easy for both beginners and experts to understand the topics with no hassle. This channel has several playlists on different technologies and skills for software developers.

Recently, Bucky even made a course on Ethereum and blockchain technology.

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Visit the theNewBoston channel on YouTube

#8 Clement Mihailescu:

Subscribers: 455,000

Total views: 58,906,203

Clement Mihailescu is a software developer who has worked at Facebook and Google. Clement shares the dense knowledge and experience he has accumulated over the years.

Most of this channel’s content focuses on how to get a job at FAANG. FAANG is an acronym for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. It is also referred to as FAAMG (where the M stands for Microsoft).

To work at these big tech companies you need to have a sound technical background. This requires you to have a sound understanding of Data structures and Algorithms.

Clement is more focused on teaching Data structures and Algorithms. He aims to train new software developers to be able to work at these big tech companies.

Clement is so passionate about this that he even built a business, AlgoExpert around it. AlgoExpert, trains software engineers on how to ace the coding interviews at big tech companies.

Are you looking to work at big tech companies? If yes, then you should subscribe to Clement’s channel. It is no doubt one of the best YouTube channels for developers.

Visit Clement Mihailescu’s channel on YouTube

#9 CS Dojo:

Subscribers: 1.83 million

Total views: 73,218,426

The CS Dojo YouTube channel is all about computer science. YK Sugi is the owner of this channel. He is a former software developer at Google. He is Japanese but speaks English fluently so you can hear him clearly.

As a former developer at Google, YK Sugi has solid experience in software development. You will learn a lot from his videos where he tries to share the best of his knowledge in a way that even beginners won’t struggle to understand. YK Sugi creates content on different topics related to Computer science.

He has courses on Algorithms, Data structures, and problem-solving. Although these topics are language agnostic, you will flow better with his teaching if you are a Python developer. This is because he uses Python for most of his videos.

YK Sugi has created tons of content on data science, machine learning, and web development. You will find this channel very useful if you are a computer science student or want to learn computer science by yourself.

Getting a job at top tech companies is quite tough. On this channel, YK Sugi tries to help using his knowledge since he has passed through the process before.

Yk Sugi puts a lot of effort into creating his content. His videos are simple to digest and come in high-quality resolution too. No doubt it’s one of the best YouTube channels for developers.

Visit the CS Dojo YouTube channel

#10 Techworld with Nana:

Subscribers: 544,000

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Total views: 24,848,636

This channel is the youngest channel when compared to others mentioned in this list. It was founded in 2019 by Nana Janashia and has experienced tremendous growth since then.

Nana Janashia is a Docker Captain, AWS container Hero, and CNCF Ambassador. Nana creates content on trending DevOps technologies. She has several courses on Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform, YAML, and other tools.

Nana creates hands-on interactive courses that are easy to follow and understand. This way, you can learn about these new technologies and get to build real stuff with them.

Techworld with Nana is one of the best YouTube channels for developers. You should subscribe to this channel if you want to pursue a career in the DevOps field. DevOps developers are in hot demand in the market.

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Visit TechWorld with Nana channel on YouTube


YouTube is a huge platform. This means that there is an overwhelming load of information on any topic. To navigate your way and make great use of the information, you need to pick out the best people to learn from.

This list of YouTube channels for developers will save you the stress of searching for good content.

There are other great YouTube channels for developers that weren’t in this article. YouTube channels like Dev Ed, Academind, FireShip, TechLead, etc also deserve honorable mention. You can check them out too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which YouTube channel has the best courses on web development?

Channels like the Net Ninja, Traversy Media, and FreeCodeCamp have excellent courses on web development.

Which YouTube channel is best for DevOps?

From the list above, it is obviously Techworld with Nana. There are also other great ones like KodeKloud, Stephane Maarek, DevOps Directive, etc. You can check them out too

What are the best YouTube channels to learn how to code?

All the channels mentioned in this article are great for anyone who wants to learn how to code. All you have to do is pick what you want to learn.

Is learning software development on YouTube worth it?

Yes. It’s worth it. A lot of developers are self-taught and they confess to using YouTube to learn.

Do I have to pay to learn Software development on YouTube?

No. YouTube is free for everyone to use. Unless you want to pay for YouTube premium, you don’t have to pay to learn anything on YouTube.

Which YouTube channel is great for beginners who are new to software development?

Almost all the channels mentioned in this article are great for beginners. Although according to most developers, Programming with Mosh creates very beginner-friendly content.



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