10 Best Youtube Channels for French Learners

Do you find yourself struggling to stay immersed in French outside the classroom? According to a study by Ph.D. graduate Paul Sulzberger, listening to a language is one of the most efficient ways to learn it. The key to learning the language faster is to expose yourself to it through movies, music, tv shows, or podcasts.

YouTube is an excellent site for finding videos on any subjects you are interested in. This makes it a great place for discovering all sorts of information. You can study languages with the help of YouTube videos, and French is a good example of a language you can learn about on this popular site.

These days there are numerous YouTube channels for French learners, which help make learning French easy. Learning French with videos can be extremely rewarding, but be sure you don’t end up watching videos that are 90% in English. Otherwise, you may have fun, but you won’t learn much. 

In this article, we have the ten best YouTube channels for french learners. Learning French shouldn’t be difficult. Whether you’re new to French or an advanced learner, supplement your learning with these 10 YouTube channels for french learners. 

What are the Best YouTube channels for french learners

#1. FrenchPod101

NO OF SUBSCRIBERS: 1.05 million subscribers.

NO OF VIDEOS: 1000 videos 

DATE JOINED: 18 December 2007

It is no surprise that FrenchPod101 is one of the most popular YouTube channels for French learners. FrenchPod101 includes a wide variety of videos on a wide range of topics.

The topics covered on this French YouTube channel are essential to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the YouTube French courses. There are videos on the usage of adjectives and even a video on French superstitions.

Frenchpod101 covers a wide range of vocabulary, expressions, and cultural topics with its short video lessons. Some lessons end with a short test, while others are just a list of vocabulary words. French speakers provide the voices in these videos, so expect to hear some fantastic acoustics. 

If you are taking a YouTube French course and want to brush up on your skills, Frenchpood101 is ideal. You can always play your YouTube French courses for as long as you have an Internet connection. 

This channel stood out from the crowd with an impressive 52,969,716 views. Because they upload their videos at least four times a week, Frenchpod 101 is always up-to-date with new content. Frenchpod 101 is indeed one of the best YouTube channels for French learners

Visit frenchpod101 Youtube channel

#2. Learn French With Vincent


NO OF VIDEOS: 260,000 Videos 

DATE JOINED: 27 February 2007

As one of the best YouTube channels for French learners, Vincent teaches thousands of French phrases. He also teaches vocabulary, syntax, and how to pronounce each accurately. Ultimately, his goal is to help you become fluent in French, regardless of your starting level. 

A great method to learn French is to listen to native speakers, and Vincent does that in his videos.

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As you watch his films, Vincent hopes to take you from a beginner to a more advanced user.

His lessons are well-organized, and you will learn a lot of new vocabulary and grammar.

Even if you are not fluent in French, you can learn the language by following real-life conversations.

There are a lot of videos on this channel, which has 879,000 subscribers. This channel uploads its videos at least two times daily, and this creates room for a practical learning experience. In addition to a wide range of topics, such as vocabulary and grammar, some of them are just plain absurd. To learn a specific facet of the French language, this channel is a fantastic resource. 

Learn French with Vincent

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#3. Learn French with Pascal


NO OF VIDEOS: 539 videos 

DATE JOINED: 21 September 2007

Learn French with Pascal provides a collection of free YouTube French courses geared for students at the beginning and intermediate levels.

Beginners will benefit much from this channel. Pascal breaks down and discusses various grammar and vocabulary constructs straightforwardly and productively. Graphics and captions serve as the sole means of instruction. The presentation has a conversational tone, but it is clear and concise. The majority of the lessons are between five and ten minutes in length.

People who want to learn grammar using PowerPoint slides would enjoy these tutorials. His YouTube channel for French learners has a wide variety of subjects to choose from.

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NO OF SUBSCRIBERS: 1.43 million

NO OF VIDEOS: 858 Videos 

DATE JOINED: 7 November 2011

Alexa is a person you can instantly relate to. She is a great teacher because of her sense of humor and quirks. Her French courses are a hit with students because they are laced with a healthy dose of levity. 

Some of the classes feature her interacting with puppets, for example. This is not a prank, it is a great method to make learning more fun and engaging. 

Alexa runs one of the best YouTube channels for French learners by including games in her French lessons.

There are subtitles in French accompanying Alexa’s speech in all of the sessions. Her classes follow a conversational and enticing approach, and the English translations are seamlessly woven throughout the lesson.

Additionally, her films are often less than two minutes long, which makes it easy to replay the material to better understand it.

If you have any questions about French, Alexa is more than happy to answer them in real-time during her live streams. As of this writing, she has over 1.43 million subscribers.

Beginners are the target audience for a French-learning video series on YouTube.

Her pronunciation classes have been a great success for people like me.

Visit learnfrenchwithalexa

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#5. Classiques du Cinéma Français

NO OF VIDEOS: 124 Videos 

This YouTube channel for French learners teaches French by uploading movies with subtitles in French.

In general, the discourse moves at a natural pace, however, there are instances when accents or other noises complicate things. On the other hand, you can always slow down, rewind, or add subtitles to the movie to help you understand.

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YouTube channel Classiques du cinéma français offers a wide variety of free classic movies, including comedies, horrors, and more.

Although it may be challenging, watching all of the films on the playlist will help you become fluent in French in no time.

Visit Channel


NO OF SUBSCRIBERS: 1.23 Million Subscribers

NO OF VIDEOS: 586 Videos

DATE JOINED: 22 October 2012

This channel is run by two friends who are both proficient in French. They talk about topics such as traveling, the French language, and their personal life. Damon and Jo produce amusing movies about their travels throughout the world. These videos include topics such as their favorite foods, beauty products, dance moves, and even French grammar.

The duo succeeds in making boring topics entertaining and explains French culture from an American and Brazilian perspective.

Because they publish videos in French with English subtitles their channel is one of the best YouTube channels for French learners.

I usually don’t recommend listening to non-native speakers speak French but I have to admit Damon and Jo’s accent is pretty impressive.

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NO OF SUBSCRIBERS: 276,000 Subscribers

NO OF VIDEOS: 472 Videos 

DATE JOINED: 16 January 2013

Comme une française teaches you to speak French… Well, that is how you do it in France!

Géraldine teaches the French language and culture in English on this channel. In addition, Comme Une Française trains you how to behave more French in everyday circumstances and how to blend in when you visit France.

Less on grammar and more on vocabulary and recommendations for speaking French is the focus of Comme une française, which uses English as the medium of teaching. On this channel, there are a lot of videos about how to pronounce and utilize French slang.



NO OF SUBSCRIBERS: 1.56 Million Subscribers.

NO OF VIDEOS: 132 Videos 

DATE JOINED: 21 December 2006.

You could already be familiar with Cyprien and Norman, two of the most well-known male YouTubers in France; but, are you familiar with Natoo, one of the most well-known female YouTubers in France?

Her comedic videos cover ordinary subjects, but most of their content centers on feminist concerns. Additionally, she has several engaging music videos as well as dancing videos, all of which come with subtitles in English!

When it comes to comedy, this comic from France who posts videos on YouTube offers something a little bit different.

Her uniquely French sense of humor provides an excellent example of what it entails to be funny in a French manner. Her videos all feature English subtitles, which can greatly assist certain situations.



NO OF SUBSCRIBERS: 5.42 Million Subscribers

NO OF VIDEOS: 146 Videos 

DATE JOINED: 1 August 2012

Two brothers who were born and raised in Paris and now make comedic movies under the moniker “Le Rire Jaune” (also known as “The Yellow Laugh”)

The videos frequently center on stereotypical portrayals of Asians or aspects of Chinese culture. In addition to that, they make fun of the educational system in France as well as other mundane subjects. 

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Because both of these brothers talk so quickly, most of their videos come with English subtitles, which you should use. They are among the best when it comes to the best YouTube channels for French learners 


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#10. Français Authentique (Authentic French)

NO OF SUBSCRIBERS: 1.46 Million Subscribers

NO OF VIDEOS: 710 Videos

DATE JOINED: 25 April 2011

French Authentique, like the Français Avec Pierre, is totally in French. This channel, on the other hand, believes that learning French online should be natural. French-language videos are shown at a moderate, clear pace with English and French subtitles available.

Students can take instructional YouTube French courses on French grammar, vocabulary, and idioms. If you have previously mastered the basics of the French language, this YouTube channel for French learners will greatly help you.

There are other vlogs devoted to personal growth and development, as well as to daily life and travel. These films are great for people who want to hear French spoken by a native speaker in a context other than a classroom. 

Learners of French can access a French podcast on the Français authentique website.

Visit francaisauthentique

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To become fluent in French, listening is one of the most important abilities you need to have. You may put your listening abilities to the test without having to prepare your bags and board a plane by using one of the best resources available to you: YouTube. The aforementioned YouTube channels for French learners will assist in providing you with the necessary listening practice. 

The different YouTube French courses on these YouTube channels for French learners will help you communicate effectively in French. Once you have gained enough knowledge from these French YouTube channels, be sure to communicate fluently with your French acquaintances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I learn first in French?

Understanding basic vocabulary, phrases, and numbers are one of the most important things to do when learning French. Beginners usually begin by practicing vocabulary that will aid them in asking basic questions and introducing themselves to French people.

Can I learn French in 3 months?

You will not be able to master it in three months if you just devote a few hours per week to it. if you want to get started, I recommend you start up with some of the best YouTube channels for French learners.

What is the most effective way to learn French?

Taking Interactive sessions that teach French vocabulary as well as YouTube French courses.
Learning French grammar, and culture through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
A time of daily immersion in French.
Learning at your own pace.
Subscribe to the best YouTube channels for French learners for added knowledge.


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