10 Best YouTube Channels for Jee Preparation

The necessity for interactive and visual learning has increased due to the JEE exam’s complicated content. Learn about the top 10 best YouTube channels for Jee preparation for JEE to make learning more enjoyable and engaging.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on everyone’s lives, particularly those of youngsters. 

Many people had to acclimatize and adapt to online learning rather than the previously favored classroom setting. 

While it may have been a difficult road for those studying for competitive examinations such as JEE, some fantastic YouTube channels have made the process much easier. 

So, in this article, we’ll look at 10 of the top best YouTube channels for Jee preparation, where content providers work around the clock to supply students with high-quality content.

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10 Best YouTube channels for Jee preparation 

Without beating around the bush, let’s look at the 10 best YouTube channels for Jee preparation:

#1. Unacademy JEE 

Number of Subscribers: 1.96 million subscribers 

Total Number of videos: 5.2k videos 

Number of average viewers:414 million views 

Unacademy is one of India’s most rapidly developing ed-tech startups. Unacademy provides a course curated for each exam you can think of.

 Even though Unacademy has its video platform with live and recorded lectures on its app and extensive course content on its website, the majority of the courses it offers are paid. 

Unacademy created its YouTube channel in May 2014 to deliver students free information and high-quality JEE videos.The videos are frequently shot with the needs of the pupils in mind.

 Unacademy JEE, which has over a million subscribers, is one of the top YouTube channels for decoding JEE questions, revising, and creating a study plan that will help you pass the exam with flying colors. It is one of the best YouTube channels for Jee preparation. 

Click here to visit Unacademy JEE YouTube Channel

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#2. Khan Academy 

Number of Subscribers: 7.29 million subscribers 

Total Number of Videos: 8.2k videos 

Number of Average viewers: 1.9 billion views

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free, high-quality education to engineering students. 

Interactive practice problems and a variety of themes from fields such as math, physics, biology, chemistry, finance, economics, and grammar are among the topics addressed in their films.

 This channel also provides free LSAT and SAT practice in collaboration with the Law School Admission Council and the College Board.

 One of the most appealing aspects of this channel is that it provides information in various languages.

 This is one of the major reasons why it is on the list of the best YouTube channels for Jee preparation. 

Every month, approximately 15 million people worldwide seek their help because of their high-quality free information.

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Link to Khan Academy YouTube channels 

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#3. Etoos Education 

Number of Subscribers: 1.34 million subscribers 

Total Number of Videos: 4.8k videos 

Number of Average viewers: 160 million views

Etoos Education is a major video-based educational technology company. It has amassed a large following among students, with over one million subscribers on YouTube.

 This educational technology allows students to study for examinations such as JEE and NEET at their own pace and under the supervision of the greatest professors in the country.

 If you are unsure about a concept in any of the JEE courses, this channel will most likely provide you with a clear explanation. 

For the convenience of its students, Etoos Education has many playlists with titles like ‘CBSE NCERT Class 11th and Class 12th’ and ‘JEE Topic Wise Lectures for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.’

 This channel is highly recommended as one of the best YouTube channels for Jee preparation for any student.

Click the here to visit the Etoos Education  YouTube channel

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#4. Physics Galaxy 

Number of Subscribers:  966k subscribers 

Total Number of Videos: 6.9k videos 

Number of Average viewers:185 million views 

What could be more intriguing and engaging than one of the world’s most illustrious professors being available on YouTube? Mr.

 Ashish Arora, also known as Ashish sir, has a stellar teaching record spanning more than 20 years. He has coached multiple IIT JEE top 100 breaths of air as well as International Physics Olympiad champions.

 If you are one of the students who does not consider Physics to be a strong point, Physics Galaxy is one of the top YouTube Channels for Jee preparation in this subject.

 This channel will help you with anything from effective revision and exam tips and techniques to developing exam memory maps for greater retention.

Click here to visit the Physics Galaxy YouTube channel

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#5.Vedantu JEE

Number of Subscribers: 947k subscribers 

Total Number of Videos: 4.5k videos 

Number of Average viewers: 136 million views

Just like other best YouTube channels for Jee preparation, Vedantu JEE is a dedicated IIT JEE channel that helps engineering students study effectively for the JEE test. 

This channel aims to provide a solid foundation for upcoming JEE exams by covering practically everything a JEE aspirant could need to know. 

Vedantu JEE is a one-stop solution for clearing the basics as well as advanced preparation for this difficult competitive examination, with playlists and videos.

Click here to visit the Vedantu JEE YouTube channel 

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#6. career point JEE 

Number of Subscribers:65.9k subscribers 

Total Number of Videos: 1.4k videos 

Number of Average viewers: 3.7 million views

Many students travel to Kota to improve their IIT JEE preparations and ace the exam. However, not everyone can do so for various reasons, but what if the greatest Kota coaching was delivered directly to your smartphone?

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 That’s correct, Career Point JEE, one of Kota’s most well-known coaching institutes, has launched a YouTube channel. 

Through their free interactive YouTube Live events, the channel offers star faculties to combat all of your test blues. 

They concentrate on developing a strong conceptual foundation for several JEE Main and JEE Advanced courses so that students can confidently take the exam.

Click here to visit the career point JEE YouTube channel 

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#7. Motion Education 

Number of Subscribers:299k subscribers

Total Number of Videos: 502 videos 

Number of Average viewers: 31.4 million views 

Among the IIT JEE coaching institutes, Motion Education is a well-known name. This prominent Kota-based coaching center offers JEE (Main & Advanced), Premedical (NEET-UG/ AIIMS), and Early led foundation courses in both classroom and distance learning formats.

Since its inception in 2007, the coaching has generated several top scorers in all medical and engineering exams.

 The YouTube channel has been dedicated to offering JEE aspirants basic to advanced videos. 

Like other best YouTube channels for Jee preparation, Motion Education’s YouTube channel has everything from efficient ways to solve exams to paper solutions, analysis, and live career advising sessions with professionals.

Click here to visit Motion  Education YouTube channel 

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#8. Go prep: JEE Main and Advanced exam preparation 

Number of Subscribers: 278k subscribers 

Total Number of Videos: 2.4k videos 

Number of Average viewers: 16.6 million views 

Are you looking for a YouTube channel that will offer everything you need to know about JEE preparation?

 Like other best YouTube channels for Jee preparation, Goprep is the perfect match for you! Go prep JEE provides live lectures for JEE (Main & Advanced) and BITSAT preparation, as well as live JEE test analysis, answer key discussion, Menti quizzes, and MCQ practice.

 It is well-known that JEE, like any other competitive exam, necessitates thorough preparation. 

You must know how to solve specific types of questions so that you can accurately answer questions in a matter of minutes. This is where Goprep JEE will be most beneficial.

It will assist you in finding and comprehending how to solve the paper strategically, in addition to helping you grasp essential features of themes.

Click here to visit the Go prep JGo prepTube channel 

#9. Pradeep Kshetrapal 

Number of Subscribers: 811k subscribers 

Total Number of Videos: 4.4k videos 

Number of Average viewers: 109.9 million views 

You don’t think he is among the best YouTube channels for Jee preparation? Pradeep Kshetrapal is one of the best Physics teachers in the country.

Pradeep sir takes care of not only the objective part of the syllabus but also the experimental point of view of each issue that requires uttermost attention and a firm grasp on each area of Physics.

 This channel covers physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, and computer science, all of which are taught by highly educated professionals.

 Because the language in these videos is a mix of Hindi and English, the channel is best suited for fluent students.

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Click here to visit Pradeep Kshetrapal YouTube channel 

#10. MathonGo

Number of Subscribers: 221k subscribers 

Total Number of Videos: 1k videos 

Number of Average viewers: 26.3 million views 

MathonGo is one of the greatest YouTube channels for math preparation in grades 10 through 12, as well as the JEE exam. It provides a great math curriculum taught by one of the country’s most qualified teachers. 

If you enjoy watching short movies that cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, MathonGo is the app for you.

 This channel has solutions to all of your math challenges, ranging from motivational videos to analyses of previous year’s papers and ways to crack a variety of mathematical topics. This is also strongly recommended as regards the best YouTube channels for Jee preparation out there. 

Click the link to visit the MathonGo YouTube channel 


So that concludes our list of 10 best YouTube channels for Jee

preparation. Learning is always enjoyable, and you never know when you’ll strike gold and find the ideal teacher to fulfill all of your ambitions.

You can equally do well to read through this article again to fully understand the best YouTube channels for Jee preparation out there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any YouTube channels for previous top JEE rankers?

Yes. Most top-ranking JEE candidates have created most of the best YouTube channels for JEE preparation.

What YouTube channel shares the best shortcuts and tricks for solving objective questions on JEE? 

To be honest, most of them don’t. Just focus on the top best YouTube channels for Jee preparation outlined above and you will get the best result.

Is the Unacademy JEE of YouTube channel content sufficient enough for it?

No. Most channels have to be combined with other best YouTube channels for JEE preparation to get excellent results. That is why you don’t have to rely on one YouTube channel for your Jee preparation.

Is the physics galaxy channel sufficient for JEE main examination? 

The truth is, don’t depend on only one YouTube channel when preparing for the JEE main examination. Try other best YouTube channels for JEE preparation to fully understand any particular subject.

What is the best YouTube channel for Chemistry JEE? 

I highly recommend Khan Academy for chemistry tutorials. Those guys are very good at it when it comes to teaching chemistry. They also rank among the best YouTube channels for JEE preparation.



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