10 Best Youtube Channels for Learning English easily

Around 1.36 billion people globally speak English according to current estimates. This equates to 17% of the world’s population. As a result, English is the most commonly spoken language on the planet.

People all across the globe use YouTube every day to learn new skills from the comfort of their own homes. It’s a terrific platform for free creation, sharing, and learning of almost any skill you can think of.

The fact that you can watch and virtually sit in on classes at any time or from anywhere makes YouTube a beneficial language-learning platform. One of the upsides to studying English on YouTube is that most classes are brief yet transmit a lot of information in simple terms.

With so many English language channels on YouTube, it might be tough to figure out which ones are ideal for learning English. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best YouTube Channels for learning English below.

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Best YouTube channels for learning English

Are you trying to learn English? Or maybe you’re trying to improve your English speaking skill, none of this should be difficult with some of the best YouTube channels for learning English. 

#1. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English has been one of the most popular channels for learning English since it first appeared on YouTube on June 17, 2008. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is a British institution — there isn’t a better YouTube channel to learn British English.

The BBC Learning English channel posts, a new lesson every day. Each content is to help you learn English efficiently in a variety of forms.

There’s also a fantastic feature called BBC News-Review. On the BBC news Review, reporters analyze current events and stories, demonstrating how to utilize the vocabulary from the news in your daily English.

The BBC Learning English website also has some great materials for students of all ages, including kids. Throughout the week, the Youtube channel also releases extra videos. Sports, geography, culture, politics, and general news are some of the topics covered by the channel.

Due to a large number of videos accessible on this channel, it is quite popular among students. They also give a wealth of useful advice on how to enhance your English abilities.

The fact that they have a record 217,294,111 views and over 4.26 million subscribers on their platform speaks volumes about their popularity.

BBC Learning English

#2. English class 101

English class 101 presents you with the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Fun Way to Learn English. This YouTube channel has over 1,000 English language video and audio courses, making it a full English study curriculum. There is also an official website for the YouTube channel where you can learn more about English.

English class 101 allows you to make rapid progress in your English studies. There are hundreds of video classes to pick from, all of which cover important language learning subjects. Lessons are often fast-paced and best suited to those who already have a solid understanding of the language.

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These fascinating video courses cover a wide range of cultural topics in both the United States and the United Kingdom. As a result, you may learn more about the countries while learning their language.

This channel is very useful for discussing grammar principles and frequent phrases. If you’ve ever grown bored while attempting to comprehend the use cases for a tense, there’s almost likely an EnglishClass101 video that will explain it correctly. English class 101 is one of the best youtube channels for learning English.

It has 6.71 million users and 308,550,730 views at the moment.

English Class 101

#3. JenniferESL

A review of the best Youtube channels for learning English won’t be complete without JenniferESL. JenniferESL’s lessons are so well-structured and rich that you’ll think you’ve paid for a professional language school. She’s been filming YouTube videos teaching US English since July 14, 2007, so there’s a lot to explore.

Viewers may either follow her pre-planned course or pick from a variety of playlists. Each playlist focuses on a different component of English that students struggle with. One focuses on English prepositions, while the other focuses on phrasal verbs.

One of the most interesting aspects of her YouTube channel is that it allows you to see inside the life of someone who lives in an English-speaking nation. This is one channel that truly seems like a family, with fans feeling as though Jennifer is cheering for them to succeed. She also promotes other teachers’ videos that she deems beneficial on her channel.

The main goal of this YouTube channel is to help you speak more confidently and effectively in English. She has over 92,001,418 views and 1.01 million subscribers.


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4. English with Lucy

Lucy Bella Earl is a well-known English instructor and the creator of the YouTube program, English with Lucy. English with Lucy, found on January 6, 2016, has since grown to become one of the best YouTube channels for learning English.

Her YouTube channel is well-known for some of the top English-language videos. She has a total of 309,485,667 views and 8.03 million subscribers.

Her lessons are top-notch, as seen by the positive comments in the comment section and her large number of subscribers. Her films are educational, entertaining, and simple to follow.

She also offers free daily classes meant to help you improve your English abilities while having fun. She uploads a variety of content that students may utilize in their daily life to enhance their English abilities, such as “20 Common English Mistakes,” and “British vs. American vs. Canadian ENGLISH Differences!”

English with Lucy

#5. VOA Learning English

If you’re studying American culture, you’ve probably heard of Voice of America. It’s a firm (partly) controlled and sponsored by the US government, it broadcasts North American news in 47 languages to people outside of North America. As a result, the VOA Learning English channel is a repository of English courses developed with the assistance of the US government. 

As you might expect, the videos are meticulously prepared, clearly the work of a team of professionals. The best part is that the channel provides a free 52-week course! YouTube video lectures correspond to worksheets and quizzes on their website. The channel presently has 2.01 million followers and 189,642,018 views on YouTube.

If you don’t want to commit to a year of study, there are also fantastic playlists, ranging from “English in a Minute,” where you can learn common American expressions slowly, to “American Stories,” which features short clips from famous English-language stories with subtitles and explanations of difficult words. This channel is very ideal if you want to understand American accents and culture.

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VOA Learning English

#6. English Addict with Mr. Duncan

Mr. Duncan has established himself as one of the best YouTube channels for learning English since joining the platform on October 31, 2006. Mr. Duncan is a fervent supporter of the English language. He teaches English to the world for free three days a week through his YouTube channel, English Addict with Mr. Duncan.

His lectures will benefit you greatly; the videos are entertaining and easy to follow. His contents focus on practical language and how the language is usually spoken rather than delving into the nitty-gritty of grammar.

 Throughout the week, his classes cover a wide range of topics, including nature, language, news, fashion, and even survival instinct.

Mr. Duncan is enthusiastic about English, which is obvious in his well-produced videos. He frequently employs humor to aid learning. Mr. Duncan’s English Addict has over 999k subscribers and 79,973,417 views.

English addict with Mr. Duncan

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#7. EF podEnglish

When it comes to teaching English on YouTube, EF PodEnglish is a seasoned pro. The channel was launched on January 25, 2007. Its video courses are as good as having an English teacher. The content is ideal for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. 

With EF podEnglish, learning English on YouTube is a lot easier. Contents are well-organized, with a three-part lesson plan that includes watching, learning, and trying. There’s also a wide choice of subjects to choose from. Families, pets, directions, the weather, movies, and technology are just a few examples.

Some of the lessons make use of humor to make their arguments. These are thoughtful additions that make learning more enjoyable and ensure that you remember new terms. EF PodEnglish has 158K subscribers and 17,250,259 views.

EF PodEnglish

#8. Lingua Marina

Lingua with Marina is one of the best YouTube channels for learning English, with over 436,508,629 views and 6.22 million subscribers. Is it possible for English learners to reach a near-native level of fluency? Some days, you just need to be reminded that it’s possible! LinguaMarina is the perfect source of inspiration.

The channel offers a wonderful playlist on how to prepare effectively for English exams like the TOEFL. It also covers more general themes like pronunciation and frequent idioms. Marina’s videos aren’t all about learning English; some offer entrepreneurial guidance and general life counsel.

Most people learning English for business will find these helpful as well. If you’re studying English in preparation for a move to the United States, you should definitely try Lingua Marina.

Lingua Marina

#9. Easy English

Easy English is a YouTube channel that features a wide range of educational content. Some of the topics covered include vocabulary, grammar, idioms, and accents.

This content is beneficial to students who are learning English for the first time or who want to improve their existing skills. The video content is in an easy-to-understand and understandable manner. The content teaches you new words and phrases in an easy-to-understand manner while having fun.

You’ll find a variety of videos with numerous dialogues on a variety of topics. The channel’s content will help you enhance your English vocabulary and spoken English.

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You may also study language in a fun style that practically everyone can comprehend. The English level in this YouTube channel spans from beginner to upper-intermediate. Easy English has proven to be one of the best YouTube channels for learning English. It now has 145,413,609 views and about 2.36 million subscribers.

Easy English

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#10. Learn English with Bob the Canadian

If you’re learning English on YouTube, you’ve probably heard about Bob the Canadian. He’s a high school teacher from Toronto, Canada, who lives with his wife and five children on a flower farm.

He began making YouTube videos for English learners for fun a few years ago, and they quickly became a tremendous success. His YouTube channel, Learn English with Bob the Canadian, is now one of the best YouTube channels for learning English. It has 50,345,877 views and 1.14 million subscribers.

Bob’s videos are largely about everyday life. Bob uses simple English to depict typical places, scenes, and conversations, explaining difficult vocabulary as he goes.

He has taken his viewers to a diverse range of locations, from hardware stores to hotels. Bob’s accent is very distinct, and he subtitles his videos such that even intermediate speakers can understand most of them.

The channel uploads new teaching materials every week. His YouTube channel can assist you in expanding your fundamental English vocabulary. The majority of the content covers topics that aid in comprehending and pronouncing basic English phrases. Some videos are also simply intended to motivate you on your quest to learn English.

Learn English With Bob the Canadian

Frequently asked questions

Can I learn to speak English from YouTube?

Yes! YouTube channels like VOA are ideal for beginner English learners.

What is the best YouTube channel for learning English?

Bob the Canadian and BBC Learn English is one of the best channels for learning English.

How can I improve my English?

Watch movies in the English language, subscribe to some of the YouTube channels reviewed above, and practice!

Can I learn English for free?

Yes, most of the YouTube channels reviewed offer their English classes for zero fees.

What is the best Youtube channel to learn English for exams?

BBC learn English is a popular choice for preparing for English exams.


Expert information used to be scarce and expensive, but YouTube has leveled the playing field. YouTube is a well-organized database. You can search for incredibly specific subjects and find relevant content containing the information you seek. Creators understand that no one watches videos longer than fifteen minutes, therefore it will be brief and to-the-point.

This is a fantastic advantage for language learners! This article has reviewed some of the best YouTube channels for learning English. 


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