10 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Japanese

Are you looking for the best youtube channels for learning Japanese? Are you planning your first trip to Japan or simply looking for a good place to learn Japanese online? Videos are an excellent way to learn languages. YouTube is an even better place to find both engaging and insightful language videos.

YouTube is a goldmine for Japanese language lessons and practice listening. You’ll find grammar explanations, beginner vocabulary, and advanced-level Japanese debates. And all of these for free.

This journey, however, will necessitate a significant amount of effort and hard work on your part. Anyone who claims that learning a language will be simple is either misinformed or trying to sell you something. After the honeymoon period of learning has worn off, progress feels slower. You will exhaust yourself. The poop hits the fan. If you’ve ever attempted to learn something new, you know exactly what we mean.

To simplify this journey, we have a guide you can follow.

However, a search for “Japanese YouTube” yields over 300 million videos. And, sadly, there is a lot of dross on that list. That is why we have compiled a list of some of our favorite YouTube channels for Japanese learners. This article is a full guide on the 10 best youtube channels for learning Japanese.

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10 best youtube channels for learning Japanese

Basic Japanese vocabulary, grammar, writing systems, and key phrases are all on these YouTube channels. You’ll progress from using survival Japanese to using conditionals, expressing doubt and probability, and more. The channels in this section provide clear and simple explanations and almost always teach in English.

The list of 10 best youtube channels for learning Japanese are-

#1. Nihongonomori

Do you intend to pack your belongings and relocate to Japan? Or are you learning on a long-term basis in the future? Take advantage of this opportunity to brush up on your Japanese skills. Perhaps, you can even sign up for the next Japanese language proficiency test, also known as the JLPT.

This incredible YouTube channel is specifically to get you through that purpose. They have over 400 YouTube channel subscribers. 

Nihongonomori’s videos introduce and explain grammar points for various proficiency levels. It also has the occasional slide-in of new vocabulary as a bonus. To follow up with Nihongonomori, one should probably have a basic understanding of the Japanese language.

If you prefer a more formal setting to learn Japanese online, Nihongonomori is the place to be! It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Japanese

Visit Nihongonomori YouTube Channel

#2. JapanesePod101

With 1k subscribers, JapanesePod101 is one of the best YouTube Channels for learning Japanese. JapanesePod101’s videos are ideal for future visitors to Japan who want to learn the basics of the Japanese language quickly. It is also great for beginners.

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The hosts of these YouTube videos clearly and concisely go over each learning point of the videos. They make it extremely easy to follow and absorb. JapanesePod101 is one of those essential channels to get your Japanese language ball rolling. They have a wide range of topics.

They teach topics ranging from a crash course in the hiragana writing system to avoiding common language mistakes.

Visit JapanesePod101 YouTube Channel Here

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#3. Easy Languages

Easy languages are one of the best YouTube channels for learning Japanese. This channel features a collection of video street interviews. Each video focuses on a different topic, such as sushi or public transportation in Japan. Unlike other Japanese language learning YouTube channels, Easy Languages focuses on casual conversation.

Easy languages also focus on everyday slang words rather than formal learning. It has captions in English and the actual Japanese writing script. All of these contribute to visual learning in these videos. This is ideal for Japanese language students working on their listening skills.

Visit Easy Languages YouTube Channel Here

#4. Learn Japanese with Anime

Did you know you can use anime, the popular Japanese animation genre, to learn the language? It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Japanese. Learn Japanese is a YouTube channel that produces teaching videos using clips from popular anime. It uses anime such as Naruto and Haikyuu to show that it is possible to learn Japanese through anime.

Each of these videos not only introduces new vocabulary. They also break down unique and interesting phrases to teach grammar points and casual slang here and there. The Learn Japanese YouTube channel is for those who enjoy Japanese anime.

It is also for this who want to learn the language in a fun way. They have 700+ YouTube subscribers. 

Visit Learn Japanese With Anime YouTube Channel Here

#5. Japanese Ammo with Misa

This channel will keep you safe whether you’re a complete beginner or nearing the end of Genki II. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Japanese. Misa has created three playlists for complete beginners. The Japanese Characters, Grammar Lessons For Absolute Beginners, and New Absolute Beginner Japanese Lessons.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can move on to her JLPT N5 and N4 playlists. You can then subsequently move on to listening practice activities, and vocabulary and slang playlists. Misa’s videos are both entertaining and informative. They employ a variety of effective teaching techniques.

It employs techniques like showing you incorrect Japanese and giving you time to identify the error (s). She writes important words in Japanese script and romaji, with English translations beneath. She also adds color-coding highlights key parts of the phrase.

Visit Japanese Ammo with Misa Here

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#6. MINORI EDUCATION – N5N4 日本語勉強チャンネル

This channel will teach you grammar, vocabulary, and writing systems in an N5 and N4 Japanese curriculum. What’s the catch? It’s all in Japanese, but there are English, Vietnamese, and Japanese subtitles. If listening and pronunciation are important to you, this is a great place to start.

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You will also not run out of content anytime soon. There are hundreds of videos, organized by theme and difficulty level. The tutorials also progress logically within each video. The videos introduce vocabulary (months and days of the month).

It also introduces grammar structures, and question phrases before concluding with a practice section. Minori Education is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Japanese.

Visit MINORI EDUCATION – N5・N4 日本語勉強チャンネル YouTube Channel Here

#7. Miku Real Japanese

Prepare to learn Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and culture from Miku, the charismatic teacher. She will teach you naturally, everyday Japanese phrases as well as textbook ones. She also includes a lot of speaking, level-appropriate Japanese in her videos, whether it’s a funny sketch or a bunch of example sentences.

You will improve your listening skills while also learning Japanese grammar and vocabulary. Miku’s real Japanese skill is shown in her 1k+ subscribers. 

Signing up for her Patreon gives you access to additional videos and Anki decks. Miku also posts intermediate-level material, such as listening practice. However, the majority of her videos are aimed at beginners. She indicates the JLPT level in the video thumbnail or title, so don’t get scared. You won’t be suddenly overwhelmed by material that’s too difficult.

Visit Miku Real Japanese YouTube Channel Here

#8. Learn Japanese from Zero

This YouTube channel has something for everyone (and for nearly every level). You’ll probably find something here if you’re stuck on a grammatical concept. Even if you are looking for interesting anime-inspired materials, you can find them as well. They also have a lot of youtube subscribers. 

There are playlists for each JLPT level, but you should focus on The Writing Systems as a beginner. You can also focus on optional Pre-JLPT Studying (aka survival Japanese), N5 Level, and N4 Level. The teacher provides thorough and clear explanations with numerous examples.

He is also very active in responding to questions in the comments section. It is one of the options for the best YouTube channels for learning Japanese.

Visit Learn Japanese with Zero YouTube Channel Here

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#9. Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon’s YouTube channel is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Japanese. It combines Japanese lessons and tutorials with video essays about translation and anime.

Oh, and she sprinkles a little humor in amongst the encouragement. There are numerous tutorials to watch, but as a beginner, start with her Japanese for Beginners (Genki vol, I) playlist.

It covers the same topics as the popular Genki textbooks for beginners. However, it does this with different example sentences and phrases. This means that you can use it as supplementary materials or as a stand-alone resource.

Visit Sarah Moon’s YouTube Channel Here

#10. Japanese Language School – Coto Academy

This is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Japanese. If you’re interested in learning Japanese but don’t like stress, you should check out this channel. Coto Academy has a lot of recent beginner-level videos. They’re brief and to the point. While they’re frequently in Japanese, the teachers extensively use repetition and pause to assist you. They have over 1k subscribers on their YouTube channel. 

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There are also videos on vocabulary, kanji, natural phrases, and other topics. The quality of older videos varies, but most newer videos are pretty good.

Visit Japanese Language School- Coto Academy YouTube Channel Here

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YouTube is one of the best online resources for learning Japanese. From structured language learning programs to entertaining videos about Japanese culture. The YouTube world has a lot to offer. The best part is that it is completely free! Whatever stage of your studies you’re in, there’s bound to be something on YouTube to help you improve your language skills.

This approach to learning Japanese begins at the very beginning. We assume you know nothing about Japanese. That’s why we put together these YouTube channels to walk you through each step. This includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening. And the YouTube channels explain when, how, and why you should use them.

This should be everything you need to progress. So you don’t waste all of your newfound enthusiasm on planning how to learn, instead, spend it on learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to learn Japanese on YouTube?

Yes. YouTube is a goldmine for Japanese language lessons and practice listening. You’ll find grammar explanations, non-textbook language, and beginner vocabulary– all for free.

What are the three major Japanese languages?

Hiragana, katakana, and kanji are the three systems. Don’t worry if that sounds overwhelming! Hiragana and katakana are simple enough to learn and will come in handy if you plan on visiting Japan or learning basic Japanese.

Is YouTube well-known in Japan?

According to a recent survey, YouTube is the most popular free online video platform in Japan, with 98% of respondents using it.

Is it possible to learn Japanese by watching?

Yes. People can learn something from anime! Although it can be difficult at times, it is possible to have fun while learning Japanese.

Is Japanese difficult to learn?

According to the US Foreign Services Institute, Japanese is the most difficult language for native English speakers to learn. The institute totaled the time it takes to learn a language to determine its difficulty. 23-24 weeks for the easiest and 88 weeks for the most difficult.



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