10 Best YouTube Channels for Mechanical Engineers

YouTube is a fantastic free resource for learning about various interesting and educational topics. Every individual, including students and professors, can gain access to such channels to learn and expand their knowledge.

Because YouTube is such a visual medium, engineers, designers, and machinists on the platform can provide step-by-step guides to their work, making it incredibly easy for viewers to emulate and understand their projects.

The best of these YouTubers can incorporate their personalities and sense of humor into their broadcasts, making them enjoyable and engaging. Even though there are numerous Engineering and manufacturing YouTube channels available, this article is centered around the 10 best YouTube channels for mechanical Engineers. 

10 Best YouTube Channels For Mechanical Engineers 

1. SmarterEveryDay

The host and narrator of SmarterEveryDay is Destin Sandlin, an American engineer. He enjoys telling interesting stories about science and engineering. Sandlin has a background in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering and has a deep fascination for machines, space, and flight.

The channel, which debuted on April 4, 2006, has over 9.84 million subscribers worldwide. The channel focuses on exploring the world through scientific concepts. 

His channel also includes videos on a variety of other random subjects ranging from ‘Why dogs tilt their heads to ‘Turning gravity into light’ and ‘Acoustic levitation.’ If you’re naturally curious about the world around you, SmarterEveryDay could help you find answers.

The SmarterEveryday is one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers, you should give it a try. 


2. Minutephysics

Henry Reich created the educational YouTube channel Minutephysics. The channel is usually about physics and other scientific concepts. He teaches in such a way that makes complex topics simple for everyone. Animated videos are usually made so that users can easily understand them.

There are no funny videos here, only solid physics and science information. Many of the videos are cute little drawings that will answer any of your (or your children’s) questions about how airplanes fly. Why is driving backward more difficult? What makes the sky blue? Already intrigued? Then you better check it out. 

Henry Reich launched his minutephysics channel on June 20, 2011, and it now has over 5.35 million subscribers. The About page of the channel sums it up best: ‘Simply put: cool physics and other sweet science.’ When the channel first launched, topics were usually summarized in about one minute; however, videos can now be a little longer.

The topics range from ‘Lithium-ion limits’ to ‘Why doesn’t time flow backward?’ As you already know it’s impossible to study mechanical engineering without physics, this makes Minutephysics one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers. 


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3. Veritasium

The Veritasium YouTube channel’s main field of study in science, education, and engineering videos. It consists of many crazy experiments that people are usually interested in watching and wondering about the results of.

The videos on the YouTube channel are extremely interesting and informative. The channel was launched by physicist Derek Muller, on July 21, 2010. It currently has over 9.41 million subscribers.

The numerous discussions with the general public about a variety of scientific misconceptions are one of the channel’s most notable draws. The channel’s video titles include ‘The world’s heaviest weight’ and ‘Misconceptions about temperature.’ The veritasium is one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers out there, you should give it a try. 

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4. Interesting Engineering

The Interesting Engineering YouTube channel, as the name suggests, contains many interesting engineering concepts, particularly those related to machinery. Other topics covered include mechanics, automation, automobiles, construction, and many others.

The channel consistently provides its audience with intriguing and exciting videos. Its mission is to use creative storytelling to reveal the fascinating inner workings of the most recent scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, cultural phenomena, and more.

It was launched on November 30, 2015, and currently has thousands of subscribers. Interesting engineering provides ‘the most up to date information about engineering changes in the world how they are being made and what their impact is’ whether it’s advancements in automation, 3D printing, or the most recent breakthrough in climate technology.

 I.E will keep you up to date on all the latest developments in the vast field of engineering. If you have a voracious appetite for new information, Interesting Engineering could be the channel for you.

And the best part? They create new content every couple of days!  Interesting Engineering is one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers out there. 

Interesting Engineering

5. Learn Engineering

This channel was founded by Sabin Mathew, an IIT Delhi post-graduate in 2012. If you’re not drawn to channels with crazy internet personalities and strange experiments, Learn Engineering might be your best bet. It’s a purely educational channel that simplifies engineering to help explain complex technologies. 

Its animated videos are simple, and the channel produces videos on a variety of engineering topics, including automotive engineering, aerospace and aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering, equipment design, and thermal engineering, among others. This channel has more than 4.5 million subscribers.

If you’re a purist, this is the one for you. Learn Engineering is one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineering. This is especially so for students that just started learning the aspects of mechanical engineering. 

Learn Engineering 

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6. Engineerguy

Bill Hammack, an engineering professor, founded the Engineerguy YouTube channel in 2010, and in 2019 he received the Carl Sagan Award for Public Appreciation of Science, an honor shared by Bill Nye and Steven Pinker.

Hammond’s enthusiasm and knowledge of science and technology are evident in his educational videos, which aim to simplify complex technical information.

He has inspired the next generation of engineers and scientists while also educating the general public about the importance of science and engineering in our society and economy. Bill was dubbed a “brilliant science and technology documentarian” by Make magazine, and his YouTube videos “should be held up as models of how to present complex technical information visually.

According to Science magazine, Bill Hammack can wax poetic about the clever design of a soda can or a Scotch tape dispenser. The videos were also described as “dazzling” by Wired.

His relaxed demeanor makes his videos engaging and simple to follow. His videos attempt to explain basic scientific theories such as ‘How a laser works’ or ‘How a microwave oven works, as well as basic processes such as ‘Plastic injection molding.’ This is one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers.

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7. The Engineering Mindset 

The engineering mindset is one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers. Paul Evans, the organization’s founder, founded The Engineering Mindset in 2015. The goal was to help students, engineers, and others learn technical engineering topics by providing short, simplified tutorials.

The primary goal is to be the most comprehensive resource and online learning tool for all aspects of engineering. They use detailed illustrations and animations in their videos to help convey the essentials of each subject with on-demand, internet-based education. It’s popularly known as one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers. 

The Engineering Mindset 

8. Practical Engineering

Grady Hillhouse is a civil engineer in San Antonio, Texas, and the creator of the Practical Engineering YouTube channel. The goal of Practical Engineering is to raise awareness and interest in the field of engineering, as well as to highlight the link between the world around us and the energy, passion, and thought that goes into making it a better place to live.

Practical Engineering is a YouTube channel dedicated to infrastructure and the built environment around us. He enjoys assisting people in making connections between themselves and their built environment. 

People must be interested in the engineering behind infrastructure and see people who are passionate about finding innovative ways to meet humanity’s basic needs for them to care about infrastructure. He hopes that his YouTube videos are useful to everyone and inspire people to become advocates for civil engineering.

The Practical Engineering YouTube channel launch date was on February 18, 2007, and it now has over 2.07 million subscribers. Practical Engineering is one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers. 

Practical Engineering 

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9. Engineering.com

Engineering.com, also known as Engineering-dot-com, is a globally trusted source of professional engineering content with the mission of inspiring engineering professionals to be and do better.

Engineering dot com also has a blog with the same name. It consists of science and engineering technology videos. This channel is useful for all engineers, whether they have a mechanical, automotive, or information technology background.

Engineering.com makes lots of fun videos, DIYs, and talks – there is something for every engineer. It is one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers. Launched on 11 February 2010, it has more than 44 thousand subscribers.



NYC CNC is one of the best YouTube channels for mechanical engineers. John Saunders runs this channel. He moved to New York City after growing up on a farm in Ohio. He had a desk job after college, but he decided he wanted more out of life, so he bought a CNC mill and began teaching himself how to use it.

Eight years later, he owns and operates Saunders Machine Works in Zanesville, Ohio.

John Saunders of Saunders Machine Works, the favorite CNC YouTuber, seems to be everywhere these days. He was recently featured in a New York Times article about the complex calculus that small manufacturers face when deciding where to locate their operations.

It’s not always what you’d expect: while rural real estate may be cheaper, labor costs aren’t always lower, and access to infrastructure can stifle growth. And, because 94 percent of all manufacturers in the United States are classified as small, with 100 or fewer employees, this is a problem that affects the entire industry.

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NYC CNC, John’s YouTube channel, has over 240,000 subscribers. Last year, he spoke at AU about how to use social media to build a manufacturing business like his.

He also spoke with us as part of our Explainers series about learning, inspiring, creating media, and growing an online audience. (Last year, he also shared his thoughts on the subject with Redshift.)


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Mechanical engineers design power-producing machines, such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines, as well as power-using machines, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Mechanical engineers design other machines inside buildings, such as elevators and escalators. Considering all this we believe that mechanical engineering is too vital of a field in our lives. 

YouTube is a great free online resource to enhance and gain knowledge about various trending concepts around the world. Similarly, it is greatly useful by mechanical engineers too.

The list consists of the top 10  YouTube channels for mechanical engineering. All mechanical engineers must follow these YouTube channels. This includes students that are still in the process of studying mechanical engineering and any random person interested in gaining knowledge about mechanical engineering. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 main areas of what mechanical engineers do?

 It is one of the oldest and most diverse engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineering requires a solid understanding of fundamental concepts such as mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, and electricity.

What is basic mechanical knowledge?

Basic mechanical knowledge entails understanding how mechanical equipment and tools work and applying that knowledge in real-world situations.

Are mechanical engineers smart?

Mechanical engineers are very intelligent people. Mechanical engineers typically have technical mindsets, above-average IQs, and strong mathematical abilities. Because of these factors, mechanical engineers can take some of the most difficult courses while working in a stressful and competitive environment.

What are the best engineering channels for first-year mechanical engineering students?

Some of the good channels for first-year mechanical engineering students to follow are 5 Minute Engineering that’s if you understand Hindi, cause their lessons are usually thought in Hindi. If you are not comfortable then another channel is Knowledge gate, Khan academy, education4u, Easy Engineering Classes, Gate lectures by Ravindra, and many more channels.

Why choose to study mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineers design and construct solutions to a variety of problems, increasing efficiency in a variety of industries. You can expect good job prospects, high salaries, and a variety of work if you study mechanical engineering.



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