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To understand the positive impact of the best YouTube channels for men, a study discovered that men who viewed educated and instructive YouTube videos had better self-esteem than those who did not watch any YouTube videos.

For many, YouTube is a flood of low-quality videos showcasing the newest online fad or conspiracy theory, maybe some painful-looking accident, music videos and video bloggers of questionable talent, and, of course, cats.

However, many people underestimate YouTube’s potential as an instructional tool. YouTube may be the most essential educational instrument of our time, with everything from how-to instructional videos to TED speeches.

A person may now investigate any subject under the sun on YouTube in under 3 minutes and become fully educated in it. Previously, a person had to travel across town to a library during the restricted hours it was open, have a valid library card in good standing, then laboriously search up the subject.

This article explores the subject of YouTube channels for guys by suggesting the best YouTube channels that talk about topics that men are very interested in and addressing them to the best of their abilities.

10 best youtube channels for men in 2022

Here are the top 10 best YouTube channels for men and the details about them that are essential for men who want to watch. The number of subscribers that each have have been added for benefit of the reader to see that they are not alone.

If you are keen on starting a channel, here’s how to become a YouTuber quite easily, with the requirements and other things you need.

#1 – Real Men Real Style (3.03M subscribers)

Real Men Real Style styles itself on showing men how to perfect their personal presentations so that when they go into a room, they command instant respect and make more money in their lifetime.

Real Men Real Style was registered on YouTube in December 2010 and has so far been delivering content by teaching men how to get it right. Getting it right involves far more than just clothes or shoes.

With over 3.03 million subscribers and monthly views of almost 4 million, this stands out as one of the best YouTube channels for men. The how-to channel continues to dish out more with each passing day.

The founder Antonio Centenio had the dream in 2008 to give advice and tips on men’s style and has continued to do so with graphics, podcasts, articles, and videos.

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#2 – Art of Manliness (1.29M subscribers)

The Art of Manliness is a one-stop-shop for practical advice on all aspects of a man’s life, including character, career, relationships, fitness, style, skills, and much more.

AoM addresses topics ranging from the philosophical and serious to the practical and entertaining in weekly podcasts and articles.

AoM distinguishes itself from other men’s lifestyle media sites by producing clever, insightful, comprehensive, immensely useful, and clickbait-free material.

The Strenuous Life is an online/offline program that helps men immediately adopt the habits, disciplines, and talents we discuss on AoM into their life.

TSL, similar to a scouting program for mature men, provides a structure that promotes a man’s growth in body, mind, and soul.

AoM’s objective is to have men not just read and listen to their content, but also apply what they learn in their life; through their articles, podcasts, books, and programs, AoM strives to help men “get action,” as Theodore Roosevelt phrased it.

They want to assist men in reaching their full potential, becoming better friends, mentors, husbands, dads, and citizens, and living a life of eudaemonia – skill, thriving, excellence, and virtue.

#3 – DLM Men’s Lifestyle (861k subscribers)

The founder, Daniel Maritz told his story as the reason why he started the YouTube channel and his other content outlets. His YouTube channel is now about the best YouTube channel for men out there.

According to his story, his parents went to South Africa when he was three years old. Daniel began his modeling career in this magnificent nation.

Daniel Maritz entered a modeling contest for fun and before he knew it, he had signed with a modeling agency and was traveling the world. He was overjoyed to be experiencing other nations and cultures.

In addition to traveling, he studied for a degree in psychology and an honors degree in theology, which made the voyage even more difficult at times.

Founder, Daniel Maritz had been modeling full-time for many years and has visited over 16 countries. He has investigated, tried, and learned some of the top style, grooming, and fitness ideas in the entertainment world.

He claims he doesn’t want other people to have to go through all the knowledge and troubles he had to get to the truth, to what actually works. This is what drove him to become a content producer and YouTuber.

#4 – The Style O.G. (510k subscribers)

The founder of the Style O.G. Jeff created the channel which has become one of the best YouTube channels for men as a way of educating and styling men out there. After all, you have to know it to teach it, and Jeff knows it.

He claims he’s always had a dual affinity for fashion and education, thus launching this business is a longtime ambition of his to merge the two.

Allow him to be a resource to assist you to enhance your lifestyle and the image you present, he advises. This YouTube channel for males will provide tips on fashion, grooming, fitness, dating, and other topics of interest.

Jeff is obviously on top of the segment and is delivering value to his over 510k subscribers that watch his videos for the knowledge of how things should be done.

#5 – DevanOnDeck (440k subscribers)

Devan is a menswear media maestro (entrepreneur) who has combined his fashion knowledge, current style, and guerilla tactics to build a novel designed digital marketing approach that is dominating several menswear categories.

If you haven’t met or watched any of the DevanOnDeck videos on YouTube, you should do so. It is one of the most popular YouTube channels for males.

When it comes to style advice, guys have always had one suspicion: it’s difficult to think you’re getting good advice when everything around you suggests otherwise. This assertion is valid since we are inundated with style information from both good and poor sources. This is where Devan comes in.

The majority of guys who have viewed his extremely popular YouTube films have considered them to be intriguing, instructive, and elegant. More significantly, DevanOnDeck is entertaining to watch because of his upbeat personality.

Gone are the days when arrogant fashion experts told us what to wear. In a quickly changing fashion scene, welcome the new guard that is attentive to customers’ opinions and demands.

#6 – 21 Studios (380k subscribers)

21 Studios has been at the forefront of manly self-improvement for men and fathers since 2006. They bring together the world’s greatest coaches, presenters, specialists, mansplainers, and men’s leaders to provide you with the tools and ideas you need to become the best man you can be.

The Red Man Group, founded in 2018 on the 21 Studios YouTube channel, is a subsidiary and proud part of the 21 Studios family. The Red Man Group is the world’s most ferocious men’s podcast. They are unequivocally pro-man, pro-father, and pro-masculinity.

What makes 21 Studios one of the best YouTube channels for men is that they have consistently tried to build positivity around the everyday man. For many men out there, knowing that they aren’t alone in their struggles means a lot to them.

They say they want to build a positive future for men, boys, and fathers with ultra-professional videos and events. This is their own way of restoring masculinity to men worldwide.

With over 380k subscribers and counting, they are on to something huge.

#7 – The Modest Man (378k subscribers)

The Modest Man is a YouTube extension of a blog that tells men how to dress well. If yu have ever felt like you are never properly dressed, then The Modest Man was created for people like you.

Brock, the founder of The Modest Man said that he started the blog and by extension the YouTube channel because he realized in his early 20s that he was a poorly dressed young man.

The resultant effect of this was that it was starting to affect his life as well, professionally and socially. You need a level of social awareness to come to that conclusion.

For most guys, nobody taught them how to dress and you can see it in the way they dress. Brock said that he never knew what colors to wear, how clothes should fit, or how to put together an outfit.

If you are a man who is either slightly too short or too tall, the difference is almost always there for you to see as you’d struggle to get what fits your frame without stress.

What makes The Modest Man one of the best YouTube channels for men is the fact that it is an answer to the “what should I wear?” and “how should I wear it?” questions that many men ask.

#8 – Let’s Become Successful (300k subscribers)

Let’s Become Successful channel owners developed the channel to assist you to evolve into a better version of yourself every day and get through life’s difficult circumstances.

You will discover videos in this section that will encourage and inspire you to accomplish more with your life. No matter where you start listening from, the changes you are to experience start small and gradually progress from there.

With over 300k followers and two videos per week, it is no surprise that people continue to sign up. Let’s Become Successful has indeed become not just one of the best YouTube channels for men but for everyone who has determined in their minds that they want to switch things up.

For a channel that started in February 2020, they have come a long way in motivating people; and having people believe in them and what they intend to achieve in the lives of those who watch them.

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#9 – Gent’s Lounge (187k subscribers)

The Gent’s Lounge is an all-inclusive guide on all things that encompass today’s modern-day gentleman from George LaBoda and Blake Scott. These things involve but are not limited to etiquette, dressing style, care kit, dress, boots, and the likes.

The Gents Lounge make a point of duty to release new videos every week. They have over 4,004 posts on Instagram with 447k followers, 19 million views on YouTube with 187k subscribers. It’s a growing community of people who believe in similar things.

The Gent’s Lounge believe in the words of Marianne Williamson where she said that “Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone, and as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

#10 – Evolve Your Mind (103k subscribers)

Created in March, 2021, the YouTube channel describes itself as dedicated to anybody who would like to improve their lives. They hope to achieve this mission through visual storytelling which they have so far done.

The platform boasts 104k subscribers who listen weekly for the message of inspiration that they share.

People with a fixed mentality believe that their intellect is just fixed qualities, and that talent alone brings success. They are incorrect.

Successful individuals understand this. They devote a significant amount of time each day to developing a growth mindset; acquiring new knowledge, learning new skills, and changing their viewpoint in order to improve their life.

The Evolve Your Mind channel works on the mindset of the listener. This works to help them evolve beyond the point where they currently are. If you are a man and you want to do better, it most times lies in the mindset.


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What is the no. 1 youtube channel for men?

The #1 YouTube channel for men is Real men Real Style, a channel that styles itself on showing men how to perfect their personal presentations so that when they go into a room, they command instant respect.

Which youtube for men has the highest subscribers?

The YouTube channel for men that has the highest following is Real Men Real Style with over 3 million followers. This number continues to rise every day.


There are men who are less accomplished in their personal and professional lives than you, and those who are more accomplished.

Spending time with folks who are behind you will lower your average, and hence your success. However, spending time with individuals who are more accomplished than you, no matter how difficult it may be, can help you become more successful.

The best YouTube channels for men help men who are living ordinary lives to live better lives. The channels help men think well, act well, dress well, etc, and that’s what most men need.



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