How Much Does Zenefits Cost?

To most entrepreneurs, human resources management is a challenging task. They have a lot of work to do and little time to sift through all the complexities of managing several tasks that come with onboarding new employees, running payroll, selecting benefits, and even doing the timekeeping work for their team.

The stress and inefficiency that come with trying to do a lot of these tasks manually prompt these entrepreneurs to look for better ways to smoothly run the human resources operations.

One great way to manage a small business’s HR operations is to use the Zenefits platform. Zenefits as a paid service is an excellent option, especially for businesses with two to 200 employees and Zenefits pricing is on par with its competitors too.

What is Zenefits?

Zenefits is a Software as a Service (SAAS) company that provides a cloud-based human resource information management platform to businesses for managing multiple HR services such as benefits, payroll, compliance, integration, health insurance coverage, and many more all in one place. It’s a technology company based in San Francisco that deals in managing human resources.

Basically, Zenefits offers a platform for small and mid-sized businesses, using HR tools to administer to properly handle the complex work involved in managing people.

Also, Zenefits streamlines your workflow by automatically connecting HR, Benefits, Payroll, Time, and Scheduling, together in one platform. This means putting less time on low-priority tasks so your company could focus on crucial matters, thereby saving time.

 Most entrepreneurs and employees in small and mid-size businesses face difficulties due to their size and resources but their perseverance is the pillar of Zenefits workforce.

The main goal of Zenefits is to level the playground between large, medium-sized, and small (under-served small businesses) business enterprises so they could have equal opportunities to succeed in their business.

No matter who you are or your type of business Zenefits is united with customers and employees in standing for what is right.

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What are the Offers of Zenefits?

  1. Streamlining hr: Assisting employees in every step of the way by making up offers, managing employees, requesting time off, understanding your workforce and exiting, etc.
  2. Automatically integrated hr. Unlike most HR platforms, Zenefits syncs seamlessly across Benefits, HR, and Payroll, saving you time on unnecessary busywork. Running payroll, salary changes, project payouts, on-boarding for new hires (Time and scheduling tool), and requests for time off. _Effortless HR compliance Keeping a business compliant can be a full-time job. Let our platform do most of the work for you.
  3. Simplify employee benefits. In simplifying employees’ benefits, Zenefits simplify benefits administration and streamline enrollment, completes coverage for you and your employees, offers the benefits your employees expect and set your business apart. ACA compliance; Benefits compliance can be tricky. Fortunately, our platform does most of the heavy lifting for you. 
  4. Smooth payroll. Easy & Reliable Payroll Software; Our fully integrated, easy-to-use system makes payroll pain a thing of the past. Zenefits uses advanced payroll features such as unlimited Pay-runs, garnishments Support, direct deposits, tips Reporting, multiple Schedules & pay rates, contractor Payments, general Ledger Reporting, dynamic, mobile Paystub, and effortless payroll compliance. 
  5. Payroll integration: Zenefits seamlessly integrate payroll into the accounting and 401(k) platforms you are already using
  6. Time and scheduling. Zenefits makes simple Scheduling, so easy that you will have to ditch the spreadsheet. Zenefits uses a time tracking tool that makes scheduling so easy you might even enjoy doing it. Extra features include; tracking time for freelancers, contractors, and employees is simple and seamless. You can use your resources more effectively through real-time data on employee activities. Also, Zenefits PTO tools make it easy to submit, track and manage time-off requests. Clocking-in that fits your company. The magic of an integrated Time & Scheduling tool.
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Why You Should Use Zenefits?

Basically, keeping a business compliant is a complex and full-time job. Luckily the Zenefits platform does most of the work for you, including calculating and filing payroll taxes. Their payroll is built to address your unique situation from one-man shops to thousand-person enterprises.

Every Zenefits pricing plan includes all advanced payroll features. You can explore them all and the packages that come with them.

  • Hiring and retaining top talents: Zenefits provides an avenue for easy supervision of new employees by monitoring their tasks. And retaining them is easier too, with advanced HR tools like compensation reporting.
  • Staying Compliant: Keeping a business compliant and up to standard level is made easier with Zenefits. Zenefits automate many of the compliance tasks and government filings for you. The built-in safeguards in Zenefits prevent accidental mistakes. Zenefits compliance calendar ensures you never miss an important deadline.
  • Improve productivity: Experience any of our intriguing features like self on-boarding, selecting benefits, and signing documents happen completely online. Therefore, relieving your employees of some tedious and unnecessary tasks so they could spend more time focused on their core functions, without administrative distraction.
  • Enhances worker’s experience: Not only do we make your HR life better, Zenefits boosts your employees’ overall experience, making them more efficient in their tasks whether newly remote or in hybrid workforces. From a mobile app that streamlines onboarding and requesting time off, to a modern experience that lets employees sign up for benefits online. Zenefits also help track company morale and show how motivated employees are in their jobs.
  • Reducing errors: Moving fully to Zenefits digital HR platform means having little or no errors common with manual entry and paperwork – errors that can have an important impact on your business, like overpaying an employee or filing tax forms with the wrong personnel information.
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More Reasons to Use Zenefits

  • Also, Zenefits provides collaboration Tools. To Keep Employees Connected and Productive, Zenefits provides tools like Google documents to save materials to the cloud that can be shared with others to review, edit and share their thoughts. Zenefits also provides Collaboration hubs like video conferencing and other tools, overnight when workers go remote Managers can inspect the progress of the project, to see where assistance may be needed and when it’s complete.
  • Enhancing communication and learning makes work smooth and accurate, but when there is no collaboration, there is a lack of communication, leaving the worker empty and confused.
  • Coverage in managing employees. Through the streamlined on-boarding and easy PTO tracking to org charts, performance reviews, etc. Zenefits just provides the best coverage in managing employees.
  • Store and manage a vast amount of information. Zenefits help to store and manage large amounts of personal data, such as an address, security number, emergency contact, work eligibility, and compensation information. One can also customize the data you collect to meet your company’s needs.

No matter where your employees get their work done — whether it’s onsite, at home, or elsewhere — they need to stay connected. Collaboration tools can help. Zenefits customers spend 50% less time spend 50% less time onboarding new employees.

Generally, Zenefits customers save up to a full week of work by using our tool. Also, Zenefits customers spend up to 90% less time spend up to 90% less time on payroll and benefits after moving to our digital platform. And much more.

The Zenefits pricing

Basically, Zenefits pricing comes with varying standard plans and program add-ons. Depending on the one you care to purchase, there are both monthly and annual plans available for any that suits for convenience.

Zenefits pricing is always upfront and is set unlike other platforms, available for you to know which package or plan best suits you as a manager. Zenefits also provides a 14day free trial to test out their offers, including annual and monthly packages.

The 3 different Zenefits pricing plans are explained in detail below:

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Essentials (foundation):

HR foundation. This plan comes with the core human resource (HR) functions you need to run a business, from hiring and onboarding to time tracking and business intelligence.

The Essentials Zenefits pricing plan costs about $8 / month per employee for annual payments and $10 /month per employee for monthly payments. With the Essentials Zenefits pricing plan, one can also use the Zenefits mobile app, among other features.


Basically, HR that grows with you comes with extra compensation and performance management tools as it involves bigger businesses. This upgrade has the tools to help your employees stay on track with their career goals and the opportunities that come with it.

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This plan is mainly used especially by small business enterprises. This package contains everything in Essentials, plus extra Compensation and Performance Management tools that help your employees stay on track with their career goals and how they apply them to the company goals and achievements.

This package costs about $14 / month per employee for annual payments and $18 /month per employee for monthly payments. This upgrade also comes with guides that managers can use to help offer feedback and conduct employee reviews.

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Super-powered HR with extra tools. The Zen plan is the most tremendous of all that Zenefits offers, having both the Essentials and Growth plans and additional features.

A unique collaboration from this feature with “thrive Global” allows you to assess your team’s well-being and track any problem areas or their progress at work. It also gives you personalized recommendations to help employees. 

This costs about $21 / month per employee for annual payments and about $27 / month per employee for monthly payments. This package also contains other additional features like Well-being Employee, Engagement Surveys, and People Hub.

FAQs How Much Does Zenefits?

Is Zenefits free?

No, Zenefits is a paid service with 3 different pricing plans so you’d have to pick the best affordable option for business.

How much is Zenefits worth?

Zenefits is currently valued at $4.5 billion after it has received $583 million in venture-capital funding from investors.

How much does Zenefits cost?

Zenefits has 3 paid pricing plans. The Essentials cost $10/month, the Growth plan costs $18/month, and the Zen plan costs $27/month.

Is Zenefits better than its alternative gusto?

Although both services have similar HR features, Zenefits is considered the better option if you need time tracking and scheduling.

Can I create job postings directly from Zenefits?

No, you cannot create and distribute job postings directly from Zenefits


Zenefits is the right for most entrepreneurs on the market searching for an HR management tool that provides a lot of features at any price point. Zenefits stands out as the best fit for growing businesses because it gives customers the flexibility to start with any Zenefits pricing plan and add new features when needed. With Zenefits, small businesses focus on other areas of their business without worrying about the basics of payroll and benefits management.


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