What Does Inmail Mean On Linkedin?

InMail messages are a paid service that allows you to send a direct message to another LinkedIn user who isn’t connected to you. You can only message LinkedIn members who are connected to you if you have a Basic (free) account. To use InMail messages, you must upgrade to a Premium account.


Why does my LinkedIn message say InMail?

InMail messages are private messages that let you contact anyone on LinkedIn without having to introduce yourself or provide contact information. An InMail can be sent immediately from a LinkedIn Recruiter member’s profile page or from search results.

What is the point of InMail?

Whether it’s for a sales opportunity, an industry question, or influencer outreach, InMail expands your capacity to reach people you want to interact with. The subject line of InMail communications is limited to 200 characters (which is sufficient, since Marketo suggests 7-word subject lines).

How do I know if someone has read my InMail on LinkedIn?

After tapping your profile image, go to Settings. Press the Communications button. Tap Read receipts and typing indicators under the Messaging experience area.

How do you use InMail on LinkedIn?

To send an InMail message,
Go to the profile of the LinkedIn member you’d like to send an InMail message to. You can also search for a member and send a new InMail message.
Tap Message in the introduction section.
Type the subject in the Subject field (optional).
Type the message in the text box.
Tap Send.

How do I know if my InMail was read?

Here is a list of sent InMail message statuses that you may see on the Sent InMail page.
Accepted – The message has been read and accepted. You should’ve received a response from the recipient.
Declined – The recipient has declined your opportunity.
Pending – The recipient hasn’t replied to the message.

Should I send InMail to recruiter?

Yes! It’s a great idea to send InMail to a recruiter for a job you’ve already applied for. However, you’ll want to keep in mind a few points so that you make the most of the recruiter’s time and your precious InMail credits.

How much does InMail cost on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn InMail is a type of ad that looks like an email and is delivered to a LinkedIn user’s personal message inbox. The InMails are sent on a pay-per-send basis, and depending on your target group, they might cost anywhere from $0.30 to $1 each send.

How do you reply to InMail on LinkedIn?

Quick Replies are pre-populated, quick responses that you can use to respond to an InMail message. When responding to an InMail message, you’ll have two options: Yes, interested… and No thanks… After you select a response, the text box will automatically populate with a templated response.

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