What Is My Paypal Username?

Click “My PayPal.Me” in the top right corner of PayPal.me. If necessary, log in. Next to the @ sign under your name, you’ll notice your username.


How do people send me money on PayPal?

It’s just as straightforward to send money using PayPal as it is to receive it. Click the “Send” icon while logged into your PayPal account, input the recipient’s e-mail address, type in the amount, and send it. There isn’t much else to say.

Is my PayPal account my email?

Because PayPal accounts are linked to email addresses, a PayPal address is just an email address that has been validated as a legitimate payment receiver. After you join up, you’ll get an email asking you to confirm your PayPal account request.

Do I have to use my real name on PayPal?

On personal accounts, PayPal requires users to use their true identities. You’ll need to set up a business account if you don’t want people you exchange money with on PayPal to know your true name.

Can I give my PayPal address to anyone?

It’s entirely safe to give them your email address as long as they don’t know your password, but if it’s a fraudster, you’ll start getting phony emails claiming money is in your account.

What PayPal details do I give to a buyer?

All you need to give the buyer is your email address to receive money into your PayPal account. For the money to be received, your email address must be confirmed within PayPal. We send you an email to confirm that you own the email address when you add it to your PayPal account.

How do I set up to receive money on PayPal?

You can request money with a personal PayPal account by logging in and selecting Request Money. Enter the email address of the person from whom you want to receive money in the next field. Include the request’s amount, a remark, and, if necessary, a second email address.

Can you have 2 PayPal accounts?

A user can only have two PayPal accounts at a time. The one for personal use is separate from the one for corporate usage. End-users can add as many email addresses as they want to accept/send payments.

How do I hide my real name on PayPal?

Set up a PayPal business account with your pen name as the name of your company to mask your true name. Your personal name must still be entered into PayPal, but clients will only see your business name.

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