Who Is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man?

No one knows for sure who Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is, but many people have their suspicions. It could be interpreted that Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is either a past lover of Alexandra’s or someone she has been infatuated with for a long time but has never had the opportunity to meet.

Some say that it’s a superhero who Alexandra Cooper is obsessed with, while others believe that it’s a secret admirer who she’s been trying to contact for years. Many believe that Ms. Cooper’s Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is Matt Kaplan.


Who is Alexandra’s boyfriend?

Alexandra Cooper’s boyfriend is Matt Kaplan, a film producer. She has been dating him since 2020. Despite discussing her love life on her podcast, the 27-year-old Alex revealed Mr. Sexy Zoom Man as her boyfriend’s name.

It’s said that Cooper gave her colleague the moniker after meeting him during a pandemic-related business growth session.

What age is Alexandra Cooper?

Alexandra Cooper is 27. She was born on August 21, 1994.

Who is Alex Cooper’s dad?

The famous podcaster, Alexandra Cooper was born to Bryan and Laurie. In the past, Alex’s dad was a hockey player of the famous Men’s Hockey Roster of the University of Wisconsin.

What does Alexandra Cooper earn?

Alexandra Cooper earns $450,000 per episode of her podcast and has a $ Million monthly salary. Alex is worth $98 Million US Dollars (Forbes 2022). 

How much is call her daddy worth?

Spotify mints Alexandra Cooper as another top-earning Podcaster with $60 Million ‘Call Her Daddy’ Deal.

Why did Alex and Sofia fall out?

According to Nicki Swift, Sofia Franklin accused Alex Cooper of negotiating with executives behind her back to take more control over the podcast without her consent. Sofia made these claims in an emotional Instagram video to her fans and followers.

Who started Call Her Daddy?

Alexandra Cooper started the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in 2018 with co-host and roommate Sofia Franklyn. The podcast rapidly increased in popularity, with downloads rising from 12,000 to 2 million in just two months. 

What does Matt Kaplan do for a living?

Matt Kaplan is a film producer.

Did Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper get married?

Matt Kaplan is currently in a relationship with Alex Cooper after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

Who is Matt Kaplan ex wife?

Matt Kaplan’s ex-wife is Claire Rhiannon Serenity Holt, an Australian-American actress, and model. The two got married in April 2016 and on 27 April 2017, Kaplan filed for divorce from Holt, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Who is Alex Cooper’s famous ex?

Alex Cooper admits to dating a lot of athletes, but Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul are her most well-known ex-boyfriends. Before she became famous, Cooper had an affair with Syndergaard, a New York baseball player.

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