Winter Scholarship Essay Contest 2022 ($1000)

If you enjoy writing, have a knack for writing, or just want to enter a real money contest, enter the Admission Writer Scholarship Essay Contest.

These Scholarship essays are named according to the period they fall. The admission writers offer the Winter, Fall, Autumn, and Spring Scholarship Essay Contest.

To participate, simply write an essay on a specific topic, meet all the scholarship requirements and send your masterpiece. Usually, the organization holds such a contest regularly – every 3 months. So, if you’re late for the application, you’ll have a chance to try your luck next time.

About The Admission Writers

The admission writers basically, is a writing company that offers services for making academic papers. However, its other goal is to motivate students to improve their writing skills and practice in making successful papers.

So, in line with its goal, the Admission Writers have set up the Scholarship Essay Contest. You can accept a challenge and take part in the Spring, Winter or Fall scholarship essay contest. Create a strong paper and receive a fine reward from them.

What Is The Scholarship Essay Contest 2022 Worth?

Basically, the winning essays for each Scholarship Essay Contest – Winter, Spring, and Fall are published on their website and announced on the Internet.

In addition, the scholarship essay contest winners receive the following rewards:

  • Ist place – $1,000;
  • 2nd Place – $600;
  • 3rd Place – $400;
  • Also, a chance to join our team of professional writers.

Who Can Apply For The Winter Scholarship Essay Contest 2022? | Eligibility

To apply for the Winter, Spring or Fall Scholarship Essay Contest, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate Students can participate in the contest
  • Send your finished essay to to participate
  • The essay should be written in English
  • The word count is no less than 600 and no more than 1200 words
  • One participant can submit one essay only
  • Any form of plagiarism is a reason for immediate disqualification without notification
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Level/Field of Study

High School, Undergraduate and Graduate Students are eligible to participate. There are no gender, race or age limitations. The scholarship application is free for everyone.

Host Nationality

The Winter, Spring or Fall Scholarship Essay Contest is hosted by the Admission Writers, a US-based writing company.

There are several USA Scholarships available for on our platform; Check them Out.

Eligible Nationality

There is no restriction for any country. All countries of the world are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

You may also like to see the countless international scholarships on our platform; Click Here.

How to Apply for Winter, Spring, And Fall Scholarship Essay Contest Scholarship Essay Contest 2022

To participate, send your essay to the company’s e-mail address. The company has provided some topics for you to choose from, as well as, set rules to guide you.

Topics for Essays

As an applicant, choose the one from the topics below to create your essay:

  • How will Brexit affect the European Union and the whole world?
  • Does separating garbage in the USA and Europe help oceans near Asian countries? 
  • Do you believe that once artificial intelligence becomes smarter than the human?  
  • Do you agree with the statement that “The faster technology develops the more humans are degraded”?
  • Why do the public and the academy often disagree with choosing an Oscar winner?

Here are Effective Study Guides you need to prepare for your essay- READ MORE

The Main Rules to Format Your Essay

Before sending your essay, ensure you followed these rules to format your paper:

  • Write your paper in English only.
  • Your completed essay should contain 600-1200 words. They do not accept shorter or longer papers.
  • Please send your document in Docx. format. We will not accept any paper sent in any other format.
  • If you have a wish to add an image to your essay to make it look complete, you can do it. In this case, it’s important to state the source of the attached image.
  • At the very beginning of your paper, please provide the information about your full name, country, email, and details about your school and education.
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Also, note that a candidate can only send one essay. In addition, your essay must be free of plagiarism; For plagiarism findings, the application will be rejected without notice.

In summary, your written paper should be unique, flawless and written on the chosen topic.

Winter, Spring, And Fall Scholarship Essay Contest 2022 Application  Deadline

The Spring Essay Contest is currently on and the deadline for submission of the essay is on May 31, 2022. See the scholarship Timeline for other important days for the Spring Contest:


Starting Date: 31 May

Last Submission Date: 01 JUNE

Closing Date: 04


Announcement Date


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