How To Get The YouTube TV Student Discount in 2022

The life of a student is one that should be enjoyed. YouTube student discount provides students with access to their favorite YouTube videos at a discounted fee.

In this post, we will carefully explain how to get YouTube tv student discount. You will also learn how to share your membership cost by creating a family membership.

What is YouTube Television? 

YouTube Television (Television) is a television streaming service that contains live Television from 70 broadcast, string, and original sports networks.

When you subscribe to YouTube TV, you’ll get live sports and must­ see shows. You can also get Unlimited Sports Scholarship if you’re a lover of sport.

Also, you get a digital videotape archivist (DVR) with unlimited storehouse space limits and pay for one subscription yet, admit six accounts.  

Either, you can watch on all of your defenses, including mobile phones and tablets, TV, and in a web cybersurfer on your computer.

Likewise, YouTube TV also includes YouTube Originals and trending YouTube videos.

It’s an internet­ grounded streaming media platform that offers its observers access to live and on Television as well as DVR (Digital Video Recording) from several TV networks. 

YouTube falls under the giant marquee of Google and first started offering these services in 2017.

Back also, it only offered YouTube Television services to 5 major US metropolises NY City, l. a., Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. 

In 2019, the platform extended these services to the rest of the US TV requests.

By this point, the platform offered most major TV networks, including ABC, BBC, NBC, PBS, Disney Channel, CBS, Viacom CBS Channels, etc just to call many of the 85 total networks and channels. 

Youtube TV student Discount

Youtube tv student discount still, the Student Membership options on YouTube, are limited to either a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium and the Youtube tv student discount on YouTube Television is no longer available.

But you can produce a reduction after the trial in a creative way and watch YouTube TV on over to three biases at the same time.

You’ll also get unlimited access to YouTube Music if Spotify or Amazon Music’s libraries just aren’t cutting it for you.

Choose a 1-month free trial before you begin if you would like to check the waters watching YouTube without all the pesky announcement distractions. 

YouTube TV goes a step further than your regular streaming service by offering their pall­ grounded DVR.

This means that you can record and store unlimited TV for over nine months! The pall­ grounded model means you aren’t limited by space, but just an extremely reasonable time­ frame.

YouTube TV aims to exchange traditional string or satellite companies instead of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. 

As time passes, YouTube TV keeps extending its list of channels also because of the bias you’ll enjoy the services on.

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So far it’s compatible with smart TVs, streaming media players like Chrome cast and Apple TV, Xbox gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets, Android bias, etc.

YouTube TV lets you watch on three biases at one time, and allows for six different accounts on a single service. 

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Pros of YouTube TV 

YouTube TV has numerous pros like the fact that you can subscribe up to this service and have everything in one place; there are no retired charges, just one simple plan for a flat figure. 

YouTube TV offers all of its channels on your choice of bias, which means you can start watching on your smart Television, carry on on your tablet, and if you’re leaving the house, your Smartphone will devour where you left off! 

Google has gone to great lengths to form sure this platform stands out from the gang. The streaming on YouTube TV is nearly indefectible.

Softening time is coming to none, especially if you have an internet speed of 13 Mbps or faster indeed for HD videos. 

The lineup of channels that the platform offers is astounding. They offer further than 85 different channels that include original broadcasting, utmost of the main networks, and an array of sports channels in addition that your entire family can enjoy what YouTube
has got to offer.  

The platform lets you subscribe up to over six accounts in less than one subscription, where three defenses can be working at one time.

A fun and unique point that YouTube Television offers if you’ve got Google house is that it functions with voice control.

You can pick your channels, a selected show, and control playback; all using just your voice! 

A great point that you don’t find in other streaming services is the free and unlimited DVR (Digital Video Recording) storehouse on the pall.

This means that you can record and store your favorite shows, pictures, etc on the pall with a retention period of over to 9 months. With DVR, you can gormandize forward, rewind, break, etc. 

The stoner interface is analogous to the well-known YouTube terrain. Since utmost people on earth have formerly visited and used YouTube, also YouTube TV will be a veritably familiar interface to navigate.

And eventually, just like YouTube videos, YouTube TV offers picture­in­ picture mode for Android druggies.

That means you can watch a mini interpretation of your show as you continue to do whatever differently you want on the phone. 

Steps to get Youtube tv Student Discount Reduction by Free Trial 

You can subscribe up to YouTube television using your android bias, computer, iPad and iPhone, in the following ways: 

  • To subscribe upstart a web cybersurfer and go  
  • Also, click the button to start a free trial.  
  • And also subscribe with your Google account.  
  • Next, confirm your home position. By entering your home zip law. (Confirm it using your device position authorization.)  
  • Note that this data will enable you to get access to the right original network.  
  • And also customize your class. By reviewing the networks added to your YouTube class.  
  • Also, you’ll see the price of class and billing date. So, click on coming to go to the coming step. You can add other decoration networks if you want any. To do that, click on the circle icon near a network and also click on continue when you finish.
  • Next, confirm your credit card to get YouTube tv pupil reduction using a free trial.  
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Pricing information 

YouTube Television costs $49.99 duty per month as of May 13, 2019. Still, you’ll also be charged$ 49, if your free trial period of 14 days ends 99 per month. 

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How to get Shared YouTube TV enrollments and family groups 

To get a Youtube tv student discount, you may consider forming a group of scholars living in the same terrain and attending the same academy.

You can form a group of six members and contribute the price of $599.88 for one time. 

And also use the service at a reduction to each member who would be contributing $8.3 per month to the group. 

How the Family Group Works 

Thus, you can produce a family group to partake YouTube TV plus other Google apps and services with over to 5 other people and you become the family director.

You’ll be the one to buy and set the home position and also invite or remove family members from your family group.  

Each family group member can produce their own particular library of content on YouTube TV.

Also, what you view and DVR are all yours, and YouTube won’t partake in your library or watch history with your family group.

Further, creating this family group will enable your members (scholars) to sluice on at least 3 biases at the same time. 

Steps to set up a family Group to get YouTube TV pupil reduction 

« To subscribe up, go to https// and click on TRY

« And also subscribe to YouTube TV.  

« Also, choose your profile print> Settings> Family sharing.  

« And also choose Set up.  

« Also, click on Produce a Google family group.  

« An also agree to the YouTube Paid Terms of Service and Google Sequestration

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« And also choose Cancel or Next.  

After creating the family, your family members will admit a dispatch assignation to join the group and use their Google accounts to subscribe in. 

Limitations of family Group 

Members must be 18, live in the USA and not be part of another family, and cannot subscribe up using a g-suite account. This is another way to get Youtube tv student discount using the family group. 

Services Supported 

You can confirm the System conditions for streaming YouTube TV and watching YouTube TV on your mobile device, and some smartphones and tablets. You can also watch in a web cybersurfer on your computer and on Chrome cast bias. 

Likewise, you can download the YouTube TV app on the specific bias to watch YouTube TV on your Television and ROKU bias. 


In this post, we brought to you the way on how you can get a Youtube tv student discount.

To get it laterally, you can start a 14-day free trial by subscribing up with your Google account.

And after the trial expires you can get a YouTube family group made up of six scholars to partake the bill. Besides your members can watch on 3 biases contemporaneously.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How much is a YouTube student membership?

For Unlimited Streaming, Students Pay $6.99 per Month. Once this is done, students can enjoy YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free offline, and in the background. 

Do students get Netflix for free?

Everyone, including college students, needs to pay $7.99 monthly to use Netflix and although it does not offer a student discount, there are other things one can watch on Netflix for a lower price. 

Is Hulu better than YouTube TV?

Hulu is a dependable option for streaming new and classic shows as well as live TV on nearly every platform. It’s a top choice among video streaming services but it is restricted to few varieties of things to watch. 

Can you skip commercials on YouTube TV?

Yes, youTube televisions, DVR allows users to skip ads on NBC, FOX, and others. This makes it interesting for those who may not want to see or watch ads. 

Why is YouTube TV so expensive?

Mohan reiterated that the price increase for YouTube TV is due to the additional channels but stressed that the additions were driven by user demand. 



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