Bride Of Chucky Quotes

Bride of Chucky is one of the most infamous slasher movies ever made. The movie tells the story of a young woman, Jennifer Tilly, who is married to Chucky, a doll that has been possessed by the soul of Child’s Play killer Charles Lee Ray.

While the movie was originally released in 1988, it has since become a cult classic and has spawned numerous sequels and remakes.

Here are some quotes from the movie that speak to the horror genre in general and to Bride of Chucky in particular.

Bride Of Chucky Quotes

Chucky: Go ahead and shoot! I’ll be back! I ALWAYS come back!… But dying is such a bitch!

I give them six months, three if she gains weight.

Bitch! You broke my neck!

 [stuck in playpen] You let me outta here right now!

You got that right!

Chucky: [Warren is hit in the face with a bunch of nails, making him look like Pinhead from Hellraiser (1987)] Why does that look so familiar? 

Hi. Im Chucky, wanna play?

Face it, Tiff. You need me, otherwise youre stuck like this for good.

Id imagine at this point you two must have a lot of questions! You do know who I am?

[pushes her back] Get off my knife.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel a bit like Pinocchio here. And I am anatomically correct.

It ain’t the size that counts, asshole – it’s what you do with it.

Face it, Tiff. You need me, otherwise you’re stuck like this for good.

 Oh, go ahead. Chapter six. Page two-seventeen.

An amulet! We need it to transfer our souls into human bodies.

[Holding up newspaper clipping of his death] I was wearing it around my neck the night those bastards gunned me down. It was buried with my corpse, in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Damien: Dont tell me Schmucky is one of those dolls who wets his pants.

Figures youd hitch us a ride with a fugitive.


In conclusion, Bride of Chucky is a hilarious and spooky movie that is sure to entertain audiences of all ages. The quotes spoken by the characters are memorable and often humorous, making the film even more enjoyable. If you are looking for a good scare with some laughs mixed in, then be sure to check out Bride of Chucky.

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