Meet Bright Emeka

Bright Emeka is a content developer/writer, researcher, Psychologist, Social Entrepreneur, and Educational Career therapist at World Scholarship Forum.

He is also a thought leader and has a thriving passion for training young leaders across the various strata of life. He has worked in diverse youth development organizations in Nigeria for more than one and half decades and has mentored hundreds of youths in the area of leadership, mind development, mental rehabilitation, and Information Technology; and He is a sought-after speaker in weekly programs, and seminars on Career development and Youth leadership around Nigeria.

Bright served in various social and religious organizations where he served in the capacity of the president and worked as a paralegal with the Federal Ministry of Justice in Nigeria, under a state-initiated rehabilitation program.

He is a graduate of Psychology and has had numerous training in the area of Leadership development, human resource management, paralegal services, behavioral therapy, Content writing, and Technical SEO analysis.

He is the coordinator and chief Editor in Milestone Values;
an upcoming self-development resource site with time-tested principles spanning
from a decade of practical and firsthand experience; that is targeted towards
enhancing effective career and life pursuits.

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