Civic Spring Fellowship National Program 2022

Application for Civic Spring Fellowship National Program 2022 is ongoing!

The Civic Spring Fellowship National program is an opportunity for youth-driven organizations across the country to lead a community project this summer. 

By focusing on community projects such as Civic Spring Fellows, young people are building skills to continue engaging and driving meaningful change for the long term. 

Civic Spring Fellowship- Value

Projects may request up to $25,000 for youth-driven projects addressing a local need related to environmental justice, mental health, 2022 elections, or COVID-19.


Applications for the National Program are open to youth-driven and/or youth-focused organizations or organizational partnerships. The primary applicant must be part of a 501(c)3 organization.  

Applicants must be one of the following:

  • A youth-driven organization 
  • An organization in direct partnership with a youth-driven organization  
  • A community-based organization working with young people to complete the CSF project proposal that has clear plans to prioritize youth in project management and leadership  
  • A national organization applying in partnership with a local youth-driven organization or group that will lead the project in their community  
  • A partnership of local organizations that can facilitate a youth-driven project  

Proposals can request up to $25,000.   

The Civic Spring Fellowship- Selection

National program will conclude on August 19, 2022. All Civic Spring Fellowship (CSF) projects – or a major milestone of the project – must be completed on or before the end date. Fellows will submit a final report the week following program completion.   

Select projects (e.g., those focused on the 2022 elections) may propose a later completion and final report date. The extension must be proposed in the application. 

No additional funding will be available. In the case of an extension, final reports must be submitted no later than December 15, 2022.  

Application timeline

Applications are due by April 29! 







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