NYFF Young Leaders Development Funds for Nigerians ($40,000)

Application for NYFF Young Leaders Development Funds is ongoing!

More than 70 percent of Nigeria’s population is made up of young people, with estimations of continuous growth in the next few decades.

Given this significant number, it is evident that the future growth of Nigeria is linked to having an educated, skilled, healthy, and politically active youthful population that is involved in the development of long-term policy strategies.

The participation of Nigerian youth in leadership and politics has evolved over time. Coming from a legacy of active student unionism (1980s), where universities served as spaces for intellectual debates and youth expression, to a period of youth organizing aided by new media (2010-present), the Nigerian youth ecosystem has experienced a reawakening of some sorts.

NYFF Young Leaders Development Funds- Grant Thematic Areas

  • Employment and EducationThe applicants should consider youth-driven initiatives that focus on supporting the youth in their education and spurring up employment opportunities. Such initiatives should be inclusive and target result-oriented activities among the youth.
  • Media, sport, and EntertainmentProjects that promote and strengthen Youth activities in media, sport and entertainment. Identification and promotion of youth media platforms and creative talent should be prioritized.
  • HealthThe concepts should focus on health issues of the young people such as drug and substance abuse, sexual and reprodcutive health, mental health and others
  • Peace building and SecurityThis prioritizes concepts that promote cultural integration, peaceful coexistence, armed forces and civilian relationship, and host of others.
  • ICT and EntrepreneurshipICT driven solutions that create values and have a sustainable business model.
  • Climate change and EnvironmentInitiatives and ideas that address drought and desertification, land degradation, more frequent extreme weather events, affected freshwater, water resources and loss of biodiversity
  • Civic participation initiatives and ideas that help increase Youth engagement/participation in politics and leadership.

Guidelines for Submission

Applicants should submit a concept note/proposal, not more than 2000 words, following the stated guidelines and proposal template

Download Proposal Template

Who is eligible for NYFF Young Leaders Development Funds?

The Eligibility Criteria for Individual and Organization is as follows:

Individual Level

  • The beneficiary must be a Young Change Makers (aged 15- 35 years) with a proven track record, working on a sustainable solution that directly addresses any of the seven thematic areas.
  • The beneficiary must demonstrate a good understanding and experience of strategic planning, vision setting, and project management.
  • The beneficiary must demonstrate experience and knowledge of community or team building following principles of honesty and integrity
  • The Beneficiary must demonstrate talent and passion for new ways of behaving, norms, and actions,
    The beneficiary must have genuine means of identification or be attached to an institution.
  • The beneficiary must supply a police clearance report and provide 3 reputable referees.

Organization Level

  • The organization must be a formally registered organization with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria. Otherwise, an unregistered organization can form a cluster and apply through a registered organization.
  • The organization must have a partnership capacity in all the states in their geo-political region.
  • The organization must have police clearance, tax clearance, and SCUML certificate
  • The organization must have good antecedents and proper track records.
  • Youth-driven transformation activities, civic and transformation hub depending on the grant category, working on sustainable solutions that directly address any of the agreed thematic areas.
  • The organization must have a physical address, corporate account with good financial standing and records

NYFF Young Leaders Development Funds- VALUE

Small Grant: This grant type is for 6o beneficiaries(Individual) $500–$1000. Apply here

Action Grant: For 40 Grassroots and Community-based Organization $1000- $3000. Apply here

Development Grant: For 25 Youth-led & Youth focused organizations $3000-$6,000. Apply here

Catalytic Grant: For 8 civic and innovation hubs focusing on institutional strengthening of Youth-oriented activities and Organizations $40,000. Apply here

Application Deadline

The closing date for this grant entry submission is not announced yet.







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