Youth Empowered Speakers Program 2022 (Up to $29,550)

Application for Youth Empowered Speakers Program 2022 is ongoing!

Are you a B.C. First Nations student age 18-30 who is interested in learning your language while working towards a rewarding career as a language immersion teacher or early childhood immersion educator? Start your application to FPCC’s Youth Empowered Speakers (YES) program today!

The YES program provides training, paid work internships, and funding to pursue your education. It also includes a living allowance in addition to mentor-apprentice language learning. The goal of program is for youth to learn their language while preparing for a career in language revitalization in one of two streams:

  1. Early Childhood Immersion Educator Stream for ECE students alongside their education
  2. Language Immersion Teacher Stream for BEd. students alongside their education

The aim of mentor-apprentice learning is to create fluent speakers where a mentor is paired with an “apprentice” or learner. It is a one-on-one immersion method where the mentor and apprentice spend time doing everyday activities while using the language at all times.

For those over the age of 30, there are additional Mentor-Apprentice immersion learning opportunities on the Mentor-Apprentice Program page.

The YES program is for B.C. First Nations youth ages 18-30 years old living on or off-reserve. Eligible high school applicants must complete high school by June 30, 2022.

Participants studying Early Childhood Education or pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree must be able to provide proof of acceptance in a post-secondary institution by April 30, 2022.

Funding for the YES Program is provided by the Government of British Columbia through the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training and by the federal Department of Canadian Heritage. 

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply is 25th April 2022







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