8th Youth LeadershipWorkshop on GCED 2022

Application for 8th Youth LeadershipWorkshop on GCED 2022 is ongoing!

In 2022, the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International
Understanding (APCEIU) holds its 8th Youth Leadership Workshop on
GCED, inviting young educators and education activists advocating
global citizenship through education.

Held annually since 2015, the Workshop has trained over 350 young leaders around the world in various focus areas, including critical media literacy, human rights, advocacy, and youth empowerment, under the main theme of Global Citizenship Education (GCED).

Having experienced the global crisis over two years, we have witnessed rapid changes in education voluntarily or forcibly. The shift away from the traditional classroom has brought new opportunities as well as challenges, which include the creation of new platforms for learning, the adoption of innovative methods, and the highlighted importance of informal and non-formal learning.

Amid this transition, young people strive to continue learning and adopt innovations in learning, either as learners, practitioners, and advocates.

This year, the Workshop aims to provide a venue for young education advocates for knowledge & experience sharing on innovative approaches to GCED in the changing learning environment.

In the Workshop, participants are expected to bring their own experiences on fostering global citizenship in a digital learning environment or challenging situations and seek effective and innovative ways to bolster such efforts.

Together with APCEIU, GCED Youth Network will co-organize the
Workshop, and international experts and resource persons on GCED will share their expertise with the participants throughout the Workshop. And most importantly, each participant is required to bring their own experience and wisdom to share!

Workshop Components

18 April (Mon): Workshop Orientation
19 – 24 April : (Self-paced) Pre-Workshop Study
25 – 29 April


50 youth leaders actively engaged in GCED

Youth LeadershipWorkshop on GCED-Participants Selection Criteria

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

  1. Born between 1994 and 2003
  2. Citizens of the Official Development Aid (ODA) recipient countries
    (*Applicants only from Official Development Aid (ODA) recipient countries are eligible for the application. Refer to the Annex for the list.)
  3. Minimum 2 years of active experience in youth activities
  4. Completion of the e-learning course titled “GCED for Youth” on GCED Online Campus ( before the application deadline
    *Course Certificate must be attached in the applicaton. 5. Proficiency in spoken and written English
    Selection Process
  5. Application must be submitted online by 3 April 2022.
  6. Notification of selection will be sent by 11 April 2022 via email.
    (No additional individual contacts shall be made other than sending a notification email.)
  7. All selected participants must register by 14 April 2022 at the latest.

Youth LeadershipWorkshop on GCED- Dedaline

Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED 2022
For details, visit
For further questions, [email protected]

a. Intensive & interactive 2-week Online workshop with experts
b. Networking with youth leaders around the world
c. Invitation to APCEIU’s international youth & educators’ network
d. WIN A MENTORSHIP & GRANT opportunity!







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