Hello May Quotes

Hello may quotes are often used to start conversations or to show appreciation for someone. They can be used in a variety of ways and often express emotions or feelings.

Some people believe that quotes are a form of wisdom, and they can be used to motivate and inspire others. Here’s a collection of sweet and inspiring Hello May quotes that you can use to either appreciate or start a conversation with someone.

Hello May Quotes

As it fell upon a day in the merry month of May, sitting in a pleasant shade which a grove of myrtles made.” – Richard Barnfield

Ah! My heart is weary waiting, waiting for the May, waiting for the pleasant rambles where the fragrant hawthorn brambles. Where the woodbine alternating, scent the dewy way. Ah! My heart is weary, waiting, waiting for the May.” – Denis Florence MacCarthy

May has decked the world, that we may bring the brave on land, or sea Earth’s glory on Memorial Day, the lovely meadow gifts of May.” – Annette Wynne

May is the most beautiful month of the year, a month alive with warm color. The flowers and trees are in full bloom, and even the sun joins this rhapsody be emitting warmer rays.” – Lillian Berliner

May has come in, young May the beautiful, weaving the sweetest chaplet of the year. Along the eastern corridors, she walks. What time the clover rocks the earliest bee. Her feet a flush with sunrise, and her veil floating in breezy odors o’er her hair.” – Thomas Buchanan Read

“May is green and pink and red.” – Richard L. Ratliff

“Yes, May is come, and its sweet breath shall well-nigh make you weep today, and pensive with swift-coming death, shall ye be satiate of the May.” – William Morris

Oh! Fragrant is the breath of May in tranquil garden closes, and soft yet regal is her sway among the springtide roses.” – William Hamilton Hayne

Mornings in May, echoed with the call of cuckoos, sunlight glowed through fresh green canopies of trees.”

– Meeta Ahluwalia

May had now set in, but up here among the hills, she was May by curtesy only, or if she was May, she would never be might.” – George MacDonald

“You have to remember to be thankful. But in May, one simply can’t help being thankful that they are alive, if for nothing else.”

– Lucy Maud Montgomery


In conclusion, hello May quotes are a great way to show appreciation for the month of May. They are also a fun way to get in the spring spirit. Whether you use them on social media, in a greeting card, or just to yourself, I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I do!

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