I Pray For You Quotes  

I Pray For You Quotes is a series of statements expressing wishing for the best for someone else. The sentiment can be interpreted as a prayer, hence the name.

The quotes are often used to express support for someone who is going through a tough time or to offer encouragement.

This article contains a collection of I Pray for you quotes that can inspire and encourage you in any situation or life challenge you’re facing.

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I Pray For You Quotes

May God smoothen your ways for you wherever you go today, you would always have a special place in my heart.

Trust God; he can do everything for you; he knows what your heart conceals, may God answer your beautiful prayers.

You are a blessed soul; God has answered all your beautiful prayers, I pray for you too, I love you.

God hears your silent prayers; I pray that every beautiful prayer that crosses your heart would receive a quick answer from God; my prayers are always with you too.

God blessing in our life is always there for us to see, to sleep last night and awaken today is a huge blessing from God, may God almighty never deprive you of his only grace.

My prayers would follow you wherever you go; you live in a beautiful place in my heart. I love you.

My heart is full of beautiful prayers for you, may your life continue to receive glorious sunshine.

I can’t imagine a world without you, in every single moment that passes I pray for you in my heart.

Spread love where ever you go, life is too shot to hate one another, forgive those who wrong you so that they can’t imprison your heart, make your heart pour, I pray that God gives you the strength to carry on in life.

You warm my heart with your love; you have lovely prayers for you all the time, God bless you wherever you are.

May your heart find good tiding today, wishing you joy in everything that you would do today, I love you so much.

Prayers are the only thing that we always need, and every single moment that comes, I would always pray for you.

Prayer is powerful; that is why I pray for you every day, may your life continue to shine in God’s glory.

I seek the Lord beautiful face in your life, if you have God in your life, you have everything, wishing you good all the time, I love you.

I may not have the money nor a gift to give you every time, but I have one beautiful thing that money can not buy for you every day, I pray for you every day, God bless you every time of your life, thank you for everything that you have been to me.

I pray God to unlock the door of success for you today, go well, I would always pray for you.

I pray for you every day, and I pray that my prayers make a difference in your life, you would always be special to my heart, I love you so much.

Prayers are the fruit of life, the food for the soul; I hold beautiful prayers for you in my heart.

A beautiful moment is a time that we shared; I can stop praying for you. I miss you.


In conclusion, the quotes in this article are meant to show that people care for one another and wish the best for one another. We should all remember this when we are feeling down or struggling.

We are not alone in our struggles, and there are people who care about us. Let us remember to pray for each other, as it can make a big difference in someone’s life.

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